Paragliding and skydiving in Israel

Skydivers in the sky

Israel is certainly a great country for adventure trips and experiences, all across the country. From great water sports to adventurous hikes and jeep tours, it really has it all. But beyond that, Israel is also a great destination for those who love aerial sports and adventurous activities. Here, we’re gonna tell you a little bit more about some of the best of them, including paragliding, flying ATVs, and skydiving in Israel.

Best sites for skydiving in Israel

Paradive on Habonim Beach

The most well-known place for skydiving in Israel, Paradive, located in Moshav Habonim near the famous Habonim Beacn, is a well-known aerial sports institution that has been around for years. Those who choose to skydive here will get to see the amazing landscape of the north of the country, like the turquoise beaches, Mount Carmel Range, the Galilee, the Sea of ​​Galilee, and on a good day, even Mount Hermon.

Recently, an aviation museum was also established here, so you can also see unique old aircrafts during your visit here.

Dead Sea Skydiving

Not many people know that nowadays you can skydive over the Dead Sea in a club called simply Dead Sea Skydiving, or “Go Jump”. This is a rare experience as you get to parachute over the lowest place in the world, where the desert landscape and the ability to see Israel and Jordan from a bird’s eye view is extraordinary. The view you will see before your eyes of Masada and the Dead Sea makes it one of the best skydiving sites in the world.

Eilat Skydive

A spectacularly beautiful skydiving experience in which you can see the stunning desert of Eilat where granite mountains over 500 million years old lie next to next to 500 thousand-year-old limestone mountains, creating incredible colors that blend perfectly together with the Red Sea, next to the desert of Sinai and Jordan.

Rosh pina Skydive

The most northerly place for skydiving in Israel is in Hatsanchania which is located right next to Rosh Pina in the Galilee. While skydiving into the spectacular site, enjoy the impressive view of all the northern mountains, as well as the Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.

Best sites for paragliding in Israel

Paragliding in Arsuf Ridge

Arsuf is a communal settlement located a little north of Herzliya on one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel, which makes it an amazing and ideal location for paragliding.

While paragliding here, you will take advantage of the westerly wind coming from the sea towards the coast. As soon as the wind hits the Kurkar ridge along the coast, the air rises up and on it, you will sail in a north-south direction. This air current is constant throughout the summer months (May-September) in the afternoon, and this is the best time to go paragliding here. The takeoff and landing are at the same point – a comfortable field on the top of the ridge.

Paragliding in the Galilee

The mountainous Galilee region offers numerous paragliding options, in which you will jump from the peaks of some of the highest mountains of the region, Those include several popular paragliding options in Mount Tabor, Mount Gilboa, and many others. Each one will provide you with an incredible experience, of flying over the beautiful Galilee and Jezreel Valley, landing in a peaceful field at the end.

Best flying ATVs sites in Israel

Flying ATV in Jordan River Valley

Another great way to experience the great landscapes of Israel from up above is by taking a flying ATV, during which you will fly alongside an experienced pilot, in an incredible experience that feels almost as if you’re flying like a bird.

The Jordan River valley site, located near Beit Shean, is a great place for flying ATVs, as during your 20-minute flight here, you will get stunning views of the Gilead Mountains of Jordan, the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, and more.

Flying ATV in Ronit farm

Ronit Farm, located just south of Netanya, is another great flying ATVs site, which also serves as a popular event venue. During your flight above this area, you will get a great look at the Sharon Region, the beautiful coastline, and the big cities of Herzliya, Tel Aviv, and Netanya. The best time to fly here is in the afternoon, right before sunset.

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