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Kayaking trip

As one of the best countries in the world for water sports lovers, the stunning water sources in Israel offer a tremendous variety of terrific kayaking sites. In those, you can get to explore many of the most beautiful places in Israel from a different perspective and enjoy the impressive natural sites of the country experientially and actively, which will live you with memories and experiences for a lifetime. Here is everything you should know about kayaking in Israel. with the best places in the country for this unique sports activity.

kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea

Betset Beach – Rosh Hanikra

A fairly calm rowing of about 5.5 kilometers/3.4 miles along the fascinating nature reserves of the northernmost coastal strip in Israel. If you are lucky and the sea is calm, as well as the security situation in the area, you will be able to experience the breathtaking Rosh Hanikra grottoes from the water. The clarity of the water and its characteristic crystalline color will enhance the experience even more, creating a peaceful and stunning environment.

Recommended time of the year: throughout the year and provided the sea is calm.

Difficulty level: easy-medium.
Route length: about 5.5 kilometers/3.4 miles.
Duration: 2-3 hours.

Haifa Bay: Bat Galim Beach – Shikmona Park

Haifa has an amazing stretch of beach that is not accessible by foot, making a kayaking trip here one of the only ways to enjoy the spectacular view of the city that lies on the Carmel Mountain and the coastal rocks that surround it, creating a wild and impressive beach, which is very pleasant to row in. The route starts from Bat Galim Beach and ends in Shikmona Park, where you can rest before returning to your point of entrance.

Recommended time of the year: throughout the year and provided the sea is calm.
Difficulty level: easy-medium.
Route length: about 3.5 kilometers/2.2 miles each way.
Duration: two hours each way.

Tirat Hacarmel  – Atlit

Beneath Mount Carmel lies an impressive pristine coastline strip, stretching from the southern shores of Haifa to the fort of Atlit. The Kurkar cliff that you will see on the way is saturated with historical ruins, including the impressive Atlit Fort, and impressive vegetation. At the beach of Magadim, on the way to Atlit, you can meet sea turtles in a dedicated nesting area, and if you come here in mid-September you might be able to witness the release of the young sea turtles into the sea.

Recommended time of the year: throughout the year and provided the sea is calm.
Difficulty level: medium.
Route length: about 8.5 kilometers/5.3 miles round trip.
Duration: 3 hours.

Caesarea HaAma Beach – Port of Caesarea

Rowing next to the historical area, next to the ancient port of Caesarea, and the remains of one of the world’s most ancient and magnificent cities, is an incredible experience for any architecture lovers, as it will give you a chance to see the city from a completely different perspective. Finally, it is also highly recommended to combine a walking tour in the area of ​​the impressive old city.

Recommended time of the year: throughout the year and provided the sea is calm.
Difficulty level: easy-medium.
Route length: 6 kilometers/3.7 miles round trip.
Duration: 2-3 hours.
Discharge point and descent into the water: Caesarea HaAma Beach.

Port of Jaffa – Port of Tel Aviv

A great kayaking trip which is a unique combination of eras, from the ancient and magical port of Jaffa, toward the White City, and to the modern Tel Aviv Port. Kayaking here, around the Tel Aviv coastline, with its modern and tall buildings, can give a feeling similar to sailing around New York, creating a spectacular experience, especially in the morning, or during sunset, when the setting sun magnifies its color on the glass covering some of the skyscrapers built right by the beach. Once you’ve reached your destination, make sure to reward yourself with a visit to one of the ports, which will offer you great refreshing desserts and world-class restaurants to end your day.

Recommended time of the year: throughout the year and provided the sea is calm.
Difficulty level: easy-medium.
Route length: 5 kilometers/3.1 miles one way.
Duration: about 2 hours one way.

Other great places for Kayaking in Israel

Kfar Bloom Kayaks – Upper Galilee

The Keiki Kfar Blum site, located in the Upper Galilee, a few minutes’ drive from Kiryat Shmona, is the most popular and well-known site for kayaking in Israel. The site offers a variety of rafting routes along the Hasbani River, that can suit any need and age.

You can find a relaxed family route, a challenging and faster route, and a route that is ideal for kayaking with little kids. The length of the routes varies between 4-8 km/2.5-5 miles and they last between an hour and a half to two hours, depending on the route you choose. In the complex, you can also enjoy a visit to a great adventure park where there are a variety of attractions such as archery, a climbing wall, Omega to the river, rope fences, and more.

Abu Kayak – Jordan River

The site of Abu Kayak is within the territory of Jordan Park on the Jordan River. On the site, you can enjoy a fun family kayaking trip along the Jordan River on a route that is about an hour and a half long. The route, that starts from Jordan Park, is a one-way trip, and at the end of the trip, there is a shuttle that will take you back to the entrance of the site.

In addition to the great kayaking experience, at the Abu Kayak site, you will find shaded seating areas, a buffet, and dressing rooms, making it very comfortable to stay for hours in this peaceful location on the river banks. The site also offers several other attractions such as jeep tours, family tours in golf carts, tubing tours, night cruises, and more. The site is open from March to October, every day of the week except Saturdays and holidays.

Kayaking in Dead Sea

At the lowest place in the world, an unusual kayaking adventure awaits you, where you can discover the mysteries of the Dead Sea while rowing along a spectacular route in front of the view of the stunning Gilead Mountains and the cliffs of Qumran. This is an incredible way to experience this world wonder and is suitable for families, groups, individuals, couples, and anyone looking for a unique adventure.

Kayaking in the Sea of Galilee

While not as popular as other locations in Israel, the Sea of Galilee also offers great kayaking options, as multiple beaches around the lake offer kayaks for rent, enabling you to go out and peacefully explore the beautiful lake from a kayak, surrounded by the stunning mountains of the Galilee.

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