Best city parks in Tel Aviv

Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv

As in every big and popular city in the world, the city parks are a major part of the attraction, as no city is complete without at least one iconic park, that provides a great place to get away from the crowds and the noise and enjoy some peace and quiet. Of course, Tel Aviv is no different, with a plethora of charming and vibrant parks, that will give you the ultimate city getaway. Here are some of the best parks in Tel Aviv.

Best parks in Northern Tel Aviv

The Botanical Garden of Tel Aviv University

A particularly impressive garden, located inside the university campus, where you will find about 3,800 species of plants from Israel and around the world living in the botanical garden, including some extremely rare species. The garden offers a guided tour that feels like a walk in nature, where you will see jungle trees and rich vegetation, and most of all: get to completely forget the fact that you are right in the busiest city of Israel.

Hayarkon Park

The vast expanses of Hayarkon Park, the most iconic park in Israel, offer a great nature getaway, with plenty of vegetation and greenery. Between plenty of grass, groves, trees, flowers, and of course, the Yarkon River, which flows in the center of the park, this is the perfect place for some downtime in the city.

Hayarkon Park is a very narrow and long park, stretching from Ramat Gan and all the way to the Tel Aviv Beach, in the path of the Yarkon River. As the biggest and most popular park in Tel Aviv, the park gets a lot of visitors at any time of day, who go for runs and walks here, cycle by the river, or have a picnic with their family.

The park also features plenty of great activities for kids, including golf carts, boat rentals, a climbing wall, and countless playgrounds.

Most vibrant parks in Central Tel Aviv

Gan Meir Park

Gan Meir is the most popular park of the Chique Central Tel Aviv. Its location, right in the heart of the city right near King George Street and Dizengoff Center, attracts visitors here at all times, in search of some getaway from the heat, a workout, or a game of ping pong. Besides nice green corners, the park offers a small basketball court and a soccer field, green fitness facilities, and, of course, a dog park. In the middle of the garden, you will find a nice cafe and a center for the city’s LGBT community.

Dubnov Park

Dubnov Garden, which is quite worthy of the status of a park, is located in the northern center of Tel Aviv, on Dubnov Street. Its great location, near the Habima Theater, Beit Ariela Library, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – all within a 5-minute walk from here instilled cultural chic in it, as it’s often a favorite of visitors who come here right before watching a concert or show.

The garden is a great place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and is loved by parents and children due to the many play facilities that it offers. Here you will not only find an old slide and merry-go-round, but also climbing walls, a rope ladder, and a tube slide – which make the playing experience challenging and sporty for kids.

Most beautiful parks in Southern Tel Aviv

Park Hamesila, Southern Tel Aviv
Park Hamesila

Park Darom – Menachem Begin Park

Located right at the edge of Tel Aviv, Park Darom is the most popular park among residents of southern Tel Aviv, and the second-biggest park in the city. The park features a giant playground with great slides for kids, a charming small zoo with deer, peacocks, and birds, shaded corners with picnic tables and benches for sitting, and two artificial lakes. One of the lakes is a nice place to rent pedal boats, while the other, more central lake, is a great site for cable water skiing, offering a great and adventurous experience in the park.

Charles Clore Park

Charles Clore Park is the perfect place to look at the sunset and feel the cool breeze of the sea in Tel Aviv. The public park, which is suitable for families with children, is located right in front of the sea, along the Herbert Samuel promenade, just north of the old Jaffa port. This is an ideal place for a picnic and ball games on the grass, and on hot days, it’s just the perfect location for a swim in the sea.

Park Hamesila

A new park that was built on the path of the old Ottoman train tracks that connected Jaffa and Jerusalem. This narrow park connects the neighborhoods of Neve Tzedek and Florentin and provides a great path to walk from Rothschild Boulevard to the beach. During your stroll here, you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the great park, which is located between two of the most interesting neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

Best parks around Tel Aviv

Ra’anana Park

The nearby Sharon region also boasts a variety of spacious and beautiful parks with plenty of green spaces, with the best among them being Ra’anana Park, located on the western border of the city. In the center of the park, you will find a large lake, that offers gondolas and boats to rent, from where you can see ducks and swans alongside fish, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals in the water.

Animal lovers will be happy to know that next to the lake there is a small zoo and an aviary. Art lovers will be able to wander through the nice gallery, located right on the lake, which presents beautiful changing exhibitions.

Between the park’s many trails and lawns, you will find nice and quiet corners to sit in, statues, benches, and a lot of shade, making it a perfect place to enjoy a picnic in the middle of the city. And if you want to have more active experiences during your visit, you will find here football, basketball, hockey, and skating fields, alongside bike trails.

Herzliya Park

This great park, located near the Seven Stars Mall of Herzliya, is a very pleasant park with wide areas of lawns where you can rest and relax, a small cafe, a lake, an amphitheater, a hiking and running track, and more. One of the special things in the park is the abundant birdlife that you can see here, especially around the lake.

Peres Park – Holon

The park of Holon is a large park divided into three parts: in the western part there is a rectangular artificial lake, where you can watch waterfowl, and even rent a boat and sail, above the lake is a bridge intended for pedestrians that leads to the Israel Childre Museum, which is right in the middle of the park. Next to the museum is an amphitheater and a charming palm grove, while In the northern part of the park is a nice grove with walking paths, pleasant and shaded seating areas, and playgrounds. In its eastern part is the Sportek, which offers diverse sports facilities, like soccer and football fields, a rollerblades skating rink, and more.

The National Park – Ramat Gan

The second largest urban park in Israel, right after Hayarkon Park, the National Park of Ramat Gan, located in the south of Ramat Gan right next to the Safari, is another great city getaway. The beautiful park features an artificial lake where geese and ducks swim for their enjoyment, alongside play facilities for children, a small train for children, and colorful and illuminated fountains in the evenings.

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