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Great beaches, galleries, and diverse cultures, in the central city of Bat Yam, offering a unique local experience right next to Tel Aviv.
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Bat Yam: go local in Central Israel.

Bat Yam, one of the most diverse and unique cities of Israel, has still remained a relative unknown for foreign visitors. However, with a beautiful promenade, a developing nightlife scene, and great beaches, this seaside gem is undoubtedly a great visit for anyone who is looking for a place to go off the beaten path.

The city of Bat Yam, located just south of Jaffa, alongside a beautiful coastline, is one of the biggest cities in Central Israel. With an interesting mix of cultures, great beaches, and several beloved nice sites to visit, spending time in Bat Yam is a great opportunity to escape the crowds of Tel Aviv, and experience the local culture.

The Story of Bat Yam

In 1926, 13 families founded a settlement called “Beit and Gan”. Later, the small settlement became a local council, which over the years became the city of Bat-Yam, which today has about 160,000 residents. After the establishment of Israel in 1948, Bat Yam received thousands of new Jewish immigrants from all over the world. Since the 90s, it received tens of thousands of Jewish immigrants from the countries of the USSR, who are today 35% of the city’s population. The city also has a big Jewish Turkish population and is considered to be the city with the highest average age in the country.

Best places to visit in Bat Yam

Bat Yam promenade

The famous Bat Yam Promenade, which is the most popular place to visit in Bat Yam, has made its name due to its beautiful beaches and due to its excellent and accessible location, which make it a very popular destination for local visitors from all over the country, especially on weekends.

The promenade is actually a large wooden surface, made of moss bamboo – a unique and ecological bamboo trunk that absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen – and appears to float above the sand. The wooden deck is used both for walking and running and is also great for cycling.

All along the promenade, there are also gardens and playgrounds for children, as well as bar tables, sun beds, and folding benches, all For free use by the visitors.

The beaches of the city

The spectacular coastal strip of Bat Yam is one of the rare natural gems in Israel and attracts visitors from all over the country and the world. The sandy coastline stretches over three and a half kilometers and includes eight declared beaches, and five additional beaches, which are prohibited for bathing, but are still a center of attraction due to their great beauty. All of the beaches are clean and well-kept, and each has its uniqueness: some are intended for bathing, some for surfing, while others are lagoons and protected nature reserves.

Surfers will have a great experience in the Sea Palace Beach, which has a natural lagoon and a small marina for sailors. If you are looking for beaches to bathe in, your best option will be Harivyera Beach, which also has a beautiful coastline gallery.

Bat Yam Museum of Art

The Bat Yam Museum of Art is located in a park in the heart of the Ramat Yosef neighborhood. The unique round structure of the museum was built in 1961 and is a unique example of the local building style from this time. The museum presents changing exhibitions of contemporary art as well as permanent displays of works from the museum’s collection. Here, You will be able to experience the works of famous Israeli and international artists alongside the works of local artists from the city.

Operating hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 10:00-14:00

Tuesday, Thursday: 16:00-20:00

Ha’atzmaut Boulevard

The old boulevard that starts at the beach is the best place for a walk in the city, giving you a chance to experience the local life of the residents of Bat Yam. In the last few years, the boulevard has been renovated, with cool seating facilities, mesmerizing night lighting, an ecological pool, and a great atmosphere, especially after dark.


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