Herzliya – Sun, Fun, and Business Run

Herzliya, Israel’s Coastal city Shines with Top-Notch Beaches, Buzzing Nightlife, and a Business Beat!
Marina Herzliya, Central Israel

Herzliya: a vibrant central city.

Only 10-minute drive from Tel Aviv, is the charming city of Herzliya, giving visitors a chance to experience all of the good things about Central Israel, in a bit of a quieter and more affordable place. Featuring charming beaches, great shopping options, diverse high-quality restaurants, and popular accommodation options, Herzliya is a great place to base yourself in when you tour the center of Israel.

Located right on the coast of the Mediterranean, between Tel Aviv and Netanya, is the beloved city of Herzliya, known for its booming high-tech scene, big international community, and great parks. Those, alongside the renowned Marina Herzliya, a wide variety of hotels and beaches, all make it a great option for visitors who are looking for a local experience in Central Israel.

The Location

The city of Herzliya is located 25 minutes from Tel aviv, the food, fun and entertainment capital of Israel. Staying in Herzliya has its perks! It’s cheaper than Tel Aviv, you won’t struggle to find parking, the sidewalks are roomier, it’s not as packed with people, and there are more spots to chill in nature without getting stuck in traffic.

The story of Herzliya

The city of Herzliya has about 100,000 residents, as about half of them are natives of the country and the other half are first-generation Jewish immigrants from multiple countries of the Middle East, North Africa, Western Europe, the US, and the USSR. Herzliya is named after Binyamin Ze’ev Theodor Herzl, the father of present-day Zionism.

The city was established as a small town in 1924 and became an official city in 1960. In the past few decades, as Israel’s high-tech scene had continuously grown, it has seen major economic and urban growth, making it the modern and ever-growing city that we see today. The city is divided into two parts – Herzliya and Herzliya Pituach, with the latter being the business area of the city.

Best things to do in Herzliya

Visit Marina Herzliya

Herzliya’s Marina is considered to be the largest and most modern marina in the Middle East. Since 1995, hundreds of yachts from around the world have docked at the Marina. The Herzliya Marina is perfect for those passionate about the sea, basking in the delightful Israeli sunshine. It’s a place where you can embrace the thrill of the waves with a variety of watercraft at your disposal: kayaks, jet skis, speedboats, and yachts, all for hire within the marina’s confines.

Boasting 800 spots for vessels, Herzliya Marina can accommodate a fleet of boats, including the grandeur of 35-meter ‘mega-yachts’. For those who yearn to navigate the waters as a captain, the marina provides options for day-long or extended yacht excursions, perfect for creating unforgettable moments with loved ones.

As a hub for nautical activities, the marina is a magnet for sailing enthusiasts, hosting a myriad of events, from local escapades to global competitions, reflecting the evolution of sailing from an elite pastime to a widely embraced sport.

The marina is also the venue for the Women’s Triathlon, a grand event drawing participants from across the globe.

Music aficionados can revel in an eclectic mix of genres, from jazz and opera to pop and world music, along with live shows from Israel’s top performers.

But there’s more to the marina than just boats. It houses the administrative center for Marina Herzliya, educational buildings dedicated to maritime studies, Israel’s premier docking services, a refueling station for boats, specialized workshops, and organizations devoted to marine education and sports.

Marina Herzliya is a perfect place for romance, as it is a favorite among locals as a site for dating and marriage proposals. It’s a great place to take a pleasant walk among the beautiful yachts, sit in one of the restaurants, cafes, or bars spread out along the marina, and enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of clear wine in front of the Mediterranean sunset.

Hatsuk Beach – A swim between Herzliya and Tel – Aviv

Hatsuk Beach is one of Israel’s most popular beaches and is known for its high level of cleanliness, convenient access to the city, and wide, sandy coastal stretch. The beach offers its visitors renovated high-quality facilities that include public toilets, showers, sports facilities, and a wide and pleasant boardwalk next to green lawns above the beach. While technically Hatsuk Beach is considered to be a part of Tel Aviv, it is located closer to Herzliya, just a short drive from the Marina.

Acadia North Beach – Accessible beach for everyone 

Acadia north beach Known to most residents as ‘Dabosh Beach’, after the former ‘Dabosh’ restaurant, this ‘Blue Flag’ beach reminds older generations of the horse-drawn carts that once came here so people could bathe in the sea. Today, it is one of Herzliya’s most popular beaches due to having the widest stretch of sand and convenient access for families and disabled visitors alike. You can park near the Daniel Hotel elevators and take the boardwalk, nearly reaching the water, down to the sand. Acadia is also Herzliya’s go-to beach for sports, with volleyball, matkot, and football games during swim season. As part of the city’s disabled access initiatives, Acadia North has two elevators and wheelchairs adapted for ocean bathing available from the lifeguard medic station.

