Tel Aviv

Vibrant nightlife, great beaches, colorful neighborhoods, and so much more, in the beloved Tel Aviv, the modern, cosmopolitan city of Israel.
Tel Aviv skyline, Central Israel

Tel Aviv: the Nonstop City

As the most central city of Israel, Tel Aviv offers great and diverse experiences. With a unique atmosphere and energy, world-class cuisine, plenty of art, and great markets, all alongside the popular Tel Aviv beaches, there’s a good reason why it is truly one of the must-sees of Israel.
Azrieli Towers, Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv beach, Central Israel
Tel Aviv beach promenade, Central Israel

Tel Aviv, located just west of the Ben Gurion Airport, on the shores of the Mediterranean, is the most modern city in Israel and is usually the first destination on a visitor’s Israel itinerary. Although it is quite small, it has so much to offer, with countless activities, events, and attractions, that draw visitors to spend several days here. Here, you can see our Tel Aviv city guide, for the best experience you can have in the unique liberal city.

The Story of Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv is the fulfillment of Theodor Herzl’s Zionist vision. After its establishment, the city was nicknamed “the first Hebrew city” and became, over the years, one of the two largest and most important cities in Israel, alongside Jerusalem.
The year of the city’s official establishment, 1909, marks the year in which the lots were drawn and the first houses were built in what would later become the central part of Israel. The city has also been known by its nickname “The White City”.

In the past few decades, the city has become the economic and cultural center of Israel, as most of the big high-tech companies have their offices in the city. Today, it is considered to be a major center of attraction for young people, as a big part of the young Israelis’ dream of living one day in Tel Aviv, thanks to its liberal vibe, open-mindedness, nightlife, and endless possibilities. On the other hand, Tel Aviv is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, as it was recently ranked the third most pricy, after New York and Singapore.

Best Areas to Visit in Tel Aviv

Central Tel Aviv

A very walkable part of the city, which includes most of the renowned landmarks and famous streets, like Rothschild Boulevard, the Carmel market, Habima Square, and so much more. You can tour Central Tel Aviv for days, always discovering new, cool alleys, and hidden beloved cafes. Visiting this area is also a great opportunity to enjoy the city’s culture, with many galleries, theaters, and handmade jewelry shops, displaying the city’s artistic side. It is best to explore Central Tel Aviv on foot, or by renting a bicycle, a Segway, or an electric scooter.

Neve Tzedek

This neighborhood is located in the southern part of the Tel Aviv Promenade, not far from Jaffa, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful neighborhood in the city, with unique architecture and vibe.
The recommended itinerary in Neve Tzedek includes the tour of the Suzan Dellal complex, where the home of the famous Batsheva Dance Company is located, and where hundreds of dance and theater performances are presented every year. In addition, you should not miss the Nachum Gutman Museum the charming boutique shops, and the inviting cafes of Neve Tzedek. You can also find a quiet corner next to the colorful houses and simply enjoy the special charm of the neighborhood.


The colorful Florentin neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the south of the city. In the last decade, Florentin has established itself as the bohemian-artistic area of ​​Tel Aviv. Strolling through the streets of the neighborhood, you will discover lots of street art, cafes and restaurants, home decor stores, galleries, and the mouth-watering Levinsky market. About a year ago, the market became a bustling pedestrian street, which also allows you to enjoy special small restaurants, stock up on delicacies and enjoy the middle eastern sun.

Best things to do in Tel Aviv

Enjoy the Tel Aviv beach

One of the most unique features of Tel Aviv is the proximity of the Tel Aviv beach to the city center. Within a few minutes walk, you can go from the most busy streets to the city’s beautiful beaches, featuring their unique vibe, and offering numerous activities. Here, you can relax and sunbathe, sit in one of the several beach bars, walk on the Tel Aviv Promenade, or get active and join a spontaneous beach volleyball or soccer match. In any case, make sure you stay for sunset, and see the impressive city lights from the beach.

Go to the market

Tel Aviv features several unique and popular markets throughout the city, with the most popular one being the Carmel Market. Every day, except for Saturday, the long and narrow market boasts a variety of food and vegetable stalls, housewares, and other offerings at attractive prices. If you get here, it is highly recommended to try the delicious food, either in the market or in the nearby family restaurants in the Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood, whose charming streets connect right to the heart of the market.

Experience the Nonstop City’s nightlife

Of course, you can’t talk about Tel Aviv without mentioning the city’s world-class nightlife. Here, you can find bars, dance bars, cocktail bars, and clubs, all at the highest level with an energetic and fun vibe. It is also very well-known for its LGBT scene, with several queer bars, clubs, and parties, in the most liberal city in the middle east. The different bars and clubs can be found in different locations around the city, but mostly around Florentin, Dizingoff Street, or Carmel Market.

Tel Aviv Hotels

Leonardo Gordon Beach Tel Aviv

A vacation at Leonardo Gordon Beach Tel Aviv features a unique hospitality experience for couples or families. Along with a magical view of the promenade, the marina, the beaches, and old Jaffa, you will enjoy the hotel’s spacious rooms and suites for couples or families, excellent meals, an elegant business lounge overlooking the sea, and a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.
The unique vacation experience includes a spectacular rooftop pool from which you can look out for a beautiful panoramic view of the promenade and the sea and an exhibition of about 300 selected works of art that you can see all over the hotel.

Dan Panorama Tel Aviv Hotel

The hotel is a luxurious international-level hotel located in Charles Clore Park on the beach. The hotel has 500 spacious rooms, most of which overlook the sea. Ideal for family vacations and offering activities for all ages, the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv Hotel is known for its impressive selection of foods and delicacies offered in the hotel’s restaurants. The hotel is within a short walking distance of the best attractions in the city such as Old Jaffa, the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian street, and more.

Selina Tel Aviv Beach

Located right on the beach, and Featuring social events, organized tours, a co-working space, live shows, wellness activities, and much more, the Israeli brand of Selina is a great option for visitors who are looking to be social and connect with other travelers from all around the world. Selina Tel Aviv Beach offers several rooms, from luxury private rooms to dorms.


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