Best hostels in Israel

Discover Israel’s vibrant hostel scene, where travelers enjoy affordable luxury, central locations, and a sense of community. Ideal for meeting new people and socializing, these hostels offer great hospitality and varried activities at pocket-friendly prices.
Hostels in Israel

Every backpacker and budget traveler knows that one of the best ways to cut costs during a trip is to stay in hostels, which provide affordable accommodation, either in private rooms or dorms. However, even beyond the low prices, hostels in Israel and most places in the world offer great communities and enable travelers from all over the world, who would otherwise never meet each other, to connect and create great memories and connections.

Many travel destinations in the world offer great hostels for budget travelers, and Israel is no different, with a developing hostel scene, that provides travelers with great social experiences. While the prices of hostels here are higher than most places in the world, the hostels in Israel are still the most budget-friendly accommodation option you can find, and a great opportunity to meet other travelers. Here are some of the best and most highly recommended hostels in Israel.

Best hostels in Tel Aviv

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv is the largest hostel in Israel. The hostel is located in the center of Tel Aviv, a minute’s walk from Rothschild Boulevard. The hostel offers 93 different and varied rooms and almost 400 beds, and like its old Jerusalem brother, it features a huge floor that includes a shared and superbly equipped kitchen, a dining room, a lounge seating area with armchairs, beds, hammocks, and sofas, a games area (table football, pool) and a bustling bar with fairly reasonable prices.

In the complex, you will also find plenty of outlets, as well as a roof covered in synthetic grass with a bar and additional seating areas, making it an ideal place to socialize, which is the key for many solo travelers who come here not only from abroad but also from other parts of Israel.

And it’s not just 20-year-old backpackers that you will meet here, but a diverse audience, including families with children, digital nomads, couples, and others. Imagine how happy your child will be when he meets a child from Japan or Spain and invites him to a game of table football, or how much fun it will be to participate together in a hummus-making workshop with people from all over the world.

In the lobby of Abraham Hostel, you will find the most up-to-date information center for everything that happens in and around the big city. And besides trips, entertainment, guided tours, and shuttles (some of which are free), the hostel offers a host of events such as parties, concerts, art exhibitions, lectures, and more.

Abraham Hostel, Tel Aviv

Florentin House Tel Aviv Hostel

Florentin House in Tel Aviv is really the kind of place that makes your trip memorable. It’s right in the middle of the Florentin neighborhood, which is super cool and artsy. You’ve got all these neat cafes and graffiti art everywhere, and it’s not just about looking cool – there’s a real, down-to-earth vibe. Plus, the beach is just a short walk away, so you can go from city streets to sandy shores in no time. It’s perfect if you’re into exploring the city by day and hitting the beach now and then.

Now, about the hostel itself –  it’s got this laid-back, yet modern feel to it. The kind where you feel comfortable right away. The rooms are nice – they’ve got everything you need without being over the top. The staff are super friendly and helpful, which is always a big plus. They know the area well and give great tips on where to go and what to see. And let’s not forget about the social scene. The communal kitchen is a fun hangout spot where you can meet other travelers. You can share stories, cook up a meal together, or just chill with a cup of coffee. It’s like being part of a little travel community.

Jungle Jaffa Hostel

Jungle Jaffa Hostel in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is ideal for 18-45 year olds keen on immersing in new cultures and enjoying lively nights. Known for its party vibe, it offers communal cooking, rooftop chats, and close proximity to the beach, Old Jaffa, and Florentine neighborhood. With a park nearby, it blends urban and natural experiences. The hostel is noted for cleanliness and comfort, providing air-conditioned rooms, new bedding, and included vegan meals, enhancing its value for budget travelers.

It’s a social hub, perfect for solo or couple backpackers, thanks to the staff and volunteers creating a welcoming atmosphere with nightly activities. However, ongoing renovations may mean some unfinished areas and missing amenities. The vegan-only food policy and absence of lockers or storage are points to consider for those seeking varied food options or more secure, pristine conditions. Despite these, it offers a good balance of fun and affordability for those prioritizing a communal experience.

Jungle Jaffa Hostel Room

Best hostels in Jerusalem

The Post Hostel Jerusalem

An opportunity to experience Jerusalem through staying at the post hostel Jerusalem, a centrally located accommodation that embodied the city’s vibrant culture and history. This place is just a stone’s throw away from the Old City and the main street, placing you right in Jerusalem’s lively urban heart. Its proximity to Safra Square is particularly advantageous, especially during Shabbat, as it allows to fully enjoy the local traditions.

The accommodation itself has a distinct hostel vibe, complete with thematic decor and essential amenities. One of the highlights was the attentive and responsive staff, who were always ready to assist with any issues or concerns. The walkability to the center of the city is a major plus, allowing you to explore significant sites like Jaffa Gate and the tram line effortlessly on foot – don’t forget your RAV-KAV. If you to in for breakfast you’ll find modest options that taste great and will get you going well to start your day on the right food, however, it’s worth noting that, like any accommodation, there are areas for improvement, such as room maintenance and cleanliness.

