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Immerse yourself in the fascinating mix of cultures of Israel, a nation of people from all around the world.
Graphite in Tel Aviv, Israel

There are so many amazing experiences and things to learn for visitors in Israel, but above all, the most immediate, clear, and impressive thing about Israel for most visitors is its incredible diversity. As a young nation that was built and founded by Jewish people from all around the world, alongside major Muslim, Druze, and Christian communities, it features an amazing mix of cultures. Those can be seen and experienced in countless ways throughout your visit, like staying in a traditional bedouin tent, sampling some of the best Moroccan and Ethiopian food in the world, or attending a festival.

Beyond that, Israel, and especially Tel Aviv, is a terrific destination for arts lovers, with great museums, galleries, live shows, concerts, and music festivals.

Here, you can find the best places and activities for culture and arts lovers, for the ideal cultural experience you can have in this fascinating nation.

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