Cooking classes in Israel

An outdoors cooking class

Thanks to its incredible mix of cultures from all over the world, high standards, and a great overall culinary scene, Israel is an epic destination for foodies. In addition to offering some of the best food in the world, it is also a terrific place to take cooking classes, which will teach you how to make special local and international food, in a unique end delicious experience to remember. Here are some of the best cooking classes in Israel.

Most unique Israeli cooking classes

Cooking classes in Tel Aviv

Join a culinary adventure that’s as enriching as it is delicious, a hands-on cooking class where simplicity meets tradition in the heart of Israeli cuisine. Kickstart your journey with the art of baking Challah, a braided bread that’s not only a Shabbat staple but a symbol of shared meals and memories. Next, dive into the freshness of a Fatoush salad, a vibrant mix of veggies and simplicity of great food. Then, experience the joy of making your own pita bread from scratch, creating the perfect pocket for the creamy richness of homemade hummus and tahini. And what’s a feast without a sweet ending? Our Israeli Pavlova, light and airy with a hint of sweetness, will be the perfect finale.

This class is more than just cooking; it’s about embracing the traditional flavors of Israel and bringing them to your table. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a curious foodie, the step-by-step guidance ensures you’ll enjoy every moment, from kneading dough to the final taste test.

Challah cooking class in Tel Aviv


Druze cooking class – Horfeish

In the workshop, located in one of the biggest Druze villages in the Galilee, you will learn how to make several types of authentic Druze foods such as vine leaves, mansaf, majadra, tabula, and more. The cooking can be combined with a picking tour in the local field in the village.

During the workshop, the facilitator will tell her and her family’s fascinating personal story, and explain the culture and tradition of the Druze community and its customs, giving you a fascinating glimpse into the culture of the Druze in Israel. To cap it off, you will eat a rich meal that includes the dishes you made together, and additional great Druze dishes.

Greek cooking class – Kfar HaRoeh

In this great workshop, located in Kfar Haroeh, you will learn how to make a variety of great Greek dishes, like cheese-filled yogurt dough spiral, stuffed vine leaves alongside tzatziki, spanakopita – spinach and cheese pastry, zucchini, and feta pancakes, Greek-style Mediterranean tartar with orange sauce and artichoke, eggplant carpaccio with cheeses, Skordalia – almond spread And garlic, tirokafteri – a Greek pepper spread, Horta – a warm salad of green leaves, a Greek salad, and for dessert a Greek semolina cake. The workshop also includes free wine, cheese snacks, and focaccia.

Iraqi cooking class – Ramat Gan

The Marushka cooking workshop was established to preserve the culinary tradition of the Jewish Iraqi community, which is known for its rich and flavorful cuisine. In the workshop, located in Ramat Gan, you will learn, step by step, how to make soup Kubbeh from scratch, starting from the dough stage, the filling, and the rolling. You will also prepare a fried Kubbeh version, as well as a sambusak filled with hummus.

Iraqi food cooking class

Baking workshop for families – Petah Tikva

A workshop that is a great experience for families, where you will learn to make several great pastries, like challah, buns, and chocolate yeast cake together. In the workshop, located in Petah Tikva, you will practice kneading dough and the precise preparation of yeast dough, you will receive an explanation of the different types of flour and the role of gluten, and you will practice different dough folding techniques.

Best international cooking classes in Israel

South American cooking class – Zippori

A great Latin cooking workshop located in Zippori, near the famous Mona Lisa of the Galilee, that includes a multi-sensory experience of food, drink, and music, with a unique Latin-Mexican atmosphere. In the workshop, you will learn to make Mexican tacos, Peruvian ceviche, Argentinian meat empanadas, Mexican corn flour tortillas, lomo saltado (stir-fried beef) from Peruvian cuisine, and Mexican quinoa salad. For dessert, you will make a great tres leches cake.

Thai food cooking class

Thai food is probably the most popular food among Israelis, thanks to a big community of Thai foreign workers in Israel. At the Sawdika workshop in the Jezreel Valley, you will get to know the special raw materials of Thai cuisine and the best ways to use them.

You will learn when to use coconut milk and when to use coconut cream, you will learn to fry rice noodles and you will hear about the different sauces and spices used in Thai cuisine. Among the dishes that you will learn how to make here: Pom Yum soup,  green papaya salad, green curry in coconut milk, stir-fried Pad Kapao with chicken or tofu, and more.

Thai Cooking class in Israel

Romina e la Cucina – Italian food workshop – Magal

Romina e la Cucina is a great workshop guided by Romi Nadler, who conducts authentic Italian cooking workshops in her home kitchen in Kibbutz Magal. Nadler grew up in Padua in northern Italy, returned to Israel when she was in first grade, and at 21, moved to Rome for a decade, where she developed her culinary knowledge.

In the workshop, she teaches how to prepare Italian dishes such as Fiaddone Dolce, Panforte, Prancini cream patisserie, salami di chocolate, and Amaretti cookies, as well as sauces and doughs for pasta and pizzas. When the delicacies are ready, the meal is eaten together alongside pre-prepared appetizers, desserts, and free wine.

Other great Israel cooking classes

Painting and wine-tasting workshop  – Jaffa

The workshop, located in Alma Bar in Jaffa, is conducted by the artist and wine and tourism guide Eleanor Batan. In the workshop, she combines free painting on canvas (no prior knowledge needed) and an experiential lecture about Israeli wine. During your visit, you will learn how wine is produced in Israel, and get to know about the connection between the history of the Israeli wine industry and the country’s history in general.

You will also learn to distinguish the flavors of the wine according to the different regions of the Israeli wineries from south to north and hear about the development of the Mediterranean wine varieties. While sipping the wine and enjoying painting in this stunning location, you can also snack on fruit, crackers, nuts, almonds, and dates.

Coffee-making workshop – Srigim

The workshop is held in an indoor space at the coffee roaster Agrocafe in the Judean Lowlands. During the workshop, you will hear about the production process of coffee, and learn how the beans are picked from the plantation and about the entire coffee-making process. Then, in the adjacent roasting house, you will taste and prepare several types of infusions with different flavors, making it a perfect place for coffee enthusiasts.

Bread workshop – Modiin

In the workshop, located in the Assaf The Baker bakery, you learn to make a variety of bread: sourdough, rustic, pretzels, buns, pita bread, focaccia, and chestnut bread. The workshop puts a major emphasis on understanding biochemical processes that occur in the dough-baking process and using sourdough as a practical tool for making homemade bread, so after the class, you will be able to come back and make amazing bread for your friends back home.


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