Tel Aviv Beachs

Sunsets, nightlife, and plenty of activities, on the popular Tel Aviv beach, featuring a charming vibe and several attractions.
Tel Aviv Beach, Tel Aviv

Experience the unique Tel Aviv Beach

As one of the best attractions of Tel Aviv, the popular beaches of the city offer a unique experience and atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else in the country. With amazing sunsets, plenty of water activities, and a busy promenade with ever-going events, the Tel Aviv Beach is a must-visit site in the city.
Sunset on Tel Aviv Beach, Tel Aviv
Surfers on Tel Aviv Beach, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Beach, Tel Aviv

As a city that is uniquely located right on a sandy beach all the way from north to south, the Tel Aviv Beach is one of the most central and popular areas of the city and a great visit for anyone. Here is our guide for the best Tel Aviv Beach experience, including the best beaches in Tel Aviv, and some of the countless things to do on the beach.

Best beaches in Tel Aviv

While the different beaches in Tel Aviv are all close to each other, and can sometimes be indistinguishable to visitors, each one of the 13 Tel Aviv Beaches has its own vibe, community, and popular activities. Here are some of the best beaches in Tel Aviv, in order from north to south.

Tel Baruch Beach

North of Yarkon Park and in the center of the new Tel Aviv Promenade is Tel Baruch Beach, very popular among families from northern Tel Aviv. It is a very popular picnic and barbecue area, as near the beach, there are spacious lawns where there are areas for burning coals, including all of the necessary things for barbecue: lighting, picnic tables, and charcoal disposal facilities. There is also an area suitable for water sports, with surfing, kite surfing, and kayaking all being done on Tel Baruch Beach.

Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Israel, for a multitude of reasons, and is a very popular surfing beach. It is also known as the dogs’ beach because it is the only beach in Tel Aviv where dogs are allowed to enter. In addition, a specific northern area of Hilton Beach is very popular among the big LGBT community of Tel Aviv and is considered to be a great place for socializing within the community.

The southern part is a great beach, with a sand tongue that goes into the sea and creates a sort of shallow and quiet pool in the water, while in the northern area, which is more secluded, there are no lifeguard services, and bathing is prohibited.

Hilton Beach is also considered to be the most accessible beach in Israel.

Jerusalem Beach

As the most easily accessible beach from Central Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Beach is always busy and loud and is known for being a beach that attracts teenagers from outside of Tel Aviv, who come to rest or play soccer on the beach. Although some of the surrounding beaches are more relaxing and popular among tourists than Jerusalem Beach, it is very likely to be the first beach you’ll see in Tel Aviv, as it is connected to the popular Alenby Street.

Charles Clore Beach

Charles Clore Beach is A relatively isolated beach which is less comfortable for bathing, since there is no breakwater here and the sea is rocky and stormy. So what’s the appeal here? It is undoubtedly the beach with the most beautiful view in Tel Aviv. From here, you can see Old Jaffa rising above the rocks. It is best to visit here At sunset, which will give you one of the most amazing looks you will see. Charles Clore Beach is especially popular with brides and grooms on their wedding day, as at any time of the day, and especially at sunset, you can see at least one couple in their best wedding gowns taking pictures in front of the spectacular view here. The common visitors of this beach are very diverse, and include families from Jaffa, foreign workers from Southern Tel Aviv, and young people from Neve Tzedek.

Best things to do on Tel Aviv Beach

Walk on the Tel Aviv Promenade

The Tel Aviv Promenade, which stretches through most of the beaches in Tel Aviv, is one of the most beautiful and popular places to tour in the city. At any time of day, you’ll see countless visitors and locals who walk, run, cycle, and sit along the promenade. In addition, there are always various street shows on the promenade, so it is a nice place to listen to some amateur local music.

See the sunset

Of course, we cannot mention Tel Aviv Beach without talking about the beautiful sunset you can see from here. As it is well-known to be one of the best sunset spots in Israel, it is highly recommended to plan your day so you’ll be able to see the sunset from the beach or the promenade, for a stunning look at the day’s end.

Go surfing

The different beaches in Tel Aviv offer various water activities, with the most popular of them being surfing and kite surfing. Although the waves here are not as big as the best surfing spots in the world, the unique vibe, the surfing community, and the great weather all make surfing in Tel Aviv a great experience for surfers of all levels.

Play beach volleyball/soccer

Throughout almost the entire Tel Aviv Beach, you’ll see countless groups playing different games on the beach, with the most popular being beach volleyball and soccer. Those groups are usually randomly-formed and very welcoming of new members, so if you’re a fan of beach sports, or just looking for a way to interact with the locals, just randomly join a group, and you’ll be rewarded with a great local experience.

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