Beach Amenities: First aid station, lifeguard, paid public parking, showers, restrooms, accessible beach wheelchairs, sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, volleyball court

Suitable For: Tourists, sports enthusiasts, youth, families, disabled visitors, and everyone really!

Sports: Matkot, beach volleyball

Hasharon Beach

Discover the Top Restaurants in

Herzliya is well-known for its variety of fine dining options. Located mainly in the Marina, Herzliya Pituach area, and the main Sokolov Street, are great international restaurants at the highest levels, including Japanese food, hamburgers, Thai food, and much more. for more specific recomendations:


The Kyoto restaurant has been proudly serving since 1997 and holds the crown for being the ultimate sushi destination to spice up your parties. The menu boasts an extensive selection of trays, starting at just NIS 100 and reaching up to a whopping NIS 1000 for truly impressive platters. At Kyoto, you’re in for a sushi adventure of the highest quality with dozens of inventive rolls that blend an unimaginable variety of ingredients. If you crave creative sushi that knows no bounds, this is your go-to spot.

Meatbar Burger

Despite offering only two options on its simple menu – a classic hamburger and a cheeseburger – Mitbar Burger consistently draws crowds. These handcrafted delights, made from 200 grams of premium beef that rival any high-end steak, are tucked into sweet buns and crowned with homemade spicy mayo. The result? Juicy, flavorful perfection, making the need for an extensive array of toppings unnecessary.

Meatbar Meat

The story of Mitbar Meat Establishment began in Tel Aviv back in 1994. Fast forward 20 years, in 2014, and the spacious Herzliya branch was born. Here, the menu revolves around the star of the show – meat – and it’s intentionally concise. The meat undergoes a meticulous aging process in professional refrigerators, rendering the steaks so tender they practically melt in your mouth.


Minato in Herzliya is an authentic, intimate Japanese eatery. For 8 years, they’ve offered a traditional, minimalist Japanese menu. You won’t find non-Japanese Asian dishes like pad thai or tom yum soup here. Instead, indulge in delights like toro tartar and niji salad featuring noodles, fish cubes, and vegetables, along with hot Japanese dishes ideal for a midweek lunch.

The Municipal Bar

The venue exudes vibrant decor typical of the brothers’ establishments, featuring a joyous atmosphere with bartenders dressed to impress, rhythmic music, and a diverse clientele. Each cocktail prepared here is a captivating show, and the food menu aligns with the venue’s style, offering a contemporary fusion of dishes like sashimi salad, tartar, broccoli tabbouleh, polenta chips, Portobello arancini, fish and chips, and mini burgers.Nordeau 2:

Nordau 2

One of the more upscale cafes in the Sharon region, also boasts an even more exclusive bakery section. Here, you can savor excellent coffee alongside an exquisite array of French pastries and patisserie delights, including macaroons, millefeuilles, tartlets, eclairs, and indulgent large tarts like ganache cassis tart and French flan cake. The menu doesn’t stop there; it also features pretzels, morning pastries, cinnabons, colorful cupcakes, and delectable brownies.

Step into a time machine: A visit to Apollonia National Park

Although Herzliya is certainly a modern city full of high-tech and luxury restaurants, it also has a rich ancient history. One of the most interesting points within the city is Apollonia National Park (Tel Arshef), near Sidna Ali beach – an ancient port city that was first settled by the Phoenicians in the sixth century BC, with findings indicating of activity there until the Middle Ages.

In the Apollonia National Park, travelers can visit the ruins of the old city and learn about archaeological findings, with the blue Mediterranean and green vegetation in the background. In the park, there are circular paths that lead visitors to the spectacular observation points, accompanied by signage with interesting historical information about the site.

The 7 stars mall –  Where Shopping Meets Entertainment

The ‘7 Stars’ Mall stands as Herzliya’s most extensive retail and leisure hub, offering a comprehensive experience for shoppers and fun-seekers alike. With its array of over 150 stores, premier dining venues, a pharmacy, bowling lanes, a cinema, a supermarket, a post office, and various workshops for both kids and adults, there’s something here for everyone. Perfectly situated adjacent to the Ayalon Highway, it’s an ideal spot to while away the hours, indulging in a multitude of activities suited for every age group.

Arena mall

Right next to Herzliya Marina, the Arena Mall is a shopping paradise with a collection of over 100 retailers, featuring both acclaimed Israeli and global fashion brands, footwear, toys, books, jewelry, and an array of other offerings. For convenience, the mall is equipped with a pharmacy and, for those accompanied by little ones, a playful gymboree is available.

If you find yourself peckish, the mall presents a selection of eateries and cafes, many boasting al fresco dining with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art stands as a beacon for modern creativity, championing the innovative works of emerging Israeli and international talent while nurturing the artists of tomorrow.