The Post Hostel Jerusalem Breakfast

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

The large building of Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem, which has gone through several incarnations, is located in the Davidka square, a step away from the bustling Machane Yehuda market, from the main Jaffa Street, the Nachalat Sheva pedestrian mall and within walking distance of the Old City and many of the best restaurants in the city.

When you enter the lobby you feel as if you have arrived in a completely different country, with a mix of languages, visitors from all over the world, and a relaxed and free atmosphere. The lounge, bar, and kitchen are always buzzing and the fun rooftop is a source of attraction for both travelers and locals.

Jaffa Gate Hostel

In the heart of Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate Hostel offers an excellent location for budget-conscious travelers, allowing easy exploration of the old city’s historical sites. Its strategic position near important cultural landmarks such as the the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock makes it a perfect place to explore from. It’s also a short walk from the Tower of David Museum makes it a valuable choice for those keen on immersing themselves in local life. Guests should, however, have practical expectations regarding amenities; the hostel provides basic comforts and dining options are limited within the premises, prompting visitors to enjoy the local cuisine nearby.

Rooms at Jaffa Gate Hostel might challenge guests accustomed to more refined accommodations, and the possibility of small, windowless spaces. Noise can be an issue, so earplugs are recommended for a peaceful rest. It’s wise to review the hostel’s facilities online and communicate any special needs to the staff beforehand to ensure a stay that’s as smooth as possible within the limits of budget accommodation.

Jaffa gate hostel, jerusalem
Jaffa gate hostel, jerusalem

Northern Israel hostels

Fauzi Azar Inn by Abraham Hostels – Nazareth

The Fawzi Azar Hostel, located in a historic family building full of character in the heart of the market in Nazareth, was established in 2005 with only five beds and since then has become a large and particularly popular hostel. The arched and decorated building has dorms and private rooms, shared spaces, and easy access to the market stalls, to a multitude of cafes and restaurants, and of course also to all the Christian sites of Nazareth.

Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth
Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth

Port Inn – Haifa

Port Inn is a lovely hostel in a winning location in Haifa, as it is located in a renovated Arab building in downtown Haifa. Inspired by similar places in South America, the hostel is hidden among commercial buildings and old shops, but when you enter here from the busy street you will discover a whole world, and not only because of the multitude of tourists but because of the hostel’s facilities.

The hostel features a spacious and well-kept lobby, a kitchen for guests, a dining room, a laundry room, a computer room, and a beautiful garden. There are private rooms, rooms for couples, shared rooms, and three apartments for families. The location is close to all the main entertainment centers in the city – restaurants, pubs, the German colony, the Baha’i gardens, museums, the beach, and the Carmelit underground train station.

Tiberias Hostel – Sea of Galilee

Although Tiberias is not the best tourist site in the Galilee region, it is a city with an excellent location for anyone who wants to dip in the Sea of ​​Galilee, travel in the Golan Heights, or visit the nearby holy Christian sites. Centrally located in the city, Tiberias Hostel has shared rooms, private rooms, a shared kitchen, and a shared recreation area. The location serves as a regional tourist center for those who want to spend time in the Sea of ​​Galilee, to visit sites such as Tabgha, Yardenit, Capernaum, and Mount of Beatitudes, or nature sites such as Mount Arbel, the Zaki River, and more

Tiberias Hostel

Southern Israel hostels

Arava Hostel – Eilat

Eilat, the ultimate city of hotels, also boasts its own great hostel scene, headlined by the long-standing hostel of Arava, offering accommodation at different levels and affordable prices. The southern hostel provides a homely and warm atmosphere, which provides a major contrast to the crowds of the huge hotels of Eilat, and many of the guests return here time and time again thanks to the great people you can meet here. In the large yard of the hostel, you will find sunbeds, a barbecue station, and a well-kept garden, which is great to spend time in when it’s not too hot outside. There is no pool, but within 10-15 minutes you can reach the beach and the Eilat Promenade.

Arava hostel, southern israel
Arava hostel, southern Israel

If you’re into desert views then HI Mitzpe Ramon Youth Hostel is the place for you! Right on the cliff edge, you get amazing sights of the giant Ramon Crater. It’s perfect for all – couples, families, or solo travelers – with comfy rooms that have all you need: air-con, private bathrooms, a fridge, TV, and even a coffee spot. Plus, it’s close to neat places like the Visitors Center and the Spice Route area.

But, it’s not all perfect. The food’s okay but not great for special diets or if you’re after something fancy. Also, the area doesn’t have many restaurants, especially on the Shabbat, so maybe bring some snacks. Price-wise, it’s a bit more expensive than your typical dormitory stay, like a lot of places in Israel. So, if you’re watching your budget, keep this in mind. All in all, it’s a solid choice for a no-frills stay with awesome nature vibes. Just be ready for a few hitches here and there.

View from Mitzpe Ramon Youth Hostel

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