Hilton Beach

A visit to Hilton Beach, one of the best beaches in Israel, with great surfing, a big LGBT community, a popular bar, and amazing sunsets, making it a great part of the beloved Tel Aviv Beach.
Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv

Hilton Beach: Tel Aviv's most popular beach.

Most Israelis will agree that Hilton Beach sits atop the list of beaches in Tel Aviv, and for good reason. With a great atmosphere, big communities, a beloved bar, and great surfing options, Hilton Beach is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the calm Mediterranean Sea in a hot summer day.

Hilton Beach, located in the northern part of the Tel Aviv Beach, is considered to be the most popular beach in Tel Aviv. As a very accessible beach, with a convenient location, strong communities, and a great vibe, Hilton Beach is a great visit for anyone who wants to experience the beloved beaches of the Mediterranean.

The different parts of Hilton Bech

The northern part

While swimming in the northern area of Hilton Beach is not allowed, this part is very nice for short walks along the beach. Here, you’ll see plenty of dogs and dog owners, as this is the only beach in Tel Aviv where dogs are allowed to enter.

Hilton Beach’s northern part is also very popular among the LGBTQ community. As the most liberal city in the middle east, Tel Aviv is well-known for having a strong local and international LGBTQ community, and the Beach is one of the best places for queers to meet and hold events. In fact, in 2019, Hilton Beach was selected as the number 1 gay-friendly beach in the world, by the popular magazine Newsweek. Here, you can comfortably join groups or individuals, who are usually very open for conversation with new people.

The southern part

The southern part of the beach is recognized as the number one surfing beach in Israel, mostly due to the unique lighting lanterns designed for night surfing that were installed there. No matter when you visit Hilton Beach, you are very likely to find plenty of surfers, kayakers and paddle boarders all at once in the sea. Southern Hilton Beach is usually quite full of beginner surfers, who are taking their first-ever lessons here. However, there are also many experienced surfers on the Beach, and a great surfing community, which revolves around the beach’s surfing club.

As the Beach is extremely popular among surfers, it is not the best beach for swimming. However, it is ideal for relaxing on the beach and is well-known for its stunning sunsets. In addition, it features a playground for kids, a small outdoor gym, a beach volleyball court, and more.

Best things to do on Hilton Beach

Enjoy the Tel Aviv nightlife in Hilton Bay Beach Bar

Hilton Bay Beach Bar is located right on the sandy part of Hilton Beach and features international food and drinks with a nice vibe. In the restaurant, you can enjoy Asian fusion cuisine with a diverse menu that includes salads, sandwiches, meat, fish, seafood, and signature dishes based on local fish. In addition, you can enjoy a rich cocktail menu and a variety of high-quality wines.

The restaurant also hosts Sunset events with music played by leading artists and DJs during sunset. The Hilton Bay complex is equipped with comfortable beds, large pillows, wooden stands, chairs, sun beds, and luxurious towels, making your downtime on the beach a very convenient and pleasant experience.

Go surfing

As the best surfing beach in Israel, which will even enable you to surf after dark, surfing in Hilton Beach is truly an experience to remember. Whether you want to take your first ever lesson here, or just rent a board and go by yourself, the great waves and surfing community are surely gonna make it a great time. The Tel Aviv Beach is also great for kayaking, SUP, and other water activities beyond surfing.




Opening hours

Hilton Beach is open at all times. Lifeguard services are only available during summer.

Parking and transportation

As parking around Hilton Beach is hard to come by, it is much better to get here on foot from Central Tel Aviv.

Accessibility arrangements

  • Hilton Beach is the most accessible beach in Israel. There is an accessible parking lot here, and it is possible to get all the way to the water with wheelchairs.

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