Ramot Menashe

Lakes, rivers, charming hills and spectacular blooming, in Ramot Menashe, one of the most underrated sites to visit in Israel, featuring beautiful views and great hiking options.
Ramor Menashe

Israel's first biosphere

The beautiful region of Ramot Menashe is referred by many as Israel’s Tuscany, and for good reason. With a variety of picturesque towns, rolling hills, and stunning vegetation, this is the ideal region to visit for nature lovers who are looking to enjoy Israeli nature.
Ramor Menashe
Ramot Menashe fields
Ramot Menashe park

Ramot Menashe, located just south of the Lower Galilee, between the Carmel Mountain and Jezreel Valley. This site s one of the most peaceful and flourishing regions in Israel. As a terrific place to see the beautiful flowers of Israel, as well as enjoy great hiking options. This is truly the heart of Israeli nature.

The region of Ramot Menashe

Ramat Menashe has gentle hill views and big fields, with lots of little streams and springs running between the hills. The best time to visit is In winter and spring when the landscape is green and blooming. But we highly recommend to visit during the week and not the weekends since it is more crowded on Fridays and Saturdays.

Best places to visit in Ramot Menashe

Giv’at Harakafot

We have been so many times in Giv’at Harakafot and we can never get enough.  This is one of the most famous locations in Ramot Menashe. After the first rains, incredibly dense blooms of cyclamen fill the entire hill located near the entrance to Kibbutz Gilead, turning it green and lushes.

There is a short path that goes around the hill, which is the best way to experience the beautiful blooming. Cyclamen are the main event here but you can also see anemones, irises, lupins and other species.

Menashe Park

Ramot Menashe Park is a unique site that is recognized as a biosphere reserve. Within the boundaries of the park, there is a coniferous forest. A forest of the tabor oak, agricultural and pasture areas, volcanic hills, archaeological sites, streams, and springs. All makes it a unique park and a great visit for nature lovers. What we love about the place that it is very shaded with so many trees so you can come here also in the warm days of summer.

Ramot Menashe Park
Ramot Menashe Park

Ein Rihaniya

In the upper and less-touristed part of Nahal Hashofet in Ramot Menashe, you will find Ein Rihaniya. There are two points of interest here: the first is a large pool – Ein Rihania. It is the source of the water here, in the form a layered spring that flows from the bottom of the pool, not far from remains of a flour mill.

The spring is home to hundreds of species of different plants and animals that are in danger of extinction such as the newt, the brook trout, and more. By the pool, there is a wooden deck and quite a few raspberry bushes, which are great to pick out and eat in the right season.

The second point of interest here, which is about a 500-meter/1.500 feet walk north of here on the blue path is Ein Rihania Falls. When you walk on the dirt road here, please note that the entrance to the waterfalls is a bit hidden, so make sure not to miss it. After you find the entrance you will immediately be able to see the waterfalls – it is a series of several waterfalls that pour directly into a small and clear pool. The place is shaded so it is perfectly suited to the hot days of summer.

Gilead Reservoir

Gilead Reservoir, also known as Farha Reservoir, is actually a large and impressive pool of water in the heart of nature that is filled every year by rainwater. You can reach Gilead Reservoir through several short trails, in all of which you will be rewarded with a beautiful view, very diverse seasonal blooms, and lots of stunning green spaces in their full glory.

Gilead Reservoir, Ramot Menashe
Gilead Reservoir, Ramot Menashe

Most beautiful hikes in Ramot Menashe

Nahal Gahar

One of the lesser-known streams that flow in the area of ​​Ramot Menashe is Nahal Gahar. Along Nahal Gahar there is a wide variety of hiking trails and bike trails. Our recommendation actually focuses on the upper part of Nahal Gahar, which can be reached from road 6953.

The hike here is along a blue-marked trail and it passes right near the stream. Who powerfully after the rains.
The route is linear. Although, you can make it circular at any stage by going to the other side of the stream and returning the same way. Some travelers choose a nice corner to have a family picnic and some enjoy a walk by the stream.

Ohad Trail

In Lower Galilee, around the communal settlement of Nofit (The northern area of Ramot Menashe), you will find the stunning “Ohad Trail. Established in memory of the late Ohad Zach, a town member who died during his military service on Lebanese soil in December 1998. The trail starts at the town’s entrance. Marked with blue and white, this 2.5 km/1.5 miles trail encircles the entire settlement. As you follow it, you’ll encounter multiple beautiful observation points and unique archaeological exhibits placed by Israel’s Antiquities Authority.

Ohad Trail, Ramot Menashe
Ohad Trail, Ramot Menashe

Ramot Menashe Trail

A 3-4 day trek that crosses the entire region, from Ofer in the north to Binyamina in the south. Considered one of the easiest multi-day treks in Israel. This trek passes through mostly flat terrain and offers magnificent views all around. You can walk the path almost all year round, but spring will be a great choice. When the blossoms peak and the entire area becomes lush and magnificent.

The trail also serves as an alternative to Israel National trail, as it connects to it in the trail’s edges.

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