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Find the best parties, bars, and malls, in the vibrant atmosphere of Israel’s energetic cities.
Tel Aviv bar, Israel

From bustling markets and high-end fashion shops to a unique bars and clubs scene, Israel is a great destination for shopping and nightlife lovers.

The young and vibrant cities feature a variety of markets, shopping malls, and artisanal craft stores, with an endless selection, perfect for any style and preference. Arguably the best options of them all can be found in a small and walkable area in Central Tel Aviv, between the trendy Rothschild Boulevard and the popular Carmel Market. A short stroll between them will present you with numerous high-quality options, like hand-made jewelry, second-hand clothes, and designer shoes.

And when the night time comes, you will get to experience the unique energy of Israel’s nightlife. With a wide selection of clubs, live music bars and parties till dawn, your nights in Israel will surely be an experience to remember.

On this page, you can find all of the best local tips about shopping and nightlife in Israel, like the best markets in Israel, the most beloved clubs and bars, and some important tips for shopping in Israel.

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