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Every running enthusiast knows that the first sign of being hooked on running is not giving up the routine runs even during vacations. And honestly, we feel you, Cause why give up the chance to maintain this healthy habit in a new surrounding, with beautiful views and new cultures? As a relatively flat country with a multitude of stunning natural sites and a big and active runners’ community, there’s no doubt that Israel is a great place for runners, who will find a huge variety of terrific running trails here. Below, you will find the list of our favorite running trails in Israel, that will provide you with great adrenalin-filled experiences during your trip.

Most scenic running trails in Israel

Sea of Galilee Circuit

The length of the complete circuit of the Sea of ​​Galilee is 60 km/37.3 miles, and a major part of it has been made accessible for walking/running. The official circuit, featuring a stunning view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the surrounding mountains, is marked with white-purple-blue trail markers and is about 35 km/21.7 miles long.

As it is a huge circuit over a pretty large area, you can start it at multiple locations around the lake, and of course, you can turn around at any moment and organize a run of the length that suits you. One of the best places to start the run is in Moshav Kinneret junction. From here, you can continue to Tiberias, on a flat and comfortable route.

Mount Eitan

The Mount Eitan track in the Jerusalem Mountains area is a perfect place to challenge yourself in a mountain run with ups and downs. This is a comfortable 7.8 km/4.8-mile long run with two sections of challenging uphill climbs – one in the middle of the route, and a second, more difficult one at the end.

The route begins in the parking lot of the Sataff Cafe, which offers plenty of free parking and a spectacular vantage point in the Jerusalem mountains, where you can sit and relax before and especially after the run. You can of course run the loop in both directions, but most runners tend to run it counter-clockwise. The route is a comfortable, partially paved path, without rocks and major obstacles on the way. However, it’s important to stock up on water before you run, as there are no taps along the route.

Since this route is at a height of nearly 800 meters/2,624 feet above sea level, during your run here, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the Jerusalem mountains and the forests from all directions, throughout the entire trail.

Alexander River

The best running route in the Sharon region, and a great option for runners training for a marathon since it is a flat and long path. The River Alexander trail starts in Kibbutz Mabarot and goes along the river until it empties into the sea near Beit Yanai Beach. The distance of the route is 7 kilometers/4.3 miles one way.

The route begins with about 3.5 kilometers/2.2 miles of paved road and continues along the route on a comfortable flat trail. On your way, you will pass through several shady areas, which makes the route a good option for sunny days. In addition, you can find taps along the way, so you don’t have to carry water with you.

Best beach running trails

Eilat beaches – running between the borders

How many people in the world can say they ran a flat course of just over 10 kilometers/6.2 miles and saw 3 countries? This is one of the special things about the running route along the Eilat beaches, and besides it being a beautiful and comfortable trail, there are water taps along the way.

The route starts at the promenade of the north coast of Eilat. From there, run along the hotels and beaches until you turn left at the Red Sea Mall and run south towards Taba. There is a running and cycling track paved almost the entire way, which turns into a comfortable trail only towards the border with Egypt.

After passing the southern hotel area, enjoy a kilometer or two of disconnection from civilization, until you reach the Princess Hotel and from there to the border terminal. You can finish there after 10 kilometers/6.2 miles if you arrange for someone to pick you up, or, if you have the energy to keep going, you can go back all the way and complete a run of about 20 kilometers/12.5 miles.

Best city running trails in Israel

Hayarkon Park running trail – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s biggest Green Lung, Hayarkon Park, is undoubtedly one of the best parks in the world for runners. It is not for nothing that it is full of runners every day of the year, and especially on weekends, with runners from all over the central region who come here, many of whom will even travel an hour in each direction just to run in the great park.

Hayarkon Park offers 8.5 kilometers/5.3 miles of paved and flat asphalt track from the park’s eastern end in Ramat Ha’Hayal to the western end of the park at Tel Aviv Port. The run here will provide you with great scenery and people-watching, as on one side you can see the Yarkon River, and on the other side, you’ll see the attractions of the park such as the Ramat Gan football stadium, the Swan Lake, the Tzafari, Yehoshua Gardens, and the Sportek.

Beyond the fact that inside the park you can go on additional routes and extend the distance of your run, the big advantage here is that from the western end, you can continue along the Tel Aviv Promenade. The path from here goes south all the way to Bat Yam, or north to Tel Baruch beach, without crossing any roads.

Sacher Park – Jerusalem

Sacher Park is the largest urban park in Jerusalem and a perfect place for jogging lovers in the city. The vast expanses of the park, along with the ability to run on paved paths surrounded by a beautiful landscape stretching from the old Nachalot neighborhood to the Knesset building, will make your run a unique and also very safe and relaxed experience in the bustling city.

Hamesila Park – Jerusalem

The Hamesila Park, which starts at the First Station Complex, is a great park for running, which is also suitable for amateur runners who want to start practicing running. The park has a 7 km/4.3 mile long paved running track and it is also illuminated in the dark, so it is also suitable for a night run. Furthermore, the track is also suitable for short runs since you can turn around at any point or continue for a long run until the last point of the track, which ends at the Biblical Zoo of Jerusalem.

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