Most luxurious spas in Israel

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Thanks to Israel’s great scene of epic luxurious hotels, it also features numerous amazing spas, which make for ideal nourishing and relaxing activities during your trip to Israel. Here is our full guide to the best spas in Israel, featuring amazing world-class spas that take advantage of the stunning Israeli nature, and take the spa experience to a completely different level.

Best spas in Southern Israel

Herbert Samuel Hod Dead Sea Hotel

The Dead Sea is the largest spa in the world, as it features endless health benefits, including mud that benefits the skin of the body and face, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron that benefits the muscles and aches, and fresh air.

These and more, are just a small factor in the great attraction that is the Dead Sea, which draws millions of visitors, who descend to the lowest place in the world to relax, indulge, rejuvenate, and heal in the numerous Dead Sea spas, which are considered to be the best spas in Israel and among the best in the world.

Almost every hotel along the Dead Sea has spa facilities, with one of the best of them all being the renovated Herbert Samuel Hod Hotel. In the hotel’s spa, you will find 16 treatment rooms, including double rooms with private jacuzzis and a complete section dedicated to cosmetic and beauty treatments.

In addition, there is a large space here with three pools – one floating pool full of salt water, one sulfuric pool, and the third being a bubbling pool. There is also a Turkish hammam, a dry sauna, a solarium on the roof, and a gym with a view of the sea. The hotel is in a winning location just a stone’s throw from the promenade and the sea, with a bar-restaurant next to the outdoor pool and a beach with showers and sun beds.

Synergy Spa, Ein Gedi Hotel

The spa, located in a rounded structure with a panoramic glass wall in Ein Gedi, is a spa that gives a completely different vibe compared to most Dead Sea spa hotels. It is not a high-rise hotel, not a spa floor full of pools, and not the hustle and bustle of wading in a full jacuzzi.

Instead, here everything is much quieter, pleasant, and calm even when the place is full. The spa has 14 treatment rooms, a Turkish hammam, a sauna, showers, an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor freshwater pool, a relaxation lobby, and a garden with sun beds facing the stunning desert view.

Most fancy spas in Northern Israel

GALEI SPA, Tiberias

The spa, located right on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, pays homage to the Romans who settled in the area and were considered to be the champions of hedonism and bathing in fancy baths.

The spa has seven rooms, including two double romantic rooms with an attached jacuzzi. Beyond the treatments, the main attraction here is the round, transparent ‘aquarium’, topped by a dome, that will give you a sky view while bathing. The aquarium is a thermo-mineral current pool that is the most fun to sit in, close your eyes, and let the currents massage, release, relax and delight the body.

Carmel Forest Spa, Mount Carmel

The long-standing spa is widely considered to be the best spa in Israel, and even one of the best spas in the entire Middle East. This luxury spa hotel on Mount Carmel covers 75 dunams, is surrounded by well-tended forests and gardens, and with an interior setting that is very similar to an elegant colonial mansion.

Compared to the entrance, the lobby, and the suites, which are decorated with grandeur and splendor, and in dark colors, the spa is bright and very well-lit, and through the huge glass wall, the green views of Mount Carmel can be seen, which makes for the perfect atmosphere of peace and calm.

The spa has 26 treatment rooms, including double rooms and cosmetic rooms, all of which have heatable beds, an authentic hammam, a sauna, a jacuzzi, an indoor pool, and a solarium for relaxing in front of the view. You can also find here a men’s spa and a women’s spa that includes a wet sauna. The treatments are done with oils and care products from the world’s leading brands, some of which were specially formulated for the Carmel Forest Spa.

Caesar Spa, Caesarea

A spa center that covers a big beautifully manicured surface, which includes a garden with a babbling fountain that contributes to the calm and pastoral atmosphere. The interior complex of Caesar Spa in Caesarea includes a dry sauna, an authentic and luxurious Turkish hammam, and a relaxation lounge with sofas and a fireplace lit in winter.

