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Wondering how to find your way in TLV Airport? Looking for the best ways to get there, or the best things to do at Ben Gurion Airport? We’ve got you covered.
Ben Gurion airport

Tel Aviv Airport: In & Out Guide

Ben Gurion Airport, also known as TLV Airport, is your first and last stop in your journey through Israel. As such, it is important to have all of the basic information about getting around the airport, and finding your way in and out of it. Here, you’ll find our guide to TLV AIrport, for a smooth and convenient journey in and out of Israel.

How to get in and out of TLV Airport

Ben Gurion Airport is conveniently located in Central Israel, not far from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. But not as close as you might think from it’s name.

You’ve got some great choices when travelling to the airport. If you’re on a budget, the bus is your best bet. It’s easy and connects the city to the airport but make sure you get your Rav-Kav (public transportation card) ready.

For more convenience, especially with heavy luggage or odd flight times, a taxi is ideal – a pricier option, but totally worth the comfort. And don’t forget the train: fast, efficient, and perfect for avoiding traffic. It’s a smooth ride that connects major areas directly to the airport. Each option has its perks, making your trip to TLV Airport pretty straightforward. Happy travels!, getting from TLV airport to your first destination is not always easy. Here are the various ways to do so.

Getting to TLV airport by taxi

Taxis are available 24-7 and are the most convenient option, but also the most expensive one. Usually, a cab ride from Ben Gurion airport to Tel Aviv city center will cost 120-200 ILS.

When traveling to or from the airport, consider pre-booking a taxi. This way, you’ll secure a fixed price in advance and have a driver waiting for you, whether you’re heading to the airport or your hotel. It’s a convenient option, especially for peace of mind and avoiding any surprises with fares.

For taxis at the airport, head to Level 2 outside Terminal 3, although they’re also available outside the Arrivals Hall. A dispatcher will assist you there. Fares are fixed by law, varying by destination and time of day. Be aware that extra charges may apply for more than two passengers and for luggage.

It is important to note that ride-sharing services like Uber or Bolt do not operate in Israel.

Ben Gurion airport
Ben Gurion airport

Getting to Tel Aviv airport by train

Ben Gurion Airport is connected by rail to most major cities in Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa, making it very simple and quick to get to your first destination in Israel by train. However, it is important to know that the trail doesn’t operate on the Israeli weekends, and at nighttimes. The official weekend times change every week in Israel, so it is important to check the train schedule for your specific travel date. Generally, trains usually stop operating from Friday afternoon until Saturday night.

Train ride time and fees:

TLV Airport – Tel Aviv: 17-27 minutes (depending on the station),  9 ILS

TLV Airport – Jerusalem: 27 minutes, 18 ILS

TLV Airport – Haifa: 1 hour and 21 minutes, 27 ILS

Getting to Ben Gurion airport
Getting to Ben Gurion airport

Getting to Ben Gurion airport by bus

Several bus lines also connect to Ben Gurion Airport. However, people usually prefer them the least because buses are much slower than trains due to traffic and are not as convenient. When it comes to getting to the airport, the only reason to take a bus is if your first destination connects to Ben Gurion Airport by bus, but not by rail. It is important to note that buses do not run on the Israel weekend as well.

Traveling from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv Airport is efficiently managed by bus line 485, offering a consistent and reliable service. The trip typically takes around one hour and is priced within a reasonable range.

For those departing from Tel Aviv city center to the airport, bus line 445 is operated by Kavim and connects Tel Aviv city center to Ben Gurion Airport, the journey takes about an hour, give or take a few minutes.

How to switch terminals at Ben Gurion Airport

There are two operating terminals in Ben Gurion airport: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. All arrivals will land in the bigger Terminal 3, which is conveniently located nearby TLV Airport train station. However, some of the departing flights leave from Terminal 1. For that reason, it is important to check ahead of time if your flight out of Israel is departing from Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. If it departs from Terminal 1, and you go to the airport by taxi, make sure to ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance to Terminal 1.

In case you go to the airport by train, you should know that the TLV Airport train station is located in Terminal 3, and from there, you should take a short and free shuttle bus to Terminal 1. How can you take the shuttle bus? Here are the directions from the train station:

Go up the escalator, exit the train station, and turn right. At the exit to the road, there is a sign that will direct you to the shuttle bus station. The shuttle stop is about 100 meters away from the exit, slightly after the shuttle but stops for the long-term car park. You can see the bus schedule on the sign at the bus station. In the summer it runs every fifteen minutes and in the winter it runs every 20 minutes.

The food court at Tel Aviv airport
The food court at Tel Aviv airport


The souvenir shops at Tel Aviv airport
The souvenir shops at Tel Aviv airport


The souvenir shops at Tel Aviv airport
The souvenir shops at Tel Aviv airport



Other things you should know

Tel Aviv Airport is open throughout the year, operating 24/7. The only exception is during Yom Kippur, when it closes temporarily.
From Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem, the high-speed train is a great option, taking about 30 minutes and costing around 20-30 shekels. For buses, line 485 is reliable, with a journey of about an hour and a similar cost range.
Ben Gurion Airport is situated near Lod, roughly 20 kilometers southeast of Tel Aviv and about 50 kilometers northwest of Jerusalem, Israel. As the main international airport in Israel, it serves as a crucial gateway for both domestic and international travel.

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