Most beautiful sunset spots in Israel

Haifa Beach, Israel

There’s no better way to end your day than by watching the beautiful sunset, especially in a good location with a peaceful atmosphere and great views. With a great combination of many clear days, a long coastline, and a mountainous landscape, Israel offers an amazing collection of stunning sunset spots, which will enable you to end every day of your trip with an epic look at the mesmerizing colors of the Israeli sunset. Here is a list of our personal favorite sunset spots in Israel, where you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the end of another great day of your trip here.

Most beautiful sunset spots in the Galilee and Golan Heights

Achziv Beach, Northern Israel
Sunset in Achziv Beach

Achziv Beach

On the Western Galilee coast, between Achziv National Park and Rosh Hanikra, you will find one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Israel – and also one of the most isolated and empty of them all. The waves of the sea crash into the bays of the coastal rocks, and opposite the view is blocked by a dramatic ridge, which descends to the sea. It is highly recommended to come here in the evening and find a quiet corner to sit on the promenade, the sand, or the rocks and watch the spectacular sunset.

Ofir Observation point

At the top of one of the cliffs towering over the Sea of ​​Galilee stands Mitzpe Ofir, providing an amazing view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the surrounding mountains. The observatory, which is located at the edge of the fields of the Givat Yoav village, was established by one of the village’s residents, in memory of his son Ofir, who died at the age of 16. At the observation point, you will find comfortable picnic tables to make coffee and an olive grove providing shade.

When you reach the observatory at the long-awaited sunset and lift your eyes to the west, you will see the sun setting through the mountains, shedding its light on the Sea of ​​Galilee and painting the world in beautiful colors, creating a perfect time to just lean back, reset your thoughts, and be part of the moment.

Habonim beach

One of the most beautiful coastal stretches in Israel, Habonim Beach Nature Reserve contains a special natural landscape that blends perfectly with the Mediterranean Sea. In the popular reserve, there are several great short hiking trails, as the perfect way to end them is to just sit and watch the sun setting in this stunning stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.

Eastern Sea of Galilee beaches

The numerous beaches of the eastern part of the Sea of Galilee will provide you with magnificent looks at the sun setting down behind the mountains of the Galilee on the other side of the lake. Between beaches like Kursi, Gofra, and many more, you have a variety of options for great sunset views and photos on the Sea of Galilee from here.

Best sunset spots in Central Israel

Tel Aviv Promenade sunset
Sunset in Tel Aviv Promenade

Britannia Park

Britannia Park, located in the Judean Foothills Region, features amazing observation points with a view of the Elah Valley and the coastal plain. At sunset, you can just find a quiet place to sit and watch the sun sink into the sea. For an even better experience, it’s a great place for a picnic, which can get even more fun if you pick up a local wine bottle from one of the nearby wineries. Entrance to the park is free.

Sidna Ali Beach

Sidna Ali Beach is a narrow and quiet strip of sand, located in the northern part of the beaches of Herzliya,  far from the city’s busy main beaches.

Known most for its sand and silence, this peaceful beach is an epic sunset spot, as above the beach, you will find an impressive cliff overlooking entire beaches, all the way to Netanya in the north. Next to the wonderful lookout is the ancient and beautiful Sidna Ali Mosque which dates back to the 14th century.

This viewpoint is great at any time of day, but of course, at sunset time, when the sky is covered in orange, purple, and red colors, and the sea waves move in a monotonous and relaxing rhythm, sitting here on a blanket or a mat and just watching the sun go down over the horizon is truly as good as it gets.

Best sunset spots in the Negev

Hatzinim Cliff – Ben Gurion’s tomb

One of the most beautiful views in the Negev is the view of the Tzin Valley from the Hatzinim Cliff, located right next to the tomb of David and Paula Ben-Gurion near Sde Boker. This observation route, which is especially recommended in the early morning during sunrise or in the evening during sunset, starts at the tomb estate and goes along the edge of the cliff, where views of the entire valley spread out before you. On a day with good visibility, you can even see the Gilead Mountains of Jordan from here. The entrance is free of charge.

Derech Habsor

The sky in the northern part of the Negev is very powerful and sharp in its colors, especially at sunset and sunrise. And although the amazing sunset photos from here give the impression that this is Photoshop, rest assured, those colors are 100% real. If you wanna see the region’s great sunsets for yourself, we would recommend you to go for a sunset drive in Derech Habsor – a beautiful scenic road about 18 km/11 mile long between Eshkol Park and Kibbutz Tze’elim.

It is best to plan your way so that at sunset you will be near Tel Sharuhen, where you will be at the foot of a single acacia tree that was planted here. The appearance of the tree against the background of the sunset is especially spectacular and romantic.

Nekarot/Ein Yahav Reservoir

The cool morning and evening hours in the desert are an excellent time to come and watch the sunrise or sunset over the Nekarot reservoir, located near the village of Ein Yahav in the Arava region. The reservoir collects spring water and flood water that flows in the winter in the nearby rivers, and it remains full throughout most of the year. The reservoir is also a point of attraction for local and migratory birds and other animals, which add even more to this beautiful spot.

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