In the midst of Israel’s perpetual state of conflict and continuous warfare, art holds a crucial place alongside media such as television and the press, reflecting and dissecting the fabric of society. The museum extends its gaze beyond mere artistic dialogue, prioritizing pieces that resonate with the socio-political climate.

Annually, the museum hosts roughly 50 individual exhibitions, spread across four cycles, all selected for their pertinence to the zeitgeist, touching upon both domestic and international narratives. This approach is bolstered by enthralling partnerships with artists from around the world, underlining art’s capacity to transcend boundaries, foster dialogue, and potentially catalyze change.

Herzilya Park

Herzliya Park, a green and lively park spanning around 250 dunam (62 acres), emerged from what was once agricultural land and open fields known as “Basa” — Arabic for swamp. The park’s design carefully preserves this natural heritage, maintaining the area’s innate undulations of hills and dales.

Herzliya Park offers a sense of seclusion from urban bustle. Its setting, nestled in the city’s lowest and coastal region, allowed designers to harness its unique environmental features, such as the seasonal wetland, and meld them seamlessly into the park’s fabric since its inception in 2008.

The park boasts a multitude of distinctive features for visitors of all ages. The “food forest,” cultivated by community members, bursts with a variety of fruit trees, from pomegranates to almonds and cherries. The botanical garden, a joint effort with local students initiated in 2014, flourishes with diverse herbs and spices. Birdwatchers delight in the park’s role as a sanctuary for avian migrators throughout the year. Additionally, the park is punctuated by two water features: a natural winter pond brimming seasonally and a year-round artificial pool teeming with fish. A community library, stewarded by local volunteers, adds to the park’s communal spirit.

Additional amenities in Herzliya Park include:

Quaint coffee shops
A weekend children’s train ride
An extreme biking trail
A variety of play areas and activities for children
Designated BBQ zones
Key information for visitors to Herzliya Park:

Playground illumination ceases at 10 pm
Restroom facilities are open from 6 am to 10 pm
The park train operates on Saturdays, weather permitting
An innovative audio guidance system assists visitors with visual impairments

The Sidna Ali Mosque

The Sidna Ali Mosque  has a history dating back to the 11th century, and within its premises, there is a tomb and khan that Muslims still use as a place of prayer to this very day. In the mosque’s courtyard lies the burial site of the revered Muslim saint, Ali Ben-Olim, who, according to Muslim tradition, was a valiant warrior in battles against the Crusaders around Apollonia, circa 1250. Legend has it that Ali himself didn’t desire a roof over his grave, and indeed, every structure built to shelter it ended up collapsing. In ancient times, during the final era of Israelite rule, the Phoenicians established the port city of Arshof nearby, dedicated to the god of fire and light, Reshef. This historical site now stands in proximity to Sidna Ali Beach.

The current mosque structure we see today was constructed during the Mamluk period in 1481. In times past, it was a gathering place for Arabs during a popular celebration marking the end of the watermelon season. However, in 1948, the area was abandoned, along with the Muslim village that once stood alongside it. It wasn’t until 1990 that the mosque was returned to the Muslim community, undergoing renovations and becoming an active center for Muslim prayer.

Inside this notable building, the British once established a Coastal Police station equipped with radar for detecting immigrant ships. This radar system notably detected the infiltrator ship, Berel Katznelson, which arrived on the country’s shores on November 23, 1945. In response, military forces were dispatched, resulting in the apprehension of some infiltrators and Palmach personnel who couldn’t escape in time.

Following this incident, a decision was made to attack and demolish the British Coastal Police stations in Sidna Ali and Givat Olga, which was executed on November 25, 1945. The British, remarkably, swiftly restored the building after this event.

Best hotels in Herzliya

Ritz-Carlton Herzliya

A prestigious five-star hotel, with meticulous design and international-level service. From the hotel rooms, which are also renowned for their beloved design, you can overlook the marina and the wide beaches of Herzliya. On the other hand, on the roof of the hotel, there is a spacious pool and a high-quality spa.

Dan Accadia Resort Herzliya

The Dan Acadia Hotel is located on a small, quiet corner on the Herzliya waterfront, within walking distance of the city’s economic center and the entertainment centers of Herzliya Pituach, and a short drive from the center of Tel Aviv. The low red-roofed hotel covers a large area, giving it a homey feeling. In its center is a large swimming pool surrounded by plenty of gardens and flowers on every corner. Dan Acadia Hotel provides a pleasant, warm family atmosphere, and is also suitable for business people who like to combine vacation and business.

Daniel Herzliya Hotel

The Daniel Herzliya Hotel offers an ideal combination of business and leisure on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel is characterized by design with international standards, advanced business services, fine culinary offerings, and excellent service. The hotel uniquely combines proximity to business and industrial centers with peaceful sea views, trendy bars, and cafes.

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