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With a booming high-tech scene, an amazing collection of great cafes and workspaces, and a vibrant Digital Nomad community, remote work has become somewhat of a regularity in Israel, as many people around the country work remotely, at least part-time. That has very much made Israel one of the best destinations for Digital Nomads, looking to spend a couple of months in Israel while working remotely. Here is our ultimate Digital Nomad Israel guide.

Wifi and data in Israel

Of course, every Digital Nomad knows that good Wifi is the biggest need for efficient and convenient remote work. With an average internet speed of 216.3 Mbps, Israel ranks a respectable 19th in the world, making it a very convenient place to work from.

In addition to the good infrastructure, it’s important to note that data in Israel is relatively cheaper than in most developed countries, and that wifi is very easy to find in the country, with almost all cafes, trains, and inter-city buses offering free wifi, making it possible to work from anywhere!

Best Places for Digital Nomads in Israel

Tel Aviv

As the most vibrant, liberal, and multicultural city in Israel, it’s not hard to see why Tel Aviv is the most popular city among Digital Nomads in Israel, by a wide margin. Thanks to great weather, a very high quality of life, a great community of nomads, and many cool cafes and workspaces, Tel Aviv makes for an almost ideal place for remote work.

The only major drawback about Tel Aviv is the very high cost of housing, as Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in Israel, and one of the most expensive cities in the world, as it was last ranked as the third-most expensive city in the world by the Economist, behind only New York and Singapore.

However, if you still want to stay in Tel Aviv on a budget, it features several great hostels, where you can get affordable deals for long-term stays. In addition, staying just outside of Tel Aviv, in Ramat Gan or Jaffa, for example, can help you cut costs considerably while still making the most of the city.


Widely considered to be the most beautiful city in Israel, the holy city of Jerusalem is another great option for Digital Nomads in Israel. Although it doesn’t have the beaches or the cosmopolitan vibe of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem has its own unique atmosphere, with a big international community, amazing sites to see, an underrated nightlife scene, and very cool cafes to work from.

The cost of housing in Jerusalem, while not as high as in Tel Aviv, is still high compared to most places in Israel. However, it does offer much better value for money in terms of housing quality, and more affordable food compared to Tel Aviv, especially in Machane Yehuda and other great markets in Jerusalem.

Mitzpe Ramon

The small and picturesque town of Mitzpe Ramon, located right above the magnificent Ramon Crater, is the ideal place for Digital Nomads looking for small-town vibes in a remote location. Offering stunning views, great hikes, and great fresh air, Mitzpe Ramon also has a very nice and developing young community, as you can find occasional events and festivals in the remote town.

In addition, the cost of living in Mitzpe Ramon is much lower in comparison to the big cities of Israel, making it a great value-for-money destination for nomads looking to cut costs and enjoy nature and hiking.


Located in the southernmost part of Israel, right by the Red Sea, the tourist city of Eilat is a great destination for Digital Nomads who love diving, hiking, and hot climate. With less than 5 rainy days a year, every day is a great beach day in Eilat, enabling you to enjoy the seaside any time you take a break from work.

In addition, Eilat offers a great nightlife and food scene, as well as a multitude of accommodation options, where you can get relatively affordable long-term deals.

Israel Digital Nomad costs

The Digital Nomad costs in Israel are quite similar to most Western European cities. With a monthly rent of about 550-825 USD for a room in a shared flat, an average meal is about 20 USD, and a gym membership at the price of 100 USD per month, it’s not easy to spend a minimal amount of money as a Digital Nomad in Israel. However, thanks to a great community and infrastructure, as well as a fascinating culture, working remotely from Israel can certainly be an epic experience of a lifetime.

Best cafes for Digital Nomads in Israel

Nechama Vahetzi – Tel Aviv

Nechama Vahetzi Cafe is one of the oldest and most popular coffee shops in Tel Aviv and the best-known cafe for remote learning and working in the city. On the left side of the cafe, there is an entire inner space dedicated to laptop culture and officially defined as a quiet space for work. There is no lack of outlets here, and the waiters are used to customers who settle in the place for hours without ordering much, so it checks all boxes of an ideal Digital Nomad cafe.

Michaelangelo – Jaffa

Michaelangelo Cafe, located Not far from the flea market in Jaffa and named after its picturesque street, that blends in perfectly with the Jaffa atmosphere. Among the local residents, you will mostly find here young people who live in the area and study at the nearby Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College. Although the tables are few and the place is not big, if you grab a decent place to sit, you can comfortably relax for a few hours of efficient work without anyone bothering you.

Mazeh 9 – Tel Aviv

Mazeh 9 is known among all students living in Tel Aviv as the best place to hang out and study during exam season and is an ideal option for those looking to work in a quiet place. The cafe offers a quiet room, a room for studying in groups, good WiFi, coffee at a great price, and a very kind attitude from the staff. Please note: The enforcement of silence in the place is particularly strict, and if you speak on the phone here, you will immediately get dozens of angry faces from the students around.

Ofaimme farm cafe – Jerusalem

In Ofaimme Farm cafe, located In a quiet neighborhood in one of Jerusalem’s quietest buildings, Beit Hansen, you can sit in the shade of the trees or one of the cozy rooms of the cafe and work for as long as you need, while snacking on a variety of high-quality dishes based on fresh produce served here. If birdsong helps you concentrate and you like aged cheeses, then there’s no doubt that this is the place for you.

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