13 unique things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv skyline, Israel

The vibrant city of Tel Aviv, the most liberal and free-spirited city in the Middle East, offers visitors a tremendous variety of great activities, making it a great site to visit for anyone. Here, you will find just a small part of the great things to do in Tel Aviv, for an epic tour of the White City.

Tel Aviv’s must-do attractions

Walk around the Tel Aviv port

The Tel Aviv Port is certainly a site not to be missed, even if it’s just for an hour or two. The port, located north of the mythical Tel Aviv coastline, is one of the main city centers, and you will find here many attractions like brand shops, restaurants, and cafes overlooking the sea here.

In addition, if you come to the port at night you will also find a variety of bars and clubs that pop up here, making it a great site for a party in the city. But probably the best activity here is just sitting on a bench and watching the beautiful sunset in the sea.

Soak in the atmosphere of the Tel Aviv promenade

Tel Aviv’s famous promenade runs along a dreamy stretch of beach full of bathers and overlooks some of the most beautiful beaches in the city. If you want to stop along the boardwalk at a cafe or a good restaurant, of course, you won’t have a hard time finding one, as some of the best cafes in Tel Aviv are located right near the promenade.

Visit Rothschild Boulevard and Habima Square

The most central point in Tel Aviv and probably the street most identified with the city, the beautiful Rothschild Boulevard is definitely one of the must-visit sites of Tel Aviv. Benches and cafes are scattered along the boulevard, while the boulevard is also crossed by central streets such as Shenkin Street, which are also great for a stroll.

At the end of the boulevard from the north, you will reach an equally central place – Habima Square, where you can find the National Theater of Israel and many restaurants and places of entertainment that surround the square from all directions.

Cultural Attractions in Tel Aviv

Go to one of the great Tel Aviv museums

As the cultural center of Israel, you can find a great variety of museums here, which offer an ideal option for hot or rainy days, Between art, history, and science museums, there is a huge collection of Tel Aviv museums for you to choose, with the most recommended of the all being the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Watch a play, a musical, or an Opera

Tel Aviv is home to some of the best theaters and opera houses in Israel, making it by far the best place to watch a live play or opera. The best places to immerse yourself in the culture, which offer world-class experiences, are the Habima Theater, the Cameri Theater, and the Israeli Opera.

Shopping attractions in Tel Aviv

Carmel Market

One of the most colorful and interesting places in Tel Aviv is the largest market in the city – the Carmel Market. The market, located in the heart of the city between Allenby Street and the sea, is one relatively narrow street along which you cannot miss the variety of stalls and small shops that offer goods of all kinds and types, including great second-hand clothes and mouthwatering food options.

Dizengoff center

Beyond being a mall and shopping center, Dizengoff Center on Dizengoff Street is a recognized and large Tel Avivian institution and one of the best places to experience the Tel Aviv culture. The huge and uniquely designed building contains a whole world of shops of all types and colors, cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, and more.

Shop and dine at Sarona Market

The Sarona Market complex has recently become one of the city’s best entertainment centers. It has everything a traveler needs from a beautiful and designed pedestrian street, through pubs, bars, restaurants, and shops, to farmers’ markets and nice sitting areas. Those can be found alongside several historical buildings, that tell the story of the Templars who resided here years ago.

Tel Aviv attractions for kids

Luna Park Tel Aviv

Across the road from Hayarkon Park is Israel’s most popular amusement park, Luna Park Tel Aviv. The park has over 25 different facilities, including a giant Ferris wheel, which reaches a height of about 60 meters/200 feet, and a pirate ship. If you come with children who love roller coasters, the “Anaconda” is the best roller coaster in Israel, reaching a record speed of 97.6 km/h, making for a wild and scary experience.

Escape rooms in Tel Aviv

Escape rooms are perfect for families who love challenges and solving puzzles. During an escape room, you have one hour to get out of a room full of props and the only way out is through problem-solving and cooperation. While Israel generally has a very developed escape room scene, the best escape rooms in the country can definitely be found in Tel Aviv offering a huge variety of different experiences all over the city.

The Olympic experience

If your family is interested in sports, one of the most recommended places to visit is the Olympic experience. In this special experience, you will go on a fascinating and multi-sensory journey to the highlights of the Olympic Games. The tour is an interactive tour that goes through five dimensions related to the Olympics and gives visitors the feeling of participating in high-stakes sports competitions.

Off-the-beaten-path Tel Aviv attractions

Take a tour of the Tel Aviv Main Station

The Tel Aviv Main Station, located in southern Tel Aviv, not far from Florentin, is so much more than a bus station. As a giant building with 7 floors, it is a whole complex of shops, restaurants, markets, art, and also many shady places, as it is located in one of the poorest parts of the city.

The main station, which was opened in 1993, was supposed to be a great transportation solution for the millions who come to work in Tel Aviv every day. However, it was almost immediately declared a complete failure, and many parts of the station are completely abandoned, and the station’s area is considered to be the least safe part of Tel Aviv. However, if you have the courage to come here, and you want to see a completely different side of the city, taking a tour here is a unique experience for sure.

Visit the cool boutique stores

For those who are interested in some low-key unique boutique shops, we would highly recommend to walk around King George Street, right near the Dizengoff Center. Here, you can find a multitude of unique shops of various different kinds, like comic shops, music shops selling original records, and much more. One of the best stores to visit here is the Comics and Vegetables shop, a popular comic shop that draws visitors from all around the country.

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