Most beautiful waterfalls in Israel

Sa'ar Fall, Golan Heights

Even though the Israeli weather is quite dry and warm for most of the year, and not one you would expect to be a great destination for waterfall lovers, Israel actually offers quite a lot in this regard. Thanks to an abundance of different rivers and water sources in Northern Israel, as well as a terrain full of canyons and mountains, you can find a variety of impressive and dramatic waterfalls in Israel, especially in winter. So come chasing waterfalls with us, with our list of the most beautiful ones in Northern Israel.

Most impressive waterfalls in Israel: the Golan Heights

Banias waterfall

This gushing and powerful waterfall, considered by many to be the most beautiful waterfall in Israel, is the culmination of the impressive Nahal Hermon route, at the foot of Mount Hermon. The powerful flow in the stream, which is also known as Banias, originates from the snow and rainwater that seep under the steep slopes of Mount Hermon. Although the waterfall itself is quite short, with a height of less than 10 meters, it gained popularity thanks to its power and unique shape.

You can reach the waterfall itself on foot by walking along a beautiful hanging bridge, which passes over the stream and next to the waterfall. A little south of the waterfall itself, you can see the deep gorge it created, with its many special and steep walls and the continuation of the spectacular flow in the stream, reaching the area of ​​the Hula Valley, where the Banias connects with the Dan River, as they flow into the Jordan River.

Sa’ar Falls

Sa’ar Falls are the most famous and impressive seasonal waterfalls in Israel. The waterfalls, which are located right between the peaks of Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights, flow only after heavy rains, as during winter time, they turn into the most impressive falls you can find in Israel, with an extremely powerful flow, a beautiful shape and magnificent landscapes all around. You can see the Sa’ar Falls from a great viewpoint located right on Road 99, or take a 4 km/2.5-mile hike along the Sa’ar Stream, which flows powerfully between the limestones of the Hermon and the basalt stones of the Golan Heights.

The Gilbaun and Dvora Falls

The Nahal Gilabun Nature Reserve is located in the center of the Golan Heights, with the channel of Nahal Gilabun that runs through it, continuing west, towards the Hula Valley, and at a later stage to the Sea of ​​Galilee. During your visit here, you will find two very impressive waterfalls on the course of the stream.

First is the Dvora Fall, which falls from a height of about 15 meters/49 feet and creates a beautiful, deep natural pool you can bathe. Next, not far from the stream and a little west of the Dvora Fall, you will see the magnificent Gilabun Fall, which rises to a height of about 40 meters/131 feet, making it the second-highest waterfall in Israel.

You can see the Gilabun Fall from the beautiful observation point located above it, from where you can also enjoy the scenery of the Hula Valley. If you want the full experience, you can also take a slightly challenging descent on a red-marked path that leads to the natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall.

Gamla Waterfall

The Gamla Waterfall, located in the Gamla reserve in the center of the Golan Heights, is the highest of all waterfalls in Israel waterfalls (51 meters/167 feet). The waterfall is mainly impressive to see after the winter rains flowing down the Gamla stream and is a tributary of the nearby Daliyot stream, but its flows even during the summer, albeit in a much less impressive fashion. After it falls here, the water draining from the Gamla Fall continues its flow towards a deep canyon with a steep and impressive cliff, which used to be the base of the ancient city of Gamla.

The black and white waterfalls in Nahal El Al

In the south of the Golan Heights, you will find the lesser-known Nahal El al Nature Reserve, with its main attractions: two special and different waterfalls in the landscape of the waterfalls in the north, the Black Fall and the White Fall. The falls got their names from the colors of the black basalt rocks and the white chalk, which give them unique colors and make them so outstanding to see.

As in many other waterfalls of the Golan Heights, you can bathe in the cool waters of the charming pools beneath both waterfalls. The height of the White Waterfall is about 15 meters/49 feet, and the pool below it is surrounded by beautiful willow trees.

The other waterfall in the stream is the Black Waterfall, whose waters fall from a height of 8 meters/26 feet into a beautiful natural pool, which is also surrounded by an abundance of green and diverse vegetation, creating a great place to rest and wade in. In addition to the unique falls, Along the route of Nahal El Al, you will get impressive views of the southern parts of the Golan Heights, as well as the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Most beautiful waterfalls in Israel: the Galilee

Parod Falls

Right next to Mount Meron, you will find the impressive Parod Falls, a series of powerful seasonal waterfalls, which are best to visit in the winter, right after rainy days. At this time of the year, the shaded forest becomes an incredible sight to see, with a series of waterfalls flowing right inside of it.

Nahal Ayun and Hatanur Waterfall

Not one, not two, but five waterfalls flow in the magnificent Nahal Ayun Reserve. The most famous of them is the Hatanur Fall which is about 30 meters/98 feet tall and creates a beautiful pool below it. The fall got its name, which means “the oven” because the water over the limestone eroded it over the years and gave the waterfall the unique shape of an oven chimney.

The reserve is located near the town of Metula in the Northern Galilee. During your visit here, a relatively short hike along the river will take you through the other 4 waterfalls of the reserve, which are not as tall as the Hatanur Fall, but are undoubtedly impressive on their own. Since this is one of the rainiest areas in the country, the flow in Nahal Ayun is at its peak throughout the winter, when the falls are flowing at full strength.

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