Timna Park

Incredible rock formations, great views, colorful sands, a lake, and much more, in one of the most beautiful parks of Israel: Timna Park.

Timna Park: incredible landscapes at the desert's heart.

Famous for impressive formations like Sollomon’s Pillars, Timna Park has so much to offer nature and hiking lovers. With over 20 hiking and biking trails, a lake where you can paddle and an impressive camsite, Park Timna is the ultimate day trip from Eilat.

Located just a short drive from Eilat, Timna Park is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Israel. With unique sand pillars, an impressive lake, and a great infrastructure for visitors, there’s no wonder why Timna Park is so beloved and popular. Here, we have gathered all of the relevant information about your visit to the park.

Timna Park’s history and nature

The Timna Valley began its formation about seventy million years ago with the uplift of Mount Timna. This uplift caused the limestone and sandstone layers that covered the mountain to be lifted and folded. As a result, the hard limestone layers that were on the top of the mountain had cracked, and the rainwater penetrated through the cracks and washed away the sandstone layers below the limestone. And so, in a process similar to the formation of craters in the Negev, the “Timna crater” was created, and
given the shape of a “horseshoe”. Through the development of the valley, a section of rocks that represents the diversity of rocks and colors in the Eilat Mountains area was created. The oldest rocks in the valley are the ones that Mount Timna is made of, such as granite rock and some other magmatic rocks.

After their formation, “fresh” melted material penetrated them and formed red and green rocks. In a later period, the continental sedimentary rocks – the colored sandstones and marine sedimentary rocks – shales containing iron and copper and therefore their color are red and green, were deposited. Other marine sedimentary rocks are yellowish limestone and dolomite.

The park is famous for rocks in many diverse and impressive colors, including red granite rocks and yellow limestone rocks, and for the countless unique geological formations you can find here, including the famous “Mushroom”, the “Sphinx”, the arches, and “Solomon’s pillars”. The park also garners great historical interest – as the oldest copper mine in the world was here, when copper mining began about 6,000 years ago.

Best things to do in Timna park

Timna Park Visitor Center

The visit to the Timna Park site begins will usually begin in the Visitor Center,  rounded building where the multimedia presentation “The Mines of Time” is shown. The movie tells the story of copper mining from the days of ancient Egypt to the modern era. The presentation, which is projected in a circular space surrounded by screens and on a stage that rotates on an axis, describes the kingdom of ancient Egypt, the Egyptian gods, and the copper production processes in those days. Using seven video projectors and a panoramic display measuring approximately 80 square meters, the characters of the pharaohs, kings, and miners in the mines come to life in an impressive display, highly beloved by children.

Lake Timna

Lake Timna is an artificial lake that gives Timna Park a beautiful oasis. The lake is a source of drinking water for the animals in the park area and around it. In addition, you can find here several tourist and activity facilities for the whole family, like paddling boats, biking trails around the lake, and more.

Hiking and biking in Timna

With about 25 hiking trails, Timna Park is a great destination for hiking lovers. most of the trails are short trails that will take less than an hour and are suitable for the whole family, and others are challenging and intended for experienced hikers. The trails are a great opportunity to see the park’s renowned landmarks, such as the Mushroom, Solomon’s Pillars, and more. There are also 2 beloved biking trails, with one trail which spans 4 km/2.5 miles, while the other, more adventurous one, is a 14 km/8.7-mile path.

Timna Park desert accommodation

While most visitors come here as a day trip from Eilat, if you want to experience Timna to the fullest, you can stay inside the park, which offers several accommodation options, for a peaceful start-lit night in the desert.

Camping in Timna

a complex for sleeping in private tents near Timna Lake, with public toilets and showers, electrical infrastructure, outdoor lighting, a shade gazebo, and benches.

Glamping in the park

A complex of fancy “villa tents”. Each “villa” is suitable for hosting a family of four and has two rooms and a spacious entrance hall. The Villa Camp complex has showers, toilets, and camping tables.

Timna park Guesthouse

Air-conditioned guest rooms in front of the lake, all equipped with toilets and showers, a TV, a minibar fridge, and an electric kettle.

Trailers campsite

A new complex with ten stationed state-of-the-art RVs you can rent for the night. Each trailer has six beds: a double bed, a bunk bed, and a half bed. The trailers are equipped with a bathroom with a shower, a small kitchenette with an espresso machine, a refrigerator, a microwave and a heating oven, kitchen utensils, and cutlery, linens, and towels. Outside the trailer, there is a shaded barbecue area.

Opening hours

Every day

Parking and transportation

Parking is easy to find inside the park, with several parking lots near the major attractions.

Accessibility arrangements

  • Most of the major sites in Timna Park are wheelchair-accessible, including the visitor center, the lake and several of the hiking trails.

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