Most useful apps for visiting Israel

Phone apps

Every traveler knows that many countries in the world use different applications for the same things, and thus, every time you visit a new country, there are new useful apps to download. Israel is no different in that regard, and that’s why we have made you a full list of useful applications to use when visiting Israel, so you can communicate, navigate, and simply travel freely and conveniently during your time in Israel.

Social media and communication apps

WhatsApp application


As many countries use other apps for communication, like Line, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger, Israelis have been predominantly using WhatsApp for the past few years. This is the easiest tool for reaching out to and communicating with all Israelis, as it’s very rare to find a local who doesn’t use the app as a main form of communication, for either texts and calls.


While one-on-one communication is solely done through WhatsApp, Facebook, the most popular social media platform in Israel, is the best way to gather information and learn about events, travel tips, and recommendations in Israel. Through plenty of dedicated travel and event groups, you will find very valuable information about the best things to do in every place, and maybe even find ways to connect and meet locals here. The app works best in big cities like Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, where you can find big groups of international English-speaking communities.

Navigation apps


Waze, which is owned by Google and was originally invented by Israelis, is the most common and useful app for driving directions in Israel. Thanks to live reports by other drivers, the app plans the ideal route in order to avoid traffic and blockages and get you to your destination as soon as possible.

Google Maps

While Waze is the best app for drivers, Google Maps is still the most convenient application for navigation while walking in Israel. like in most of the world, the app provides very accurate information about your location and surrounding area and is also a good source of information about public transportation options. While Google Maps is also a good option for hikers walking on the Israel National Trail, it is not ideal for hiking in other trails in Israel.

Amud Anan

The Amud Anan application began as a community project to create an online travel guide and today it serves as a leading application in the field of navigation and travel in Israel. The applet shows your current location on a topographic map with more than 28,000 points of interest in Israel that were created by other users. Each point of interest includes a detailed description and sometimes also pictures, which are regularly updated by the users of the application.

The application will show you a 1:50,0000 map, where you can see your location on the map at any moment. Beyond that, you can view the map in 3D, mark routes, save them, and more. All of those make the application the best way to navigate while hiking the numerous beautiful hiking trails of Israel, from the Golan Heights to Eilat.

Transportation apps


Moovit is the most popular and helpful application to use when it comes to public transportation in Israel. The app will provide you with very accurate information about buses, trains, cable cars, and every other transportation method in the country. In addition, Moovit provides users with the option of paying for public transportation on the app, in a series of very simple steps.


While ride-sharing apps like Uber or Bolt do not operate in Israel, the most useful alternative to those is the Gett App, which will enable you to call for a taxi in any location in the country. While taking a cab through the app is usually more costly than hailing a cab on the street, oftentimes you might be unable to find an available cab on the street, and that’s where Gett can be very valuable during your Israel trip.

Lime, Wind, and Bird

In many cities in Israel, like Tel Aviv, Eilat, or Jaffa, one of the most popular ways to get around is by taking electric scooters, which serve as a very fun and fast way to explore the cities. The way to unlock the scooters and pay for them is by using each scooter’s dedicated app. Today, 3 main companies offer electric scooters in Israel: Lime, Bird, and Wind, so downloading those apps will greatly help you use electric scooters while traveling in Israel.


In many cities in Israel and especially busy city centers, you will only be able to find paid parking spaces. Those are symbolized by the pavement’s colors, which are gray for free parking and blue-and-white for paid parking. In those cases, usually, the only way to pay for parking and avoid a ticket is by using the Pango App. So if you’re planning on renting a car in Israel, and visiting the country’s major cities, it is certainly a must-download app. In addition, Pango will enable you to pay for most parking lots in the country through the app.

Other useful apps in Israel

10Bis and Wolt

10Bis and Wolt are the two most popular food delivery apps in Israel and are great solutions for anyone who is too tired to go out to a restaurant during their trip. Both apps, which mostly operate in big central cities like Herzliya, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, and others offer a wide selection of dishes from very popular restaurants and will give you great opportunities to enjoy the world-class food of Israel without leaving your accommodation.

Dating and friendship apps

Of course, one of the best things about visiting a new country is the opportunity to socialize with locals and form new and lasting connections. Thankfully, today several apps make it easier than ever to make connections in a new place.

Israelis use many different applications for those purposes, as apps like Bumble and OkCupid are the most popular for both romantic and friendly purposes, while options like Tinder and Grindr are better for those looking for casual encounters.





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