Privacy and Cookies Policy

This Privacy and Cookies policy are unseparated part of the Site Terms of Use. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the meaning of the terms in this privacy and cookies policy shall be as stated in the Terms of Use, including, the general provisions of the Terms of Use apply to it (including section 11 – statute of limitations; and section 16 – applicable law and jurisdiction).

Privacy Policy

  1. The Site Operator and respects your privacy and has therefore drawn up this privacy policy. Please take into consideration that the Site Operator may reveal your private information to third parties as part of the services offered on the Site (“Services“), and/or as part of compliance with local laws, should it be required to do so.
  2. The Site Operator will not share and/or transfer to a third party any detail of a User’s personal details without his express consent, except if required to do so under the applicable law.
  3. The Site Operator may retain personal identifying data provided by the User, including full name, address, telephone number, cellphone number, e-mail address, as well as other information provided to the Site Operator while communicating with the Site Operator via the Site. The Site Operator uses this information to provide support and Services to Users and may use said information to improve the Services, to develop additional features and to send Users materials, to the extent that such Users approved the acceptance of materials from the Site Operator.
  4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User agrees that the Site Operator will transfer the User’s information to the credit_ clearing Site Operator (whenever requested to do so and subject to the applicable laws), including full name, ID number (whenever provided), address, Attractions purchased, all for the purpose of complying with any legal requirements regarding the prevention of money laundering, including User identity control and billing purposes. The said transfer will be at the request of the credit clearing Site Operator or proactively by the Site Operator.
  5. The Site Operator will be entitled to transfer the information outside the State of Israel, subject to Israeli law, including the Privacy Protection Regulations (Transfer of Information to Databases Outside the State’s Borders), 2001, as well as to service providers that provide the Site Operator with computer servers, billing and bookkeeping services.
  6. When using the Site, details are collected anonymously and automatically by technological means from the device (mobile, computer, etc.) from which the User browses the Site. This collected information is saved by the Site and the Site Operator may be used by the Site Operator for the purpose of preventing hacks to the Site and analyzing the actions performed on the Site by Users, this in order to provide a high-level User experience for the Site Users. The information that can and will be collected by automatic technological means are: IP address, date and time of browsing the Site, operating system type and version and location.
  7. Use of a User’s personal details will be done within the scope of the needs arising from the use of the Site in situations where the applicable law requires the Site Operator to provide the information or if the suspicion arises that a User is trying to harm or harms the Site maliciously.
  8. The Site Operator will be entitled to send advertising, marketing material, newsletters, etc. to a User who has given his consent. A User will be entitled to notify the Site Operator in writing, or in the manner in which said materials were sent to him, of his refusal to receive the materials mentioned in this section and the Site Operator will remove him from its distribution list.
  9. In accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: the “Privacy Law“), a User is entitled to review information about him that is in the Site Operator’s database (as the term is defined in the Privacy Law) or at the person who holds the database for the Site Operator. A User may ask the Site Operator to correct this information If it is not correct, complete or accurate, subject to the Privacy Law, a User who wishes to do so, can contact the Site Operator with these requests through the ‘Contact’ tab on the Site or contact the Site Operator using the means detailed on the Site or in the terms of use.

Cookies Policy

  1. Like many other Sites, the Site makes use of Cookies – mainly small text files which are stored on the hard drive of the User’s computer and able the Site and third parties to identify the User, analyze the User’s activity online, provide better surfing experience, adjust the Site to User’s personal preference and for information security and collecting statistical data.
  2. In addition, Cookies are used to allow third parties, such as Google, to display promotional material to the User on other Sites visited by the User across the internet.
    The Site Operator may use analytical tools to analyze the User’s use of the Site, including Google Analytics. The information collected through the aforementioned tool may be stored on the servers of the Site
  3. Operator that will operate the analytics services (such as Google), including the User’s IP address and the pages the User has browsed or used. Some Cookies are deleted when a User leaves the Site, and some are stored on the User’s computer.
  4. More details can be found on the Site: and
  5. By using the Site, you agree to the Site’s use of cookies.


  1. This terms and the Site (including all aspects thereof, including and without derogating from the generality of the foregoing: its availability, its interface, and its scope) may be modified, replaced and adjusted, fully or in part, per the Site Operator sole discretion.
  2. The User hereby relinquishes any and all claim, argument and/or demand in relation to above mentioned modifications.

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