Glow in the dark mini golf

If you are looking for fun activities in Israel with kids- The Glow in the dark mini golf is the perfect adventure!
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For our little one’s 5th birthday, and with the rain spoiling our original plans, we needed something fun and indoors. That’s how we ended up at this glow-in-the-dark mini-golf place In Petah Tikva. Total game changer! A hot tip: wear white. It will make you glow like You are part of the action. And bring along some glow bracelets and those special golf balls. It will definitely upgrade your experience.

Glow in the dark Mini golf - Fun activity in Israel for rainy days!
Glow in the dark Mini golf – Fun activity in Israel for rainy days!

Fun activity for rainy days

Even though it sounds like it’s just for kids, the place has this cool, romantic vibe too, making it perfect for couples or friends looking for a fun night out. The game itself is a blast, with 16 mini-courses themed around different countries. You get this scorecard to keep track of your swings, trying to nail each hole with as few as possible.

We had a ball on courses like the Australian one, aiming for a kangaroo’s pouch, or the French one where the goal is the top of the Eiffel Tower. Then there was the German course, where you use beer bottles as obstacles for a bit of friendly sabotage. And don’t get me started on the South Africa course – aiming for an alligator’s mouth!

Parking was a breeze, found a big free lot right across the street, just had to search “Neon Golf” in WAZE. There’s an entry fee for players, and kids under 9 need to be with a paying adult. Non-players can chill in the buffet area and watch the game unfold. They really push for family fun, so they hook you up with a great family deal.

  • Australia: Aim to land the ball snugly in a kangaroo’s pouch.
  • France: Your mission is to ascend the Eiffel Tower, guiding the ball to the observation deck’s peak.
  • Germany: Navigate a course peppered with beer bottles as obstacles. Strategize to outplay your friends, with everyone taking turns until achieving a maximum of six strokes.
  • South Africa: Brave the alligator’s mouth as your target hol

Turning a rainy day into an unforgettable 5th birthday adventure for my kid was just awesome. We’re definitely planning another trip there!

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