Most luxurious hotels in Israel

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Luxury hotels in Israel

As a small country with so many wonderful sites to visit, Israel has a booming hotel scene, with a multitude of luxurious, beautifully-designed hotels spread all over the country. The great hotels offer visitors an extremely pleasing experience, with extremely comfortable and well-equipped rooms, world-class cuisine, great locations, and, more often than not, also stunning views. Here is our list of the most highly recommended luxury hotels in Israel.

Best Hotels in Northern Israel

Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel

Mitzpe Hayamim spa hotel in the Galilee is a paradise that combines attention to detail and style with nature and wellness on a mountainside above Rosh Pina and Tzfat, with a view of the Sea of ​​Galilee. The hotel became a legend when it was built in the 60s as a guest house based on the same concept and became a large and modern boutique hotel.

In the culinary sector, the hotel boasts two restaurants that use local ingredients, including organic vegetables grown on-site and even cheeses produced in the adjacent dairy. The role of the culinary consultant is filled by Chef Erez Komorovsky, who is one of the most famous chefs in Israel.

The hotel also maintains a respectable and high-quality spa with a variety of alternative treatments and cosmetic treatments. The spa is an amazing visit of its own, as many visitors come to the hotel only for a day in the spa.

Mitzpe Hayamim dining hall

Ye’arot Hacarmel – Carmel Forest Spa Resort

Carmel forest Spa resort is the largest wellness and spa site in Israel is located in an area of ​​75 dunams of gardens and woods, which are overlooked by 126 designed rooms and suites in a stunning location on Mount Carmel. The hotel offers a Turkish bath and saunas, a pool on a vast lawn, and luxury hospitality – and no less than 70 body, health, and beauty treatments in the luxurious and pampering spa complex.

The rooms of Ye’arot Hacarmel have warm wooden furniture, fine textiles, and a spectacular view of the gardens and the forest. It is also the place to balance and move the body through yoga, aerobics, or the many activities that take place there.

Most luxurious hotels in Tel Aviv

David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv

The David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv further cements its status as one of the best hotels in Israel, it has won numerous awards from the World Travel Awards, including the best hotel in Israel, probably speaks for itself. The hotel is located at the foot of Neve Tzedek Neighborhood and just a few minutes from Jaffa, with a beautiful view of the Tel Aviv Beach, and has been a longtime favorite of heads of state, diplomats, and distinguished celebrities who come to Tel Aviv for anywhere in the world.

The hotel covers a huge 25-story tower building with 555 elegant and luxurious rooms, including 39 suites – Two presidential rooms, several lounges, and even a cigar bar offering unique cocktails. The hotel also offers a prestigious Intercontinental Club, a state-of-the-art gym, a swimming pool overlooking the sea, and a unique spa.

The Norman Hotel

With 50 luxurious rooms and suites, the Norman Hotel is larger than most boutique hotels in Israel, but in all other respects, it is undoubtedly an incredible six-star hotel. Two iconic buildings from the Bauhaus days of Tel Aviv White City have undergone meticulous restoration and preservation that lasted six years and included, among other things, the restoration of murals, the construction of a transparent atrium, and the addition of a swimming pool and a rooftop sun deck.

Original works by Israeli artists have been placed in all areas of the hotel, which fit in well with the understated 1920s style. The entire hotel is surrounded by a blooming garden with pleasant seating areas and is within walking distance of Rothschild Boulevard, the Carmel Market, and most of the must-see sites of Central Tel Aviv.

The Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv

Best Jerusalem hotels

Orient Hotel Jerusalem

Orient hotel is located at the entrance to the German Colony neighborhood in Jerusalem, is adjacent to the old train station complex, and has 240 rooms in a modern central building and two beautiful Templar buildings, which have undergone major restoration and preservation.

This form of construction resulted in different types of rooms boasting a view of the old city or a private garden, a romantic four-poster bed, and painted floors. From the pool on the roof of the hotel, there is a spectacular view of the old city. In addition, due to the relatively cold weather of Jerusalem, Orient Hotel also offers a heated indoor pool.

