National parks in Israel

Red Canyon, Eilat, Israel

As a country with tremendous natural and cultural diversity in a very small piece of land, Israel has several incredible national parks, which feature beautiful landscapes and great hiking trails, or tell the story of a fascinating period from the past. Although it is such a small country, today, there are almost 100 different national parks in Israel, with each offering its own unique features. Here is our ultimate guide for the best Israel national parks, with some of the most epic and well-known parks, as well as a few underrated sites to visit.

Best national parks in Israel

Masada National Park, Southern Israel
Masada National Park

Achziv National Park

Achziv National Park and the famous Achziv Beach combine all the best that the Land of Israel has to offer in one small place. During your visit here, you will find plenty of history, with the ancient ruins of the ancient biblical city of Achziv and the remains of an old fishing village. Those are surrounded by a magical and unique landscape thanks to unique kurkar rocks and picturesque lagoons, as well as unique wildlife among the kurkar rocks, including rare and diverse snail species of fish, starfish, oysters, and more.

The Mediterranean coast and the unique structure of Achziv serve as a perfect background for a family picnic. In the national park, you will find large areas adjacent to the beach where you can sit and have a picnic, as well as a large number of tables scattered on the lawns, which make it a convenient place for a rest in a stunning location.

Nahal Meshushim Nature Reserve

Nahal Meshushim, which creates a natural pool surrounded by tall basalt columns, which are reflected in clear water, is considered by many to be the most beautiful site for bathing in Israel. This is the longest river of the Golan Heights, as it winds its way between basalt rocks and rich stream vegetation all the way to the Sea of ​​Galilee. If you have enough time during your visit, we would highly recommend you to continue from the Nahal Meshushim Pool on a circular, short path, that overlooks the amazing view of the nearby Yehudiya forest reserve.

Masada National park

In the stunning Masada National Park, you will get to visit the world-renowned Masada Fort, a Roman fort that was the site of major historic events in the 1st century. As one of the most beautiful and fascinating sites in the country, this national park has it all, with incredible views and architecture, alongside captivating stories from nearly 2,000 years ago. There are several ways to go up Masada Mountain, with a few different hikes that lead here, as well as a cable car.

Ramon Crater National Park

The Ramon Crater is the embodiment of all the uniqueness of the desert in one place: it is the largest erosion cirque in the world and often looks like a huge bathtub in the heart of a desert plateau. The crater was created as a result of the melting of the stone over many years by water and wind. This meant that layers upon layers were exposed and with them more and more. unique natural phenomena were exposed with time, including amazing rock formations, colorful sands, and much more. The crater has many hiking trails, that will reward you with spectacular views, natural pools, and a peacefulness that only the desert can provide.

Most underrated national parks in Israel

Jordan Star National Park

The Jordan Star National Park is located in the east of Ramat Issachar, on the edge of the steep slope that rises above the Jordan Rift Valley, and it is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Israel, making it a perfect place for a picnic. From here, you can get a great look at the Sea of ​​Galilee, the Golan Height, and Mount Hermon, as well as the Gilead Mountains, Samaria and Mount Gilboa, the city of Nazareth, and Mount Tabor. There are many great places to hang out and rest here, where you can enjoy the views and the charming atmosphere of this remote region.

Yeh’iam Fortress National Park

Yeh’iam fortress is a great site that combines great views with history from various periods of time, from the Crusader period and all the way to Israel’s War of Independence. The fortress was first built as a fortified agricultural farm built in the middle of the 12th century as one of the strongholds of the Crusaders in the Western Galilee. Many years later, One of the most famous battles of the War of Independence took place in the area, during which the Israeli forces won and resettled the area, including the nearby Kibbutz Yeh’iam.

During your visit here, you will find two stunning viewpoints. First, is the Crusader Tower – an observation point to the east looking towards the settlement of Kfar Vardim, and the mountains of the Western Galilee. The second one, the Western Observation Terrace, is an observation from where you can see Mount Carmel and the plain of the Western Galilee coast, as well as the coastline cities of Nahariya and Acre.

The best time to visit here is the month of February, when Yeh’iam National Park gets extremely colorful, as the almond trees are blooming and the hollyhocks are bright.

Mamshit National Park

Mamshit National Park is one of the most beautiful sites of the Israel desert, as a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site that combines natural cultural heritage and a breathtaking desert landscape. Here, you can walk among impressive ruins that go as far as the Nabataean period and get a taste of the daily life of the inhabitants of Mamshit, who resided here more than 2000 years ago. The combination of the magnificent views and the park’s impressive architecture make it a stunning visit, and a great of-the-beaten-path in the desert.

Hamat Tiberias National Park

Hamat Tiberias National Park is one of the lesser-known national parks in Israel, and yet it is one of the perfect places to spend time with children during your visit here.

In Hamat Tiberias Park, you will find several hot springs, rich in minerals, with a temperature reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius/140 Fahrenheit. There are 3 bathing pools scattered throughout the park complex, and each pool features water at a different temperature.

Within the national park, there is also a great accessible and short walking route, which will lead you to the remains of a synagogue found within the boundaries of the old city of Tiberias. In the synagogue complex, there is a short explanatory video that is projected with a special animation, after which you can get a great look at the synagogue’s antiquities, including the mosaic floor discovered in the synagogue, which is one of the best-preserved mosaics from the 3rd and 4th centuries.

In addition, the park features impressive remains of ancient baths, a Turkish bath from the 18th century, and a spectacular view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and the mountains of the southern Golan Heights.

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