Great beaches, natural attractions, and a calm atmosphere, in the northern coastal city of Naharyia, offering a true off-the-beaten-path experience.
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Nahariya: capital of the Western Galilee.

Naharyia, the northernmost city of Western Israel, is a peaceful, small city, right on the Mediterranean coast. Though often far off the radar for tourists, Naharyia is truly a unique place to visit for anyone who wants to experience the Israeli culture without the crowds.

Located in the northwestern corner of Israel, just south of the border with Lebanon and a bit north of Acre City, is the charming coastal city of Nahariya. Featuring a truly local and peaceful experience, it makes for a great value seaside destination to visit in Northern Israel, Here are the best things to do during your stay in Nahariya, and the most important information about the city.

The History of Nahariya

Nahariya was founded in 1935, as the settlement had been built by a group of Jewish people who arrived at the time from Germany.

They were engaged in agriculture, and although most of them had no knowledge about working in the fields, their persistence and a strong desire to succeed resulted in Nahariya’s agricultural produce gaining a great reputation. In the first stages of Nahariya, an agricultural farm was established south of the town, within which the first families who came to work in the settlement were trained to farm the land.

According to the original UN resolution of November 29, 1947, which divided the Land of Israel into a Jewish state and an Arab state,  Nahariya had remained outside the borders of the Jewish state. On the eve of the partition decision, Israel’s War of Independence had begun. A the time, the entire city was under siege, and the communication and land supply lines were cut off and the only way that remained open and relatively safe was the sea.

On the day of the proclamation of the state, 14.5.48, the entire Western Galilee, including Nahariya, was back in control of Israel, and the residents of Nahariya celebrated the city’s unification with the rest of the country.

In the 1950s, Nahariya had begun to expand, as it received many Jewish immigrants from Romania, Poland, Persia, Yemen, and Iraq. Later in the 60s, many immigrants from Morocco were absorbed into the city as well. The town kept on growing and developing, and Today Nahariya has over 67,000 inhabitants and is considered to be the capital of the Western Galilee.

Best things to do in Nahariya

Hga’aton Boulevard

Nahariya is the only city in Israel that has a river running through its main street. Haga’aton Boulevard is named after the river by the same name, that flows through it to the sea and the promenade. In rainy winters the stream sometimes overflows and floods the streets of the city. In the summer the stream is dry.

During your visit here, it’s highly recommended to wander along boulevard. Along it, you’ll find several cafes, ice cream parlors, some of Israel’s finest shawarma and falafel stalls, and toy and jewelry stores. From the western edge of the boulevard, you can go straight to the Nahariya Promenade, which is a beautiful promenade right on the beach, alongside nice bars and restaurants.

Galei Galil Beach

An excellent and peaceful beach, especially for families. Galei Galil Beach is one of two beaches in Nahariya and is considered to be the more popular of the two. It is much more recommended to come here on weekdays, as even during the summertime it is relatively quiet and peaceful here. During the summer, there is an Olympic swimming pool and a children’s pool right by the beach. Pro tip: it is best to come here for sunset, as the beach is one of the best sunset spots in Israel.

Botanical and Zoological Garden Nahariya

The beautiful botanical and zoological garden is located at the southern edge of the city and allows visitors to observe several kinds of animals, like Lemurs, squirrels, turtles, ostriches and more, amid vegetation and trees that simulate their natural environment. The park covers a large area, surrounded by lawns, bridges, picnic areas, a petting zoo, an aviary, and a reptile room. The park is wheelchair-accessible.

operating hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 9:00-16:30 ; Friday: 9:00-15:00. Closed on Saturdays.

Entrance fee: 20 ILS

The Byzantine Church

In the heart of the city of Nahariya, you can find a hidden Byzantine church , with an impressive mosaic floor and  some of the most beautiful decorations you’ll see in the churches of the Galilee.

The church is of a large basilica type with three apses and a length of 28 meters. It’s most impressive aspects are the large and complete mosaic floor and the spectacular decorations along with the interesting fact that it is built on a slope from west to east.
The entire floor of the church is made of mosaic and shell decorations. In the center of the church, you’ll see two peacock decorations facing each other with an amphora between them, as well as a symmetrical and colorful rosette.The church is surrounded by a mosaic strip decorated with medallions of human figures, plants, and animals. Among them are the figure of the hunter and the shepherd, deer, and brightly colored bird species that have been preserved to this day.


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