Great water activities, dramatic canyons and mountains, vibrant nightlife, and so much more, in the popular resort city of Eilat, on the shores of the incredible Red Sea.
Eilat Skyline, Southern Israel

Eilat: relax in the stunning Red Sea.

A visit to Eilat is an amazing opportunity to experience the richness of the Red Sea, with its pristine beaches, rich sea-life, and beautiful corals. Those, along with beautiful hikes in the heart of the desert, great accommodation options, and a terrific nightlife scene, all make Eilat a spectacular site to visit.
Eilat Mountains, Southern Israel
Red Canyon, Eilat
Red Sea, Eilat

Located at the southern edge of the Israeli Desert, on the shores of the Red Sea, and right next to the borders with Egypt and Jordan, the resort city of Eilat is one of the most special sites you can visit in Israel. With hot weather all year round, epic diving spots, several popular attractions, and great hikes all around, there’s truly something for everyone in Eilat.

Best things to do in Eilat

Dive in Eilat’s Reef

Featuring world-class diving and snorkeling spots, Eilat’s Reef is the most unique and popular attraction of Eilat. This part of the Red Sea offers numerous special diving spots, in the clear and calm water of the beautiful sea. Those include options like diving with dolphins, snorkeling among colorful corals and fish, diving in an underwater sculpture garden, and more. Eilat is also a great place to try diving for the first time or get a Scuba Diving certification.

The most popular diving spot in Eilat is Eilat Coral Beach, which stretches along 1200 meters/0.75 miles of spectacular and rich underwater life. The reserve, which is considered to be the northernmost reef in the world, provides an amazing diving experience among diverse sea life, including fish, corals, sea anemones, and more.

Shop and dine along the Eilat Promenade

Eilat Promenade is one of the most famous attractions in the city and is known for its diverse stalls that offer a selection of souvenirs, foods, and clothes. The boardwalk stretches along the northern coast of Eilat, and while walking here, you can enjoy the abundance of restaurants, hang out in the children’s entertainment facilities, and go through the various performances held in the bars and restaurants on the promenade. Among the points of interest that can be crossed on the promenade, it is worth noting the Mul HaYam Mall, the historical Ink Flag statue, the famous bridge that passes over the connection of Eilat’s lagoon with the Red Sea, and the new marina area that marks the edge of the boardwalk.

Throughout the Promenade, you’ll find several shopping and dining options, at relatively affordable prices, as Eilat is a VAT-free city. On summer days or Jewish holidays, the place gets quite busy, as it seems like there will be something happening here 24/7, while at other times of the year, your stroll here will be a bit more peaceful and quiet. It is most recommended to take a walk on the promenade during sunset time and stay after dark when you can enjoy the nice sea breeze.

Go hiking in the surrounding Mountains

As Eilat is located at the heart of the desert, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and unique natural phenomena, as the Eilat Mountains are considered by many to be the most beautiful hiking region in Israel. one of the most incredible sites you can find here is Timna Park, which is an ideal day trip from Eilat, featuring unique rock formations, a beautiful lake, and great hikes. Other great options include the Red Canyon, Har Shelomo, and many more.

For a more relaxing option, drive up to Har Yoash, for the most beautiful viewpoint you can get in the area, with a stunning look at the Red Sea and the surrounding mountains.

Hold your breath with the extreme attractions of Eilat

Eilat is the best place in Israel for extreme attractions, with numerous diverse options of activities that will pump your adrenaline up. Those include water activities, as well as unique attractions at the heart of the desert. With options like paragliding, rock climbing, jeep tours, free diving, and much more, Eilat is a boon for lovers of the extreme.

Best Hotels in Eilat

Of course, you can’t talk about Eilat without mentioning the city’s great accommodation options. With several luxury all-inclusive options, as well as recommended budget options, Eilat is considered to provide a good bang for your buck, at least in comparison to other parts of Israel.

Dan Eilat Hotel

Dan Eilat is located in front of the northern beach of Eilat and overlooks the Gulf of Eilat. It is Close to the city’s tourist center, water sports area, and shopping center. The hotel has popular sports facilities, including 2 swimming pools, water slides, a gym, and a modern spa with 18 treatment rooms. The Dan Eilat Hotel has halls and a conference center suitable for conferences, exhibitions, and family events of all kinds. It also has a beloved Club for children, featuring activities for children in the pool area, disco, creative activities, and a youth club with internet and computer games. The hotel has 375 rooms including suites, family rooms, and a presidential suite.

Leonardo Plaza Hotel

The hotel is located in the best area of the city, with access to the promenade and a private beach. From the hotel windows, there is a spectacular view of the Red Sea beach. Leonardo Plaza Hotel also features a new luxurious spa, a special waterfall pool, and plenty of activities for children and adults alike.

U Splash Resort Eilat

A huge and beautiful desert resort, featuring a popular water park, meals around the clock, unique entertainment shows, a children’s club for all ages, swimming pools, and a rich variety of activities, as well as an indoor pool with a temperature of up to 29 degrees, a heated pool, and a large outdoor pool. At any time of the day during your stay here, you can enjoy rich and varied meals in an all-inclusive style, sweet surprises, indulgent pastries, and refreshing drinks.

Abraham Hostel: budget accommodation in Eilat

Abraham Hostel is a hostel that offers a unique accommodation and hospitality experience in Eilat. The hostel is another branch of the successful hostel chain, which also operates in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Nazareth. Here, you will find rooms of various types such as family rooms, rooms for couples, Grand Family rooms (for families with up to 4 children), and dorms.

The hostel has many common spaces, including a lounge where you can rest after a day of hiking and meet other travelers while sipping a beer or a cocktail from the bar, a TV room where you can watch a movie or a sports game with friends, and a rooftop with a sun terrace overlooking the Gulf of Eilat. There is also a shared kitchen, open 24/7, which is fully equipped With cooking and eating utensils.

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