Galleries, cool alleys, great nightlife, and a unique atmosphere, in Florentin, the artsy and quirky neighborhood of Tel Aviv, that shows a completely different side of the city.
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The other side of Tel Aviv

Stepping into Florentin, the funky, hipster side of Tel Aviv, which is considered to be the coolest neighborhood in Israel, can often feel like crossing the border to a completely different country. With colorful characters, a unique vibe, a fascinating mix of cultures, and a great art scene, Florentin serves all of the qualities of Tel Aviv, with a completely different appearance and atmosphere, which makes it one of the best neighborhoods to visit in the city.

Florentin, located in southwestern Tel Aviv, is considered by many to be the most unique and different neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Known for a young, hipster vibe, old buildings, graffiti, a great art scene, and an even better nightlife scene, Florentin is certainly one of the best places to visit in the city, and a great option for those who are looking to see a different side of Tel Aviv, away from the skyscrapers and fancy neighborhood of the city center.

The Story of Florentin

The Florentin neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv was established in 1927. The neighborhood was initially planned as a bourgeois neighborhood that combines craft businesses, small industry, and commerce, alongside 3- to 4-story buildings built in a classic modern style separated by narrow streets. The first residents of Florentin were Greek Jews, and they were later joined by Jewish immigrants mostly from Bulgaria, Poland, Yemen, Uzbekistan, and North Africa, who formed the first communities of Florentin.

While in the past, Florentin was considered to be a poor and unsafe part of Tel Aviv, the area has experienced major growth in the past few decades, and today it’s a highly attractive neighborhood for young people, who brought a major art and nightlife scene to this part of the city. While Florentin is mostly known for its hipster community, it still has a very diverse population, which makes it a very colorful and interesting neighborhood to visit.

Cool things to do in Florentin

See the street art

Generally, It’s fun to just get lost in the middle of the neighborhood, take a look at the old houses, see the craftsmen alongside the artists who have opened workshops and galleries here, search the narrow alleys, and discover little hidden gems. The streets of Florentin basically serve as a large and fascinating outdoor exhibition and a wide open museum, with a huge amount of interesting graffiti covering the walls and houses.

Visit the first automated store in Israel

The first automatic store in Israel, Nowpet, is a unique store that sells equipment and food for pets.
Behind the special venture is a man who dared to set up an automatic store empty of employees, where you can enter with the help of a fingerprint, pay by weight (which is measured by a carpet you will step on at the entrance), and enjoy a significantly cheaper price than most places. While you probably won’t need to get pet food from Israel, entering this unique shop is a cool experience, which will give you a nice glimpse into the future.

Explore the art scene in Michaelson Applied Art Gallery

The Michaelson Applied Art Gallery is a unique gallery that was designed by the artist Amnon Michaeli.
Michaeli, who has a master’s degree in East Asian studies, worked for about 23 years in the procurement field, and at a certain point in his life, when he was touring Florentine, he realized that this was the place where he would open a gallery that would display his art and integrate his vision.

Inspired by museum stores around the world, Michaeli decided to convert his illustrations and drawings into useful products. During your visit here, you can see his great illustrations, known for their great sense of humor, and his richly colorful and very dramatic paintings.
In addition to the products presented here, in the gallery, you will also find a collection of useful art items that correspond well with Amnon’s works, such as jewelry, bags, and other unique and creative products.

Walk along the main streets of Florentin

While getting lost in Florentin is also a great way to explore it, the best way to see the neighborhood is to walk along the two main streets of Florentin: Washington Boulevard and Florentin Street.

Washington Boulevard today is a long street along which you can sit and drink coffee, eat pizza, or just sit around the ficus trees on wooden seats while watching the passers-by and enjoying some street art on the facades.

On Florentin Street, which is just near Washington Boulevard, you can see several cool wall paintings, as well as a mix of old and modern buildings. It’s also a great place to just wander around and get a fair share of people-watching.

Nightlife in Florentin

Shuffle Bar

Shuffle Bar, the most “Florentinian” bar in Florentin is a small and homey bar that can accommodate about 70 people. The warmth here is felt right at the entrance, starting from the friendly atmosphere on the part of the pleasant staff and the local crowd to the jokes and little punches you will find on the menu. Every evening, you will find here changing music that varies between rock, pop, and Israeli music.

Florentin 10

One of the more pleasant and comfortable places in the neighborhood, perhaps thanks to the minimal design, the warm colors, and the investment in pampering sofas and very comfortable bar stools, as well as the slightly more mature atmosphere that characterizes the place. The pleasant lighting and the music at the appropriate volume and tone, which includes pleasant pop, Latin, and rock’n’roll, make the place a good entertainment option even for those over 30. Florentine 10 is open 24/7 and also offers popular breakfast and business meals.


Hoodna Bar, which resembles the peacefulness of nations in the Sinai Peninsula in the bustling Tel Aviv, is the only bar in Israel with a street running through it, which will enable you to decide on the preferred vibe in one of the two spaces. The southern space is used more for chatting and chilling, with dilapidated wooden chairs and tables, a rickety bar, and engravings and texts on every possible wall, and the northern space hosts a different artistic program every night, from cover bands and DJs to stand-up nights.

Mate Bar

The Mate Bar, an old-school Tel Aviv pub, made a name for itself mainly thanks to its discounted alcohol menu. Although it is small and a bit dark, it allows for pleasant conversations at the bar and, above all, a pose-free atmosphere. From time to time, you will find here great parties with lines of electronic music and trap.


Mezcal Bar is one of the first Mexican bars in the city, with a completely Mexican design, including inscriptions in Spanish and paintings of luchadors on the walls, and Latin music at high volume.
The place serves Spanish craft beers such as San Miguel Especial and Selecta, as well as Michelada – beer and tomato juice with spices and Tabasco. In the food section, here you will find tacos with different fillings, chili con carne, enchiladas, and chimichangas.

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