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Israel trip cost

One of the biggest questions that travelers have about visiting Israel, is how much it costs to travel in Israel, which is quite notorious for its overall high prices. Of course, an Israel trip cost varies tremendously on your style of travel, your time, and your preferences. However, here, we will provide you with current prices of the most substantial costs regarding visiting Israel, so you will be able to plan and budget your trip in the best way for your needs.

Smart Budgeting when travelling to Israel

Budgeting for a trip to Israel is not just a financial necessity, but also a smart travel strategy. Israel offers a wealth of cultural, historical, and natural wonders, but without careful planning, the costs can quickly spiral. A well-planned budget allows travelers to experience the rich diversity of Israel, from the ancient streets of Jerusalem to the vibrant nightlife of Tel Aviv, without the stress of unforeseen expenses.

By allocating funds for different aspects of the trip – accommodation, food, transportation, and sightseeing – you can enjoy a more immersive experience. This ensures you get the most out of every shekel spent, whether it’s savoring local cuisine or exploring historic sites.

To aid in this planning, a specialized Israel Trip Cost Calculator can be a valuable tool, offering tailored estimates and helping you align your trip with your financial capabilities.

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Israel trip cost: accommodation

Of course, accommodation prices vary greatly and depend mostly on the location and your time of visit. Here are some examples of prices in different places across the country.


In big cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, hotel prices can vary from 300 ILS to as much as 1,500 ILS, or even higher, depending on the time of the year. In other places, like Haifa or Mitzpe Ramon, you can find much better deals, with double rooms for as low as 200 ILS.


While dorm rooms in hostels in Israel are certainly cheaper than hotels, you should expect to pay Western European prices in most places. You can expect to pay as little as 70 ILS for 1 bed in a dorm room in most places around the country, while some more luxurious hostels may charge up to 150 ILS per night.


Campgrounds are certainly the cheapest way to spend a night in Israel but are mostly suitable for those traveling with a car or doing a multi-day trek. Most campgrounds in Israel are either free or cost between 20-50 ILS, depending on the services you get.

The cost of transportation in Israel

Car rental

Of course, as with all other matters, car rental costs vary greatly on the type of car you want, the time of the year, the services and insurance you get, and the duration of your rental. Generally, a small family car will cost about 40$ per day, while jeeps will cost about 80-100$ per day. Anyway, when calculating car rental costs, you should factor in the high cost of petrol in Israel, as they are much higher than most countries in Europe and the United States.


Taxis in Israel are generally very expensive, especially since ride-sharing apps like Uber and Bolt do not work in Israel. For example, a taxi ride from the TLV Airport to Tel Aviv should cost between 120-200 ILS. Taxi rides are also much more expensive on weekends and late nights.

Public transportation

Public transportation in Israel is considerably cheaper than in most developed countries. Although the public transport here is not as efficient and helpful as in most European countries, it is still a great and affordable way to get around in Israel, with prices that vary between 5.5-27 ILS per ride. Generally, buses are much cheaper than trains but are slower and less convenient.

Israel trip cost: food

The cost of food in Israel is quite similar to most Western European countries, as an average dish in a restaurant costs about 65 ILS in most of the country. However, local dishes are much cheaper, with Falafel, Hummus, and Sabich costing between 10-30 ILS in most stalls and restaurants.

When it comes to groceries, products like bread and vegetables are quite affordable, but fruits and snacks can be quite costly compared to other developed countries.

Attraction costs in Israel

National parks

There is a small entrance fee to many national parks in Israel, like Masada or Ein Gedi, with prices usually being around 25 ILS for adults and half price for children. Many other national parks offer free entrance, so if you would like to save some on attractions, you can focus on free sites like Mount GilboaMount Tabor, and more.


Most Museums in Israel are relatively affordable, with prices usually being around 50 ILS per person, with discounts for kids as well. In addition, several great museums offer free entrance, like the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Museum, the Ben Gurion House, and more.

How to cut costs in Israel

Visit off-season

As with every country, visiting off-season is a much more affordable option in Israel as well. However, the travel seasons in Israel are a bit different than in other countries, which can enable you to travel off-season in ideal weather.

Generally, the busiest and most pricey times of the year in Israel are the summer months of July and August, Christmas time, and the holidays of Passover and Sukkot, which take place in early spring and late autumn, respectively. In those times, prices of flights, car rentals, and hotels go up considerably across the country.

Since the timing of holidays in Israel is determined by the Jewish calendar, every year, the holidays take place on a different date on the Christian calendar. For that reason, if you are looking to skip the crowds and travel off-season, we would recommend checking the specific time of the Jewish holidays in advance and trying to visit Israel outside of the holiday times.

Generally, the best times to visit outside of the tourist season are the months of November, February, and May, when there aren’t any major holidays, and the weather is quite good around the country.

Go north

The northern region of Israel is by far the cheapest part of the country, as the Galilee and Haifa offer much better accommodation deals compared to the cities of central Israel and the Negev. Thus, dedicating more time to this beautiful part of the country is a great way to cut costs considerably.

Travel slow

As in any country, slow travel is always the cheapest way to go. It’s also a great place to experience every place to the fullest, and truly immerse yourself in a city’s culture. In this case, staying for longer in one place will save you plenty of travel costs, as it will cut transportation costs, and enable you to get better deals on accommodation, as in many cases, the longer you stay in one place, the lower the price per night is going to be.

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