Mitzpe Ramon

Starlit nights, incredible sunsets, and a unique laid-back atmosphere, in Mitzpe Ramon, the beautiful desert town on the edge of the Ramon Crater.

Mitzpe Ramon: an epic desert experience.

As one of the most beautiful towns of Israel, a visit to Mitzpe Ramon if one of the best ways to experience the Israeli Desert at its fullest. With beautiful starlit nights, a relaxing atmosphere, stunning views, and rich wildlife, Mitzpe Ramon combines the best of the desert all in one place.

Mitzpe Ramon, a small town of about 5,500 residents, located on the edge of the stunning Ramon Crater, is one of the most beautiful and unique towns to visit in Israel. With plenty of things to do, that will enable you to have the ultimate desert experience, it is a great destination for nature lovers.

Best things to do in Mitzpe Ramon

Experience the Ramon Crater in a Jeep Tour

A fascinating journey in the Israeli desert, which will enable you to learn about the geological forces that created the Ramon Crater. During the exciting jeep your, you’ll Get to know the surprisingly diverse ecosystem of wild animals and desert plants, hiding along the road and on the sides of the paths of the desert. On the journey, which starts and ends in Mitzpe Ramon, you can travel in a comfortable, air-conditioned, and pampering vehicle, which makes the journey through the difficult Negev trails pleasant and welcoming, and suitable for all ages.

Try Abseiling

Although abseiling might be a scary experience at times, it is an extremely exciting and empowering experience, suitable for almost all ages and conditions. In the abseiling activity at Mitzpe Ramon, on the edge of the Ramon Crater cliff, you will at the same time enjoy the wonderful view of the Ramon Crater spread out below, and on the horizon, on a good day, you will be able to see the high Gilead Mountains of Jordan stretching before you.

The abseiling site in Mitzpe Ramon is one of the most convenient surfing sites in Israel, if not in the entire world. The abseiling site in Mitzpe Ramon is suitable for all levels of abseilers and you can choose several heights, from 15 meters for beginners to about 30 meters for the advanced.

See the beautiful stars at night

Without a doubt, one of the biggest reasons to go to Mitzpe Ramon, is the stunning the starry sky at night. About three years ago, the Ramon crater was awarded the coveted title of an “International Dark Sky Reserve”, which is a recognition of the exceptional quality of the starry sky in its natural state.

The best way to experience it is to visit the sophisticated Mitzpe Ramon planetarium, where you can learn about the galaxies, the movements of the stars, the constellations of the zodiac, and more, all through an impressive visual experience. But the best experience of it all is the guided starlit stroll in the Ramon crater. During this activity, you will watch the planets through sophisticated telescopes and hear scientific stories alongside mystical legends about the different constellations and galaxies, while sitting around a fire, making roasted marshmallows, and drinking hot herbal tea.

Immerse yourself in the Bedouin culture

As there is a big population of Bedouins around Mitzpe Ramon, who have a good connection with the town itself, visiting this region is a great opportunity to experience the Bedouin culture. You can do so in many different ways, like staying in an authentic Bedouin tent, ordering a traditional Bedouin dinner, or joining for a morning stroll with Bedouin shepherds and their herd of goats, during which you can hear about the traditional Bedouin way of life and have a traditional Bedouin breakfast in nature.

Best places to visit in Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon Spice Route Quarter

The Spice Route Quarter is a complex of hangars at the entrance to Mitzpe Ramon, which have been converted into tourism and food businesses. The complex has cultural centers, accommodation complexes, restaurants and cafes, pubs, bakeries, specialty shops, artists’ workshops, galleries, and other unique shops. Among other things, you can find here a shop for second-hand items, a jewelry studio, a ceramics studio, a factory for the production of natural cosmetics, complexes of spiritual workshops, a jazz club, a pub that hosts cultural events, and much more. The atmosphere in the district is special and lively not only during the day but also in the evenings, especially on weekends when you can hang out, drink, listen to music, and dance until the wee hours of the night with visitors and locals alike.

Alpaca Farm

The alpaca farm is located about three kilometers/ 2 miles west of Mitzpe Ramon. The farm has a large herd of alpacas and llamas that were brought from South America, aloingside goats, horses, donkeys, and other farm animals. During your visit here, you can can hand-feed the alpacas and llamas. You will also get to learn about alpacas and their customs, as well as participate in many activities, offered by the farm.

Best Mitzpe Ramon hotels

Beresheet Hotel

One of the most popular and well-known hotels in Israel, Beresheet Hotel offers a unique, luxurious experience with stunning views. It is located right on the edge of the Ramon Crater and is designed in a way that blends perfectly with the spectacular landscape. Beresheet Hotel offers about 120 rooms, some of which are designed as stone villas separate from the main building, while the rooms on the ground floors have a small private pool. This is the place to stay or an unforgettable desert experience.

Boutique Khan Ramon

An accommodation complex with six rooms, a large shared space with a fully equipped kitchen, a pool table, and couches. In Boutique Khan Ramon, you will find double and family rooms, two of which offer a bathtub or jacuzzi. While it is not an incredibly luxurious stay, Boutique Khan Ramon offers a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and a lovely host who will go out of his way to make sure you have a good time.

Selina Desert Garden Ramon

Selina Desert Garden Ramon is located in a unique desert landscape, very close to the Ramon Crater. It offers a variety of aesthetic suites and glamping tents, as well as outdoor lounges, a coffee bar, a pool, a tour desk, and a wellness area, including yoga classes and guided meditations in the relaxing desert atmosphere.

Staying in Selina is a great opportunity to Experience the unique flora and fauna of the desert, as the Selina team often organizes a variety of unique desert experiences upon request – from jeep tours to electric bike rides and camel rides, which you can do with the great community of guests in the resort.

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