Golan Heights

Waterfalls, springs, and snow, in the northeastern edge of Israel. Go off the beaten path in the beautiful Golan Heights, a region with captivating nature, a mix of cultures, and compelling history.
Golan Heights vineyards, Northern Israel

Golan Heights: a paradise for nature lovers.

With numerous dormant volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls and dramatic canyons, the Golan Heights are certainly a boon for nature lovers. With numerous great hiking trails, hot and cold springs, viewpoints, and even snow, they feature a variety of incredible scenery, which can be experienced in a multitude of ways.

Bordered by Sirya to the east, Jordan to the south, Lebanon to the north, and the Sea of Galilee to the west, the volcanic Golan Heights region is one of the most beautiful and unique areas of Israel. As the only region to regularly have snowy winters, and the coldest part of the country, some would say that there is some European vibe in the Golan Heights. With a big Druze population, a visit to the northeastern region is also a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique culture, sample great food and learn about the history of this area, dating back thousands of years ago.

Here, you can find all of the relevant information about your visit to the spectacular Golan Heights.

Best places to visit in the Golan Heights

Nimrod Fortress

The Nimrod fortress, located at the foot of Mount Hermon, is the largest remaining fortress in Israel. The fort was built after the death of Salah al-Din in 1193 AD, the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty

The fort is built at a height of about 760 meters, surrounded by cliffs, and overlooking one of the most strategic points on the road that led from the Hula Valley and the Golan Heights towards Syria. Here you can see the wonderful views of the north from every tower in the fortress. Beyond the beautiful views, the visit to the Nimrod Fortress is a fascinating step back in time, with Legends about giants, wars, and conquests that you can learn about here.

Gamla Nature Reserve

One of the most popular natural attractions of Israel, featuring the country’s tallest waterfall, at 51 meters/167 feet. The waterfall is easily accessible by a short hike. In addition, Gamla is a great sight for bird-watching, as it used to host of the largest and most diverse roosting and nesting colony in the country for birds of prey, including vultures, hawks, and ospreys. Today, the colony is a bit smaller than before, but there is a very good chance you will get to see a big amount of vultures, as well as other birds, during your visit here. In addition, History lovers will be glad to know that in Gamla, you can see the ruins of the first-ever synagogue, built at the beginning of the first century.

Mount Bental

Mount Bental, which rises to a height of 1,165 meters above sea level, is an impressive dormant volcano that is part of the Golan Heights Volcano Line – a chain of volcanoes spread along the border between Israel and Syria. From the top of the mountain, which can be reached by car, you will enjoy a beautiful 360-degree view, including a look into the interior of Syria, the white buildings of the UN base sitting on the border, and Mount Hermon. At the top of Mount Bental, you can enjoy the view from the popular cafe named Coffee Annan.

Ein Keshatot

A great mix of the two most attractive features of the Golan Heights: history and springs. In Ein Keshatot (Spring of Arches), during the Byzantine period, there was a Jewish village, one of about thirty villages that were in the region at that time. In the excavations conducted at the site, a magnificent synagogue from the sixth century AD was revealed, which was destroyed along with the entire village in an earthquake in the eighth century AD. Today you can get an impressive look at the first floor of the synagogue, which is decorated with an eagle and motifs from the temple such as a menorah, a shofar, and a lotus.

As in every Jewish village at that time, not only was there a synagogue but also a spring nearby, whose impressive stone arches gave it the name Spring of Arches (or Umm al-Kantir in Arabic). The spring, which flows into several pools and is shaded by mulberry trees, is a real gem of a place to visit. You can sit under the trees, dip your feet in the water and see the breathtaking view of the Golan and Galilee mountains. The route is rather short, about half an hour’s walk. There is also a wheelchair-accessible route to the spring.

Best things to do in the Golan Heights

Go cherry-picking

As the altitude and weather make it possible to grow cherries and wild fruits in the Golan Heights, which you cannot find anywhere else in Israel, the cherry-picking season in early summer, and especially in June, is celebrated here by the beloved Golan Heights Cherry Festival. Along with self-cherry-picking activities in many farms in the region, the festival that takes place on weekends in June includes various performances, tours, and excursions.

Even if you didn’t arrive here at the time of the festival, it is highly recommended to go cherry-picking in the Golan Heights in the summertime. For an amazing and incredibly delicious experience, visit one of the farms offering self-cherry-picking, such as Odem Farm, Levi Farm, and more.

Bathe in springs and natural pools

One of the most popular attractions for locals in the Golan Heights is undoubtedly the abundance of water in the region, This can mostly be experienced by visiting and bathing in some of the dozens of springs, waterfalls, and natural pools of the Golan Heights. Some of the most popular ones include places like Zavitan Fall, Yehudiya Falls, and the Ein Jones Hot Spring, with each offering a distinct and unique experience.

Hike the Golan Trail

At a length of 120 Km/74.5 miles, the Golan Trail traverses the entire Golan Heights from north to south, in a magnificent 7-day trek, considered to be one of the most beautiful treks in Israel. Of course, hiking enthusiasts with a lot of time on their hands can have an amazing time completing the entire trail, but the Golan Trail is also a great option for day or half-day hikes. As the entire trail is divided into 13 parts, each one accessible by car, you can choose any part of the Golan Heights you find interesting, and have a great day hike on the beautiful trail, going through most of the major highlights of the region.


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