Best restaurants in Jerusalem

A restaurant in Jerusalem Market, Israel

Jerusalem’s food scene shines with great restaurants, cafes, and bakeries, featuring everything from creative meats to Parisian pastries and fresh, organic dishes.

Holy sites in Israel

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

As small as the land of Israel is, it is undoubtedly one of the lands with the richest and most diverse histories and cultures on earth. With a history that goes back almost all the way back to the beginning of humanity, and so many different rulers and people that used to live here, Israel […]

Vineyards in Israel

Vineyard in Y'iron, Israel

As a country with a great Middle Eastern climate, ideal for wine-making, Israel is one of the best places on earth to grow Grapevines. The great conditions, in addition to the huge popularity of wine in Israel, have created a booming wine industry here, with countless vineyards in Israel, which are grown throughout the country, […]

Best markets in Jerusalem

Old city market in Jerusalem

As the biggest city in Israel, with an incredibly rich history and diverse population, Jerusalem has some of the best markets in Israel. With high-quality, multicultural food options, beautiful antiques, and stunning artifacts, visiting a market in Jerusalem is certainly an experience not to be missed while visiting the holy city. Here are some of […]

Israel for Kids: best family-friendly attractions

Kids traveling on a beach

Although traveling with kids can be a bit difficult sometimes, it’s also an incredible opportunity for plenty of quality time, for forming deeper connections in the family, and for amazing memories that will last forever. But of course, when traveling with kids, it’s very important to choose the right destinations and find the right activities. […]

Tel Aviv museums

Israeli flag

As the main cultural center of Israel, and the home of many of the country’s most successful artists, Tel Aviv features some of the best museums in Israel. From major art and history museums to many other creative museums, the city offers an incredible variety of unique and impressive institutions, which make it a boon […]

sand boarding in the desert

Sand boarding on dunes

The unique Israeli Desert, also known as the Negev, offers visitors a multitude of attractions and unique things to do. From great hikes and peaceful starlit campsites to jeep tours in the heart of the desert, there really is something for everyone in this unique part of Israel. Here, we’ll tell you a bit more […]

Hummus in Israel

Israeli flag

As one of the most popular and beloved kinds of Israeli food, along with Falafel, Sabich, shakshuka, and others, hummus is a must-try dish during your trip to Israel, as the great creamy, flavorful dish is a local favorite that you can find almost anywhere in the country. Here is our guide for the foodies […]

Best wellness retreats in Israel

A woman meditating

Over the past few years, we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of yoga and meditation in the world. For various reasons, more and more people are aware of the great mental and physical health benefits of those practices and have started to implement them in their daily life. Without a doubt, one […]

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