The Banias


Nahal Katzrin


Carmel Market Spices

Carmel Market

Israeli flag


Mona lisa of galilee

Mona Lisa of Galilee

Jaffa port

Port of Jaffa

Israel museum in Jeusalem

Israel Museum Jerusalem

Golan Heights vineyards, Northern Israel

Golan Heights

Sunset in the city of Jerusalem

City of Jerusalem

Marina Herzliya, Central Israel

Herzliya – Sun, Fun, and Business Run

Judean Desert, Israel

Judean Desert


Israeli flag


Israeli flag

Tel Aviv Port

Hameshushim Pool, בריכת המשושים

Yehudiya Nature Reserve

Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader hot springs

Ashdod, Israel



Apollonia National Park

Ramor Menashe

Ramot Menashe

Gamla nature reserve


Israeli flag

Jerusalem springs trail

Israel, Sea to Sea map

Sea to Sea Trek

Sea of Galilee Church, Israel

Jesus Trail

Golan Heights, Israel

Golan Heights Trail

Israeli flag

Valley of Springs Trail

Hamakhtesh Hakatan - the small crater in Israel

Hamakhtesh Hakatan (Small Crater)

Big Crater (Hamakhtesh Hagadol)

Big Crater (Hamakhtesh Hagadol)

A house in Ein Karem, Jerusalem

Ein Karem

Jerusalem Wall, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Wall

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