Southern Israel

When you arrive in the south of Israel, you will travel between mighty mountains, dip in blue lakes in the middle of the desert, observe ancient Roman fortresses, and look out into endless valleys, craters, and desert landscapes.
Map of southern Israel
Take a deep breath of the desert air, put the phone aside and merge with nature. The Israeli desert has its charm, which cannot be understood until it’s experienced firsthand. It was not for nothing that it was the seat of the Romans for centuries.

    History comes alive

    When you arrive in the southern region of Israel, you will travel to one of the most iconic destinations, Masada, which was Herod's citadel during the Great Revolt against the Romans in 66-73. In Masada, a UNESCO world heritage site, you will experience an amazing combination of nature and history, with stunning views and impressive archeological remains, telling the fascinating story of the great revolt.


    Every beach is different and special

    In southern Israel, you will find yourself between three seas, offering an impressive contrast to the dry desert: the Mediterranean Sea on the west, the Red Sea on the shores of Eilat, and the Dead Sea in the Jordan Rift Valley. In the Red Sea, you will be able to dive and snorkel among coral reefs and colorful fish. In the Dead Sea, you will experience the salty mineral water with its unique properties, which have no equal in the whole world.


    Tour the magical oasis

    You will visit the nature reserve of Ein Gedi, a beautiful oasis, home to waterfalls and many animals, including the largest herds of goats in Israel, along with rock rabbits, foxes, wolves, bats, snakes, frogs, birds of various types, and more.

    You will hike between the Negev mountains and the red rocks, visit the remains of churches from the Byzantine period, and be able to stay at a typical desert farm among camels and alpacas.


    Have fun in Eilat

    And of course - you can't travel in the south without experiencing Eilat, the southern resort city in Israel. With summer weather all year round, Eilat offers various attractions, like diving with dolphins, water skiing, sailing in motor and pedal boats, parasailing, and much more.

How will you know how to navigate the Israeli desert? What is worth seeing out of all the historical and geological abundance and primordial beauty of the area? We have gathered all the information about traveling in southern Israel.

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