Behind the interior complex, there is a beautiful garden with a Finnish sauna inside a wooden barrel, an indoor jacuzzi, and two plunge pools – one with salts and the other enriched with minerals, as well as peaceful corners for rest and sunbathing. The spa has 10 treatment rooms including a romantic suite designed for romantic couple treatments.

The place offers treatments that combine Eastern and Western traditions – Swedish, Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, reflexology, hot stones massage, and special treatment for pregnant women, with the highlight of the place being the traditional Ottoman treatment in the hammam.

Best spas in Israel: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Spa Hotel Stay Tel Aviv

Stay Hotel, in addition to being one of the best, most historical, and unique, Tel Aviv hotels, is located in a terrific location – on the seam between Tel Aviv and old Jaffa, close to the Clock Square and the desirable Tel Aviv beach strip. However, beyond the hotel’s great reputation and location, it has one of the most beautiful, elegant, and professional spas in Israel.

The spa of Stay is a harmonical combination of the old and the new, as inside the sauna you will see a remnant of an old stone arch, which adds to its authenticity. Today the hotel boasts 11 treatment and beauty rooms, including double-romantic rooms with Jacuzzis.
The treatment plan here includes traditional treatments alongside innovative ones in original combinations, in a variety of techniques, and in a personalized way. The spa also features a hammam, a sauna, a gym, an infinity pool, panoramic balconies, and a bar.

Akasha Spa, Mamilla Hotel, Jerusalem

Akasha, which means the space where the earth, air, water, and fire meet, was designed by the Italian designer Piero Lissoni who combined principles of the Feng Shui theory with warm colors, creating a sense of calm in the magnificent spa, with the help of changing lighting and pleasant nature music in the background. The spa has five treatment rooms, yoga, pilates, and meditation rooms, a Turkish bath, a sauna, a treatment pool, and fitness facilities.

You will find here a variety of 40 treatments that combine holistic methods with medical methods inspired by Eastern and Western methods, including the treatment of the four elements – a combination of reflexology, Watsu, a hot stone massage, and finally a scalp massage combined with Reiki.

Ritz Carlton Hotel, Herzliya

A spa that was awarded with the coveted title of “the best spa in Israel” by the World Spa Awards in 2018 and 2019. The spa, located on the seventh floor of the luxury hotel in Herzliya, has a uniquely bright and fresh Middle Eastern design, which uses blue, light blue, white, and light brown colors, which correspond well with the sea view from the relaxing lounge.

Here you will find a well-designed reception room that pleasantly welcomes visitors and a waterfall wall that adds to the calm atmosphere. The spa has six treatment rooms and all the required accessories – a hammam paved with mosaic stones in the colors of the sea, saunas, a gym, beds, armchairs for resting, and a drinking area with fruits and magazines.

On the roof, facing the sea, you will find a mesmerizing pool, surrounded by balconies as well as a bar serving snacks and alcohol to complete the atmosphere of rest and freedom.

Ritz Carlton Spa offers cosmetic and health treatments that combine the holistic tradition of the East with pleasant gestures such as a ritual to purify the feet before massaging them and the use of warm towels during it. The spa’s flagship treatment is the Journey using the Emo-therapy method, developed by the Japanese company Shiseido, which combines facial treatment with Shiatsu treatment and a health massage that helps stimulate blood circulation.

SHEVA SPA – Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv

A unique spa that has created a luxurious Thai spa in the center of Tel Aviv. The spa of Hilton Tel Aviv includes royal Thai furnishings and decor, authentic Thai music, characteristic aromas, and a team of Thai hostesses who welcome guests in authentic clothing and traditional bowing.

In the complex, located right next to the famous Hilton Beach, there is a reception salon, 13 treatment rooms, a gym, and an authentic Thai relaxation lounge, which includes a waterfall and a personal table on which a tea ceremony is held with infusions in jugs alongside a plate of dried fruit. So if you want to feel like you’re On the Phi Phi Thai islands during your Israel trip, this is definitely the place for you.


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