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Stella Maris Viewpoint over the Haifa Beach

When it comes to beaches in Israel, most people will probably go to the well-known beaches of cities like Eilat, Tel Aviv, or Netanya, for their peaceful time by the seaside during their Israel trip. However, if you’re looking for a great and non-touristy beach time in Israel, one of the best and overlooked options in the country is Haifa. As the city where Mount Carmel meets the sea in impressive fashion, Haifa features several stunning and unique beaches, that will provide you with great views, a cool summer breeze, and deep relaxation during your trip. Here, you will find our Haifa beaches guide, with the best seaside spots in this stunning historical city.

Best Haifa Beaches for a seaside walk

Dado Beach

Dado Beach

Dado Beach is the most popular beach among the residents of Haifa and for good reason. On this beach, there is a long and beautiful beach promenade that includes a variety of attractions, with several restaurants and cafes that offer service on the waterfront and contribute to a lively and young atmosphere.

Along the boardwalk, there are various comfortable benches and wide lawns where you can rest and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and of Mount Carmel towering above it. In addition, there are deckchairs that can be used free of charge on the beach line. It is important to note that the north part of Dado Beach is one of the most accessible beaches in Israel, with a sloped descent that allows easy access to the beach, and even accessible showers and toilets.

Dado Beach is also very easily accessible by car, as next to the beach there is a large, organized parking lot, which also includes reserved spaces for the disabled.

During the summer, numerous events take place here on the promenade. On weekends, you will find popular folk dancing events that take place on the boardwalk, which attract a large and diverse crowd from Haifa and beyond. There is also a famous ancient amphitheater that sits right on the shore here, and during the the summer holidays of July and August, several activities, mostly for children, are held here. In addition to all this, the beach promenade is known as the best place to go for a run in Haifa, and you will are guaranteed to find runners here at any time of day.

Dado Beach, Haifa

 Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach is a beautiful and pastoral bathing beach, located at the northern end of the Carmel Beach promenade, at the foot of the adjacent Leonardo Hotel. The popular bathing beach stretches over a small and sandy coastline, close to a breakwater that makes the bathing here relatively comfortable even on days of high waves.

On the stretch of beach between the water line and the road you can find a beach volleyball court and a beach soccer court, one of the most popular sports in Israel. The courts here are almost always occupied, and if you’re a fan of either of those activities, we would highly recommend to try and join a game, for a great cultural experience.

In addition, Carmel Beach features other sports attractions unique to the beach, like kayaking and SUP trips that you can do from here.

Carmel Beach is not far from Dado Beach, and in fact, the boardwalk adjacent to the beach connects the two beaches and enables visitors to take a long, continuous walk along the sea, which later connects to the promenade of Hecht Park to the north. Along the entire boardwalk, there are pubs and restaurants alongside benches and lawns, so you can always stop and rest for a cup of coffee or ice cream during this beautiful walk, which is undoubtedly best around sunset time.

The northern part of Carmel Beach includes a small rocky coastline adjacent to the boardwalk, which is not suitable for bathing but is a great sight to see. Here, you can sit on the rocks, look at the sunset and the clear seawater and enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Best Haifa beaches for bathing and watersports

Student Beach

The Student Beach is the southernmost official bathing beach in Haifa. The beach is especially popular among the young people (and of course, students) of Haifa, and thanks to its convenient parking lot and proximity to the Carmel tunnels, is very accessible for visitors, who tend to flock here during the hot summer days.

The natural coastline here is one of the cleanest and wildest in the country, and features great sunsets, beautiful views of Mount Carmel, and a great vibrant atmosphere.

Bat Galim Beach

Bat Galim Beach is an official beach located in the north of the Bat Galim neighborhood, in the northern part of Haifa. Although it’s one of the most popular beaches in Israel, it is a small and somewhat hidden beach, bordered on both sides by breakwaters. Although it’s quite popular, Bat Galim Beach has still successfully maintained its quiet and homely vibes, and manages to provide peace and tranquility to those looking for a small beach without the hustle and bustle that characterizes the other bathing beaches of Haifa.

In addition, Bat Galim Beach is well-known as the best kitesurfing beach in Israel, and in the right times of the year, it attracts many kitesurfing enthusiasts, looking to enjoy this popular and lovely sport here.

The beach is very clean and well-maintained and includes a lawn, shade sheds, and lounge chairs. At the entrance to the beach, you will also find a small cafeteria with benches that has a warm and friendly neighborhood atmosphere, making it a great option for those looking for a snack while enjoying the sun.

From Bat Galim Beach, you can walk upon a spectacular promenade that will provide you with a quiet walk along the rocky coast. During your walk here, you can spot several kinds of birds and fish, as well as enjoy sitting on the countless benches inside the stone arches that are spread along the boardwalk, or on the grassy areas. The promenade is nearby the front of the Bat Galim neighborhood, and during your walk here, you can see impressive Arabic stone houses with impressive architecture.

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