Spectacular views, captivating history, and a peaceful atmosphere, in the dormant volcano of Mount Bental, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in all of Israel.
Mount Bental Viewpoint, Golan Heights

Mount Bental: epic views in the Golan Heights.

Located very close to the Siryan border, is the 1.164 meter/3.820 feet-tall Mount Bental, an impressive dormant volcano, which provides some of the best views in all of Israel. Featuring a stunning landscape, a historical site, a beloved cafe and a beautiful nearby lake, visiting Mount Bental is certainly a must for every traveler who gets to the Golan Heights.

Nearby kibbutz Merom Golan, overlooking deep into Syria and the surrounding area of the Golan Heights, Mount Bental is certainly a sight to behold during your travel in Northern Israel. As one of the most stunning viewpoints in Israel, with several other attractions and things to do in the area, there’s a good reason why Mount Bental has gained its much-deserved popularity. Here’s our guide to visiting Mount Bental.

Mount Bental Viewpoint

Undoubtedly, the main attraction here is the beautiful 360-degree view From the top of the mountain. To the north, you’ll see the dominant Mount Hermon, with several other volcanic mountains in between, such as the one you are standing on. East of Bental stretches the Kunitra valley in Syria, immersed in the greenery of orchards and the whiteness of the cherry blossoms. The ruined town itself is across the Syrian border, where you can see many other villages boasting mosque minarets and another line of volcanic mountains, as well as white buildings of the UN base right on the border. When the visibility is good, you can see the southern Lebanon mountains to the northwest of you and further west the Galilee Panhandle mountains and the Meron massif. A look to the south will reward us with a view of the nearby Mount Avital, at the top of which is a military base.

There are often Strong winds blowing on the summit, so you should equip yourself with warm clothes before leaving the vehicle. Another good way to escape the wind is to visit “Coffee Annan“, a small and popular cafe located near the summit. The cafe is open every day except Sundays, from 10 am until sunset.

In addition, You can see an old army base here. This base hadn’t been used in a few decades, and today it is used as an attraction, mainly for children who can enter and walk inside the dark, artificial caves with flashlights.

On the short way from the parking lot to the summit, you will also see several animal sculptures, made by a local artist from the nearby kibbutz Merom Golan.

Things to do around Mount Bental

Bental Reservoir and Hot Spring

Bental Reservoir is a huge water reservoir in the north of the Golan Heights that is full throughout the year, due to rainwater from the winter floods.
Bental Reservoir is surrounded by natural grass and a green landscape all around, as it overlooks the impressive wind turbines of the Golan Heights and the nearby Mount Bental from the south. If you come here in the spring, you can enjoy the festive blooming of blue lupins, Ragworts, and all the other wonders of the basalt landscape of the Golan Heights.

At the edge of the reservoir, there are two pipes that flow clean water into small pools – one with cold water and the other with hot natural water, at a temperature of 42 Celsius/107 Fahrenheit. The combination of the two pipes creates a beautiful stream, amazing wading pools, and small waterfalls that are fun to sit and bath in.

The flow from the two pipes – although not constant – produces a pleasant temperature for bathing even in the wintertime, and enables visitors to sit in the small pools – right under the pipes – or wade in one of the pools created along the flowing stream. On the contrary, It is recommended not to enter the big lake of the Bental Reservoir because the water in it is not suitable for bathing.

In addition to this, the water pool which is located directly under the hot water pipe is relatively small, and therefore suitable for a small number of bathers. For that reason, as the place is quite popular among locals, try not to come during holidays, and weekends if you wish to bathe here.

Hike up Mount Bental

A part of the Golan Trak – a 7-day trek that traverses the entire Golan Heights – goes through Mount Bental, giving hiking lovers the opportunity to ascend the stunning mountain by foot. For this hike, start near Merom Golan, around the eastern side of Mount Bental. Walk south along the Golan Trail, which goes up on the entire eastern side of the mountain, until you reach the parking lot near the summit. From here, continue on the path to the summit. From there, come back on the same way, going north and down, back to Merom Golan. This out-and-back trail is 5.8 km/3.6 miles long and is a great experience for those who wish to reach the summit of Mount Bental by foot.

Visit Kibbutz Merom Golan

Visiting a kibbutz is certainly a must-do experience during your trip to Israel, to experience the fascinating culture and history of those special small towns. Located at the foot of Mount Bental, Kibbutz Merom Golan is one of the most beautiful towns in the Golan Heights, and a great visit for anyone interested in the story of the kibbutzim.
The kibbutz is especially worth visiting during the fall and winter because the place is decorated with one of the most special autumn views in the country, and oftentimes gets snow in winter. It features a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Bental Reservoir, a unique horse farm you can visit, and a charming, peaceful atmosphere.


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