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Great food scene, sea views, and nightlife, in the popular Tel Aviv Port, one of the best entertainment centers of Israel, offering a vibrant atmosphere and a multitude of attractions right near the Mediterranean.
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The charming Tel Aviv Port

As one of the most popular sites to see in all of Tel Aviv, the city’s port is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a cool experience in the seaside. With numerous activities and attractions in a relatively small space, there really is something for everyone here, as the port offers great shopping options, high-quality restaurants, parties, concerts, tours, and much more, but even if you just sit around here and watch the sunset, we assure you: you won’t regret visiting the Tel Aviv Port.

The Tel Aviv Port, located just south of Tel Baruch Beach and north of the popular Hilton Beach, is one of the best sites to visit in Tel Aviv, with a multitude of great things to do, a vibrant atmosphere, and of course, stunning sea views. Here is everything you should know about visiting the great Port of Tel Aviv.

The Story of Tel Aviv Port

In the first years of Tel Aviv, which was founded in 1909, the city’s Jewish residents, who were dependent on the port of Jaffa, wanted to establish their own port, through which new Jewish immigrants would be able to arrive in the country. However, the British, who ruled the country from 1917 to 1948, did not permit the establishment of a port in Tel Aviv.

In 1936, as part of the Arab Revolt, the Palestinians declared a general strike and shut down the port of Jaffa, which served as an entry gate for Jewish immigrants and a major port for imports and exports. Following this strike, the British had to authorize the Jews to establish their own port, and so the Tel Aviv port was quickly built.

The port was established in the north of Tel Aviv in 1936, near the place where the Yarkon River flows into the Mediterranean Sea. A few days after the approval for the construction of the port was received, a Yugoslav ship already docked there, bringing with it sacks of cement, in front of thousands of Tel Aviv residents who came to the port to welcome the ship.

Soon after, the port began to receive new Jewish immigrants who came to Israel from all over the world but were completely shut down during World War II. After the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948, which occurred during Israel’s War of Independence, the port returned to action, and played a significant role in the war, as it helped to send many Jewish immigrants from Europe, as well as weapons, during this troubled time.

A few years after the establishment of Israel, it became clear that the port of Tel Aviv was too small and not deep enough to allow very large ships to dock there. First, there was an attempt to deepen the port artificially, but it was not enough, so the government decided to establish another port in the country, in the city of Ashdod. Shortly after the establishment of the Ashdod port, in 1965, the Tel Aviv port ceased to operate completely.

The area where the Port of Tel Aviv used to be remained neglected and almost unused for more than 20 years, until in the 1990s, an extensive restoration operation began and it became the lively and bustling entertainment center that it is today.

Unique things to do in Tel Aviv Port

Take a Segway tour

There are many ways to tour the Tel Aviv Port area, as you can rent a bike or an electric scooter here, or take a nice walk along the port. However, probably the most unique way to experience this area is by taking an organized Segway tour, that goes along the port and around the northern parts of the city.

The great experience of riding a Segway in the port and streets of Tel Aviv, with the great sea breeze, and the adrenaline rush that this unique personal transporter will give you, is truly one of the best things you can do in Tel Aviv, and an experience to remember for a very long time.

Visit the Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions, which started as a unique project of two entrepreneurs from Croatia, became such a huge success all over the world that today there are more than 40 museums of this kind around the world.

The museum, located right in the port area, offers visitors dozens of diverse attractions that will activate the mind and stimulate the imagination. Those include height illusions, inversion illusions, distortion illusions created by mirrors, infinity illusions, optical illusions, holograms, levitation illusions that simulate the absence of gravity, a kaleidoscope, and more.

The constant feeling that accompanies the visitors between the various exhibits is a unique combination of bewilderment, amazement, confusion, and pleasure. It is an immersive, fascinating, and entertaining interactive experience with amazing and deceptive tricks that will teach you about vision, perception, the human mind, and science.

Entrance fee: 99 ILS

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-21:00

Fridays and holiday evenings: 09:00-16:00

Saturdays and holidays: 09:00-21:00

The visit to the museum lasts about an hour, and  In order to create a pleasant experience for all visitors to the museum, the number of visitors is limited.

Best restaurants in Tel Aviv Port

Delicious Deli Bar

The bar located in the heart of the port market is simply the perfect place to eat for meat lovers. The successful menu of Delicious Deli Bar offers a variety of high-quality meats, hamburgers, and sandwiches that are simply delicious. Among the best dishes here are the hamburger, which is made from fresh entrecote and is served in a sweet bun, and the mouth-watering corned beef sandwich, which has gained its popularity thanks to a unique cooking method and generous amounts of meat.

Beni the fisherman

Every meal at the old fish restaurant located right on the port starts with about 15 types of great appetizers, but this is just the beginning here. The specialty of the place, as its name may suggest, is fish and seafood, as the place is most famous for its huge seafood platters. However, if you’re searching for meat instead, you won’t be disappointed here, as the menu has an impressive section of meats, as well as great children’s dishes.

Meat and Eat

Meat and Eat is a great kosher restaurant that connects the worlds of meat and baking, with unique dishes that represent the Israeli taste such as hamburger, siniya, and lehmacun. Seating areas in different styles make it a great place for groups, families, or couples, who all sit around the Tabun oven, which is the place’s center of attraction.

Best clubs in Tel Aviv Port


Shalvata, which means “her serenity”, is located in Hangar 28 in the port, and is one of the most beloved and crowded bars in all of Tel Aviv, which is mainly popular among young people. The uniqueness of the place lies in the fact that during the day it operates as a restaurant that offers a rich and varied menu, and in the evening it completely changes its atmosphere and becomes a vibrant club, known for rhythmic and happy music.

Reading 3

Reading 3 is a large and well-designed club that is mainly intended for live performances. The club is located in the north of the Tel Aviv Port at HaTa’arucha St 3.
Ever since Reading 3 was established, it attracted some of the best Israeli artists, who routinely hold great concerts here. Beyond that, when there isn’t a live concert here, it features some of the best DJs and parties in Tel Aviv, helped by the club’s huge venue, which consists of 3 different platforms and covers an extremely large area of ​​about 980 square meters.

Lite Club

The club is located at Reading 23 in Tel Aviv Port. Lite Club offers a variety of programs, as every day of the week there is a different line here, including hip hop on Sundays, a student line on Mondays, and more, creating a club that fits any age and style. Beyond the music, this popular club includes a beautifully designed interior and a pleasant outdoor lounge to sit and relax in.

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