Eilat Scuba Diving course

Scuba diving in Eilat, Israel

A scuba diving course is certainly one of the most unique experiences one can have in a lifetime. Within a few short days, you will get to learn a new skill, gain new experiences like never before, and most of all, discover the incredible underwater world. While many different places in the world offer Scuba Diving courses, anyone would agree that doing so in a place with rich marine life and colorful corals is certainly the best way to go. In addition, combining a scuba diving course with a great trip abroad is another great way to fully disconnect from your daily routine and focus completely on your course for a few days. Thankfully, one of the best places in the world for a scuba diving course is the southern city of Eilat, which offers a stunning reef and a great seaside getaway. Here is everything you should know about an Eilat Scuba Diving course.

Biggest reasons to do an Eilat Scuba Diving course

Epic diving spots

Thanks to its location by the Red Sea, the reef of Eilat is well-known for having some of the best diving spots in the whole world. Those include sites like the Dolphin Reef, where you can dive alongside dolphins and plenty of other colorful fish, as well as the Sculpture Garden, a diving site for advanced divers only, in which you can dive among incredible underwater sculptures.

Warm weather all year round

Thanks to its location in the southernmost point in Israel, Eilat maintains warm weather all year round. The warm weather and the minimal amount of rain make it a great place to go to at any time of the year, so it is certainly possible to do an Eilat scuba diving course no matter when you plan to go to Israel.

Other facilities and activities

In addition to the great Eilat beaches, the city offers numerous other great activities. It has great hikes in the nearby Eilat Mountains and Timna Park, popular shopping malls, a vibrant nightlife scene, and great activities for kids. Those, alongside the huge selection of Eilat hotels, make it an ideal place to spend a few days and will enable you to have many diverse experiences during your course.

Scuba diving course in Eilat: important things to know

Scuba Diving course price

The price of an Eilat Scuba Diving course depends mostly on the time of year, as the highest prices are during the busy summer months, as well as during the Jewish holidays, especially Passover and Sukkot. However, generally, the basic Open Water Diver course costs between 1,000-2,000 ILS. Of course, that price does not include accommodation or food.

Available courses in Eilat

You can find most of the popular Scuba Diving and Free Diving courses in Eilat, including the Open Water Diver course, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Divemaster course. You can also find packages that combine both Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses, in a total of seven days.

Best diving clubs in Eilat

As an incredible diving spot, you can find a multitude of diving clubs in Eilat, with each offering a great variety of courses. In fact, today there are no less than 19 different diving clubs in the city. Here are some of the best among them.

Manta Isrotel Diving Center

A PADI diving center located in the Red Sea Hotel of Isrotel, that conducts a variety of diving courses in Eilat, for both beginners and advanced, as well as instructors. The club starts an Open Water Diving Course opens from Sunday-Thursday every week of the year and offers advanced open water diving courses on the weekend.

Freedive Israel

Freedive Israel is a boutique diving club in Eilat that was established with a dream to make this sport accessible to as many people as possible. The club offers courses in free diving for all levels, with an emphasis on professionalism, personal attention, small groups, new equipment, and a good atmosphere. The club offers several different courses, such as a basic course (up to 20 meters), an advanced course (up to 35 meters), a Masters course (lasting about 5 weeks), and an instructors’ course.

U-dive Eilat

A PADI 5-star diving club that offers over 30 courses. Those include, of course, the basic diving courses (Open Water Diver), as well as more advanced options. The club prides itself on a professional and experienced team and in adhering to the highest standards of learning to dive.

Lucky Divers

An old and experienced 5 PADI stars diving club (since 1977) which offers a variety of diving courses: Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water, various specializations, a Divemaster course, and more. Lucky Divers club also offers a free pick-up service from every hotel in the city.


Another popular diving club, offering courses at all levels: from the Open Water Diver course level to the Divemaster course. The Snuba diving club, which is located on the south coast of Eilat and is under the supervision of the Israel Diving Authority, is strict about personal treatment and small groups of up to 4 participants, so it will provide you with an especially intimate and small group during your course.

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