Sailing trips in Israel

A sailboat in Haifa, Israel

With 4 seas, a very developed water sports culture, and a hot climate, it’s not easy to find better countries in the world for sailing activities than Israel. A visit here is simply ideal for water sports and cruise lovers, as the different seas of the country offer a multitude of unique sailing activities, from luxurious to adventurous ones. Here are some of the best options to know when it comes to sailing in Israel.

Best luxury sailing trips in Israel

Sailing near Jaffa, Israel
Luxury sailing near Jaffa


MAÑANA is an incredible floating B&B that offers every imaginable indulgence on the water. This is a luxurious yacht that is moored in front of the walls of Acre and the arrival to it is by sailing on a pleasant ship that will pick you up from the port of Acre. When you arrive, you will be treated to pampering hospitality that includes a deck lined with white mattresses, luxurious sleeping cabins, tropical fruits, free alcohol, and candlelit meals. In between, you can enjoy a wonderful night swimming in the sea, sunbathe on board, look for dolphins, and go on a sunset cruise from Old Acre to Rosh Hanikra, through Nahariya and Achziv.

Night cruise in Herzliya

Right when the lights of the ship twinkle in the distance and the sun kisses the water, get on board and go on a night cruise on a luxurious yacht suitable for a romantic cruise, a bachelor party, or a water get-together with the boss and the guys from the office.

The skipper will weigh anchor in the Marina Herzliya and sail you south along the beaches of Herzliya, Tel Aviv, and Jaffa or north towards Netanya, Caesarea, and Haifa. On board, you will have a lot of treats including hammocks hanging above the water, massages, jet skis, diving equipment, world-class chef meals, and great music.

Red Sea cruise

The Galaxia ships of Eilat, which have transparent glass bottoms, offer an extraordinary experience for those who want to experience the marine life of the Red Sea without diving. Through the bottom of the ships, you can see the rich underwater world, with corals and fish in a variety of particularly impressive colors.

At the beginning of the cruise, you will be on the second floor, above the sea, where you can watch the city from afar, and look out to Aqaba and the Gilead Mountains on the left and the Eilat Mountains on the right. Then, the ship will make its way to the coral reserve, and through the belly of the ship and the panoramic walls, you can see the wonders of nature – the incredibly beautiful reef with the Japanese garden and the tangle of the underwater forest. The Galaxia cruises around the reef, where you can take a close look at small sharks, snakes writhing in the sand, and a multitude of colorful fish.

Israel adventurous sailing trips

Extreme sailing in Achziv and Rosh Hanikra

A great adventurous experience of extreme sailing in fast tornado boats from Achziv beach to the cliffs of Rosh Hanikra. On the way, you will also pass through the islands in front of Achziv, which are nature reserves and bird and bird colonies, and some of the only islands in Israel.

In addition, you will get to jump in for a swim in the middle of the sea, and in the morning, you can also combine a great snorkeling cruise around the five Achziv islands, the best snorkeling site in Israel outside of the Red Sea. The sailing itself is done at a very high speed, as the boat jumps and cuts the waves, creating a very fun and energetic experience.

Laboratory cruise in the Sea of Galilee

A unique chance to join an extraordinary cruise of scientists who set out to sea to explore the Sea of ​​Galilee. This is a special opportunity to see and experience the work of the researchers who work here, as During the cruise, you will discover the lake’s tiny water creatures using a microscope, get to touch the bottom of the lake, examine the structure of the fish, and watch fowls and birds such as seagulls and cormorants – among the dominant birds in the Sea of ​​Galilee. The cruise departs from the port of Kibbutz Ein Gev.

Other great sailing options


Sailing on a beautiful fixed sailing route which is ideal for integration into a day trip to either Acre or Haifa. The ship sails four days a week between the ports of Acre and Haifa and provides a special experience where you can enjoy the view of the cities and the coastline.

On weekdays there are 3 sailings a day and on Saturdays, the ship sails twice a day from each port. You can buy a one-way or round-trip ticket (the tickets must be bought about an hour before sailing and up to 15 minutes before departure if there is space).

The ship to Haifa departs from Acre Marina and arrives at the port of Haifa. The ship to Acre departs from the port of Haifa, gate 5, the entrance is from Hatzamtu Street near the Hashmona train station, and arrives at the port of Acre at the New Terminal tourist pier.

Fishing boat cruise

A unique and unusual experience in the depths of the Sea of ​​Galilee – sailing on a ship from the dock at Kibbutz Ein Gev port to the fishing field of the Sea of ​​Galilee. During the cruise, you will join the fishing boat, watch the fishermen in action and get an explanation of the method and tools for locating schools of fish, and the process of deploying and collecting the huge fishing net.

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