sand boarding in the desert

Sand boarding on dunes

The unique Israeli Desert, also known as the Negev, offers visitors a multitude of attractions and unique things to do. From great hikes and peaceful starlit campsites to jeep tours in the heart of the desert, there really is something for everyone in this unique part of Israel. Here, we’ll tell you a bit more about the activity of sand boarding, a perfect option For those who want to experience the desert in a more extreme and adventurous way.

What is sand boarding?

Sand boarding is a surfing sport similar to snowboarding, which takes place on sand dunes, mostly in desert or coastal areas around the world. This activity involves riding up or down a dune while the rider is tied with both feet on the board. This sport is less popular than snowboarding, partly because it is difficult to build a mechanical ski lift on top of the sand dunes, so participants usually have to walk back to the top after every round, or alternatively, ride an ATV back to the top of the dune.

Although it is a more logistically difficult sport to do, it is also safer and much easier to learn compared to snowboarding and is suitable for almost any age. In addition, unlike ski resorts, sand dunes are usually easier to get to and are generally available year-round, which makes sand boarding more available and less crowded than other surfing sports.

The unique sport was invented in Chile and has become popular among countries with large desert areas, or long coastlines with dunes, like Australia, the United States, and South Africa. Every year, the sand boarding championship takes place in the city of Hirschau in Germany, which has the most advanced artificial sand boarding site in the world.

Sand boarding in Israel

As a warm country with a large desert area, Israel is one of the best places in the world for sand boarding. Since the sport has started in Israel in 2012, it became a unique attraction for the south of the country, as the sand in the dunes in Israel is extremely fine, which makes it ideal for surfing. In addition, the dry weather of the Negev makes it possible to do throughout the year, and the accessibility of the dunes makes this experience very convenient and efficient.

How to sandboard in Israel

The best way to do sand boarding here is through an organized sand boarding trip. On such a trip, you will go out to the heart of the desert with a professional guide, who will take care of all of the logistics and equipment, get you to some of the best dunes in the Negev, and teach you how to sandboard, for an epic desert experience. In addition, you can combine this experience with other desert activities, like an adventurous jeep tour, a traditional meal in the desert, experiential workshops in nature, and several other activities, for an unforgettable day out in the desert.

Some of the best places for sand boarding in the Israeli Desert include the dunes of Ashdod, the dune of Be’er Milka, and the area of Ashalim. Each one offers a unique experience that will give you an incredible experience to remember.

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