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Taste Israel’s amazing food, from local markets and Falafel stands, to award-winning international restaurants.
Falafel, hummus and pita in Israel

Israel is no doubt a foodies’ paradise, as its combination of cultures has brought over a huge selection of dishes at the highest level from all around the world. This endless variety of high-quality food is one of the best ways to get fascinating cultural experiences, while at the same time enjoying some mouth-watering cuisine.

From the more common Hummus, Falafel, and Shakshuka, to lesser-known Persian, Hungarian, and Iraqi dishes, the selection is endless. In addition, fine dining enthusiasts will be glad to know that you can also find some of the best international restaurants in the world here, with highly considered Fusion and vegan cuisine, alongside popular Thai, Indian, and French dining places, to name a few.

With countless options to experience the incredible cuisine of Israel, like local markets, high-end restaurants, and everything in between, some visitors might feel a bit lost while looking for the best food in Israel. On this page, you can see the best guides for food and cuisine in Israel, with all of the local recommendations, for your best experience in this culinary paradise.

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