Breakfast is the culinary highlight of the hotel, putting the ethnic and cultural diversity of Jerusalem on full display, with buffets that offer pickled fish and Kegel from Mea Shearim Neighborhood, Jerusalem pretzels, old city-style knaffeh, olives, and halva like in the Machane Yehuda market, and much more.

Orient Hotel, jerusalem

American Colony Hotel

The American Colony Hotel was built in an ancient building that was established in the late 19th century by a devout Christian family from Chicago and served as a base for Jewish American families who came to establish a home in the Holy City and lived in harmony with their Jewish and Arab neighbors here.

From then until today, the hotel’s history is documented in photographs that hang on the walls, simultaneously telling the story of Jerusalem and the entire State of Israel. The rooms and suites, some original and others added over the years, convey a rich compilation in the style of the Middle Eastern legendary book of A Thousand and One Nights: vaulted ceilings towering above four-poster beds, stone floors covered in thick and soft carpets, spacious bathrooms, and windows overlooking a picturesque patio.

Guests from all over the world, including statesmen and celebrities who have stayed here, give the hotel a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere. In addition, the hotel’s gardens are scattered with intimate seating areas and restaurants surrounded by fruit trees, serving a classic and modern Middle Eastern menu.

American Colony Hotel, Jerusalem

King David Hotel

There is no other hotel that is associated with Jerusalem like the world-renowned King David Hotel. US President Donald Trump, former Presidents Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Barbra Streisand, Martha Stewart, and many other celebrities, world leaders, and heads of state have stayed here through the years. The history of the State of Israel is intertwined In the history of the hotel and its name is associated with historical events from the period of the establishment of the state.

Since then, the hotel has undergone a comprehensive renovation while maintaining authentic elements, and today it is an example of a hospitality culture designed to provide guests with the perfect experience, from the view of the old city seen from the windows, through the royal suite, which is equipped with a private dining and meeting room and an adjacent gym, to the swimming pool surrounded by manicured lawns. All these and more make the hotel a historical-architectural site and one of the most famous luxury hotels in the whole world.

Luxurious Hotels in Southern Israel

Beresheet Hotel – Mitzpe Ramon

Hotel Beresheet, which is located on the edge of the Ramon Crater, was awarded flattering ratings in the lists of the world’s leading hotels right when it opened, and the main reason for that, beyond the great hospitality, is the absolutely epic views you can see from here, considered by many to be the best in the whole country.

Those who come here will get to see the breathtaking desert views of the Ramon Crater, either from the balcony of the room or from the infinity pool whose waters seem to pour into the crater. The hotel blends in well with the desert landscape around it, with low buildings made of wood and stone, and the lack of vegetation that complements the desert landscape. Some of the rooms have a private pool, and all of them, even those without a pool, are elegantly decorated and include little treats. In addition, Beresheet Hotel features a heated pool, a kids’ club, and a spa.

Beresheet Hotel room with private pool, Mitzpe Ramon

Six Senses Saharut

A complex of 60 suites and villas, Six Senses stands out as the most prestigious resort or hotel in Israel as of today. In light of desert sunrises and starry nights, the hotel offers its visitors hospitality in a generous and indulgent spirit.

The planning and design of the hotel were done with the aim of preserving the natural landscapes by using natural materials from the Israeli desert and traditional techniques. The result: a spectacular design that corresponds with the desert environment, through artifacts and furniture by artists from the local community, among other small details.

Among the accommodation options here, among other things, are a suite with a private pool, and a private natural reserve for yourself – 644 square meters, with three bedrooms, a large private pool, a room for spa treatments, a sauna, and a gym, all for you and your family, for a truly epic luxurious stay.

In addition, Six Senses features two restaurants, a pool bar, a music bar, a Grab&Go buffet, and also private chef meals.


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