Best bike routes in Israel

Bikers in the desert

With so many beautiful natural sites, a huge cycling community, and a very active culture, Israel is one of the best places in the world for cycling enthusiasts. Thanks to a wide network of cycling routes in cities and natural parks throughout the country, here, you will find a multitude of options, with stunning views and great adventurous rides. Here, we have gathered the most epic and popular bike routes in Israel, so if you are a fan of biking, just go rent a bike and go out to nature, for one of the best experiences you can have during your trip to Israel.

Most beautiful bike routes in the Negev

Ramon colors single

The vast desert spaces of the Ramon Crater area will provide you with an epic a riding experience in primordial landscapes in shades of yellow, brown, and orange, alongside the purple, blue, green, and red-colored sands in the Ramon Crater National Park, which sits on an area that was once used for mining minerals.

You can see all this beauty and more while riding the Ramon colors single, which is marked in black and stretches for 18 km/11.2 miles. The circular route starts at the Be’erot campground and is mostly suitable for experienced riders, thanks to the many ups and downs, which require quite a bit of effort and technical riding. From there, climbing the up ridge will expose you to the mesmerizing views of the large crater with its many beautiful rock layers, where you should stop for refreshments and a coffee break.

For less experienced bikers, two family bike routes also depart from the Be’erot campground. The first is marked in blue and is divided into two sections – eastern and western, that go along sections with impressive views of the crater. The second route, marked in green, goes along the main axis of the park and passes through all the major sites to see in the area.

Bike routes in Be’eri Forest

The hills surrounding Kibbutz Be’eri are one of the most popular riding areas in the northern Negev. It is an obstacle-free area, with loess soil that remains fairly dry even after the rain and will enable you to ride here in all weather conditions. The grear conditions, along with the magnificent natural landscapes, which include charming hills, eucalyptus groves, cultivated fields, and in winter – layers of amazing blooms, mainly of anemones, that create stunning red carpets all over this region.

In this picturesque area, you’ll find several routes of varying degrees of difficulty. For families, the orange route is especially recommended, as an easy and mostly flat route of 9 kilometers/5.6 miles. For experienced riders and adventure lovers, the best option is the red route, a 23-km/14.3-mile that includes plenty of ups and downs and many technical challenges.

Bike Routes in Israel: best city bike routes

Cycling on the Tel Aviv Promenade, Israel
Cyclers on the Tel Aviv Promenade

The Old Railway Trail, Jerusalem

A flat bike route that crosses nine Jerusalem neighborhoods on the path of the old Turkish railway, which connected Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the past. The path crosses a very diverse collection of neighborhoods, including Baka, Emek Refa’im, and Beit Safafa – Jewish, Arab, and ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. In addition, the route is an interesting combination between an urban landscape, manicured gardens and playgrounds, and beautiful natural scenery.

The start of the route is in the The first station complex and continues along the tracks until the Oranim junction, a total of about 2 km/1.25 miles. From the intersection, you can ride another 5 km/3.1 miles toward the west, until you will reach Malha neighborhood. Skilled riders are invited to continue another 15-25 km on a path that runs through the Judean Mountains and the nature surrounding the city, and ends in Jerusalem Park.

Tel Aviv bike routes

The non-stop city justifies its stature as the “bicycle city” of Israel as it features a huge urban biking trails network that stretches over 130 km/80 miles in the city, including a route along Rothschild Boulevard – the most popular biking route in Israel, where you can see the beautiful Bauhaus houses of the White City. Other than this great path, we would highly recommend cycling along the Tel Aviv Promenade, which goes along most of the Tel Aviv coastline, for beautiful views of the sea and great people-watching.

In addition to the urban paths in the city, you can find here many other bike paths in the city parks, with the most recommended of all being the Yehoshua Gardens park with its 17 km/10.5 miles of paths that go all the way to the sea along the Yarkon River, with beautiful stopping points along the way.

Bike routes in the Judean Mountains and Foothills

Single Adulam

The scenery of the Judean Foothills, where Adulam Park is located, is reminiscent of the landscapes of Tuscany, with rolling green hills, cultivated fields, and vineyards. In the heart of the beautiful landscapes runs a single track, a fun but long route with many bends and twists.

The route begins with a long and continuous ascent on a wide path, for about 4 kilometers/2.5 miles. From here, you will descend to a single track that offers a route with many ups, downs and turns. On the way, you will pass by many beautiful and historical points of interest, such as Burgin ruins, which have an extensive system of hiding and burial caves. In addition, you will pass by vineyards, groves, and finally – a planted and shaded forest. The route is especially recommended in winter, in the early morning, or the afternoon, as it is exposed to the sun along most of its length.

Single Hadid

Ben Shemen Forest is the most popular cycling area in Israel and for a good reason: the forest offers wonderful, shaded, and interesting cycling routes in an easy-to-reach area, close to the center of the country. One of the best singles in the forest is the Hadid single, which passes through the secret and lesser-known corners of the forest and leads to Tel Hadid, an impressive hill that rises to a height of 147 meters and offers a great view of Gush Dan and the coastal plain.

While most of the path is easy to cycle through, it still offers varied terrain conditions and many challenges, including twists and turns, fast turns, rock climbing, descents between the tight forest trees, and more. Along the way, you will see impressive archaeological remains, including residential caves and agricultural facilities, open fields, scenic overlooks, and stunning winter blooms of cyclamen and anemones.

Bike routes in Northern Israel

Rom Hagilboa singletrack

Rom Hagilboa is one the most challenging bike routes in Israel, and certainly the most difficult of this list, due to its length, long climbs, and terrain conditions, as well as stunning views of the beautiful Mount Gilboa and its surroundings. The single crosses the Mount Gilboa ridge, providing bikers with access to hidden and less traveled corners.

It offers panoramic views throughout the Jezreel Valley and Beit Shean Valley, with cultivated fields and fish ponds. The best time to visit here is in winter and spring when you will see the magnificent blooming of the region, including the stunning Gilboa Iris. The first 12 kilometers/7.4 miles of the route involve an arduous ascent, which is compensated by the wonderful view from Mount Saul. After that, the route combines ups and downs and towards the end, goes down the mountain, in a descent that will surely raise your level of adrenaline.

Nahariya-Rosh Hanikra

A magnificent beach cycling route, which connects Nahariya to Rosh Hanikra, in one of the most beautiful coastline stretches in the country. The 14-km/8.7-mile route goes through beautiful blue coves and the natural rock pools, which are perfect for stopping, dipping, and refreshing.

The route starts at the promenade of Nahariya and continues north all the way to the sea at Rosh Hanikra. The pedaling is easy and level, as part of it goes along the paved road along the promenade that almost touches the sea, and part of it, a little after the Sea Life Spa Hotel, requires a detour due to a barrier of a construction site and riding on a dirt path.

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