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Your guide to grocery stores in Israel covers top supermarkets, local market comparisons, and shopping hours. tips for budget-friendly shopping, finding quality produce, and the best time to shop.
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Many travelers would agree that one of the most interesting experiences of traveling to a new country is visiting its supermarkets and grocery stores and trying out the different and unique products that it has to offer. Of course, Israel is no different in this regard, with a great collection of supermarkets offering high-quality produce, that enables travelers to cook by themselves, feel like a local, and also save money during their trip to Israel. however, shopping in supermarkets in Israel can sometimes be a bit confusing to foreigners. So let’s make your shopping experience in Israel’s grocery stores easier and more enjoyable by sharing the key information you need to know!

Grocery Shopping in Israel

Searching for the perfect grocery stores in Israel can feel overwhelming with so many great options, but once you find your match it’s a total game-changer! It took some time but we’ve found the best local shops for the freshest apples and tomatoes – chatting with the shop owners while smelling that just-picked produce makes grocery shopping fun. Getting to know the unique offerings of Shufersal, Rami Levi, Carrefour, and other chains allows you to enjoy the ideal grocery experience based on your needs and tastes. Though it takes some trial and error, having your go-to shops for everything from meat to milk makes grocery shopping in Israel easier.

Supermarket in israel


Shufersal is by far the biggest supermarket chain in Israel, with a market share of 20% and branches of a variety of kinds across the country. You can find branches of Shufersal in almost any city in Israel, as this grocery store is considered a high end in terms of prices and produce, you will find fresh produce but at a price.

Rami Levi

Rami Levi is the second-biggest supermarket chain in Israel and is generally considered to be the cheapest option for shoppers. The model of Rami Levi, which is named after the chain’s owner, is based on making a small revenue on a big amount of sales – comparable to Costco but on a smaller scale, and thus, it focuses mostly on selling a multitude of products, mostly imported, at relatively low prices, over a luxurious shopping experience.

It’s important to note that Rami Levi shops are usually very large. Therefore they are usually not accessible to visitors staying in city centers, like in Tel Aviv or Haifa. Instead, you will mostly find them in big outdoor malls. and in the outskirts of big cities.


Carrefour, the biggest grocery store chain in Europe, and the second in the whole world, has started operating in Israel in 2022, offering relatively cheap prices on a variety of products, with an emphasis on high-quality imported products from the global company’s chain. While prices in Carrefour’s supermarkets in Israel are generally higher compared to most of its worldwide stores, Carrefour is still a very solid option when it comes to grocery shopping here.

Israeli groceries

Best tips for grocery shopping in Israel

Choose your timing carefully

When it comes to going to supermarkets in Israel, we recommend planning ahead and choosing the right time to come. That is mostly because supermarkets in Israel are prone to being extremely busy at specific times of the week, especially on Thursday evening and Friday morning.

During these times, when many people shop in preparation for the weekend and the big Friday family dinner, you can find yourself queuing for a very long time, and sometimes even struggling to find all of the groceries you wish to purchase, due to how crowded the grocery stores can get.

In addition, keep in mind that supermarkets in most parts of the country are closed on Shabbat time, which is from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. So make sure not to count on visiting grocery stores at this time, especially if you are in mostly religious places like Jerusalem of Tzfat. In other cities, like Tel Aviv or Haifa, you still might be able to find some open grocery stores, but many of them will still be closed at this time.

The main supermarket chains that are open on the Shabbat are “AM:PM” and “Tiv Taam”, they have small branches mostly inside the big cities and if you spend the weekend in Tel Aviv they are a great solution for grocery shopping the Shabbatt.

Explore Local Markets

Nothing beats exploring the “Shuk” (market in Hebrew) for the freshest, ripest fruits – it turns grocery shopping into an adventure! Chatting with the vendors (who always have the best cooking tips) while smelling the sweet fragrance of fresh figs and oranges will make you feel connected to local Israeli culture. Though supermarkets are convenient, We love going the shuk when possible, not just for the superior quality and prices of seasonal fruits and veggies, but for the music, aromas and energy that bring the flavors of Israel to life.

Bring multi-use bags

In Israel, it is quite customary to shop with your own multi-use bags, as a more affordable and environment-friendly method. This custom has become increasingly popular in recent years since a new law that has passed made supermarket bags in Israel cost 0.1 ILS per bag. So if you can bring your own multi-use bag to the supermarket, you will truly feel what it’s like to shop like a local.

Organic and specialty foods: where to find them in Israeli stores?

Nizat HaDuvdevaban is Israel’s leading natural and organic supermarket chain, with over 50 stores spanning the country from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south. Their reach continues to grow as more Israelis embrace healthy and sustainable living. At Nizat HaDuvdevaban, you’ll discover a full basket of goodness – organic, natural, ecological, vegan, gluten-free, and supplements to nourish your body and spirit.

Enjoy a variety of organic fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor and nutrition. Choose from a rainbow of organic berries and juicy vegan ice creams. Satisfy your sweet tooth with chewy dried fruits and nuts. Sip on dairy-free milks and yogurts made from almonds, coconuts, and more. Try plant-based and lab-grown meats for a cruelty-free, earth-friendly meal. Stock up on supplements and superfoods to support your health goals.

Nizat HaDuvdevaban prides itself on catering to a wide range of diets and lifestyles. At their stores, you’ll find everything you need to eat, live, and feel your best, while also supporting local farmers and producers. Of course, other major chains like Shufersal and Carrefour also offer some organic, gluten-free, and plant-based options these days. But for the biggest selection and commitment to health and sustainability, Nizat HaDuvdevaban remains a top choice for conscious consumers across Israel.

Non Kosher Supermarkets

For seafood and pork outside of kosher restrictions, check out Tiv Taam and Keshet Teamim. Keshet Teamim offers flavors and aromas from around the world with no kosher limits. Indulge in gourmet sausages, quality cheeses, seafood, wines from Israel and abroad, and luxury spirits. Foodies will delight in the pastrami, salami, cabanossi, cheeses from France, Italy and beyond. With welcoming stores and products you won’t find at conventional chains, Tiv Taam and Keshet Teamim are great options for those wanting to explore diverse cuisines beyond kosher.

Best products to get in supermarkets in Israel

Every country has its special ingredients, which can only be found in the highest quality in one specific place, and Israel is not different in this regard. Here are some of the best products you should try while going to supermarkets in Israel


Thanks to its Middle-Eastern climate and very advanced agricultural methods, the amazing fresh vegetables of Israel have made themselves a worldwide name, as Israel is a big producer of high-quality tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, and more. Vegetables are also considered to be basic ingredients for Israelis, which means you will be able to find some incredible fresh produce for a very affordable price and make yourself an epic salad in your accommodation.

Hummus and Tahini

Alongside vegetables, bread, and pita bread, Hummus and Tahini are also some of the most popular basic ingredients for shoppers in Israel. Thanks to the great popularity of the great pastes, made from chickpeas and sesame, you won’t always have to go to a restaurant to find either Hummus or Tahini, which serve as a great addition to every kind of meal in Israel, in a high quality and a good price.

Seasonal fruits

The diverse climate of Israel has also made it a great producer of an incredible variety of fruits. From great Medjool dates grown in the desert, and all the way to European-style apples from Mount Hermon, Israel is a paradise for any fruit lovers. Most would agree that the best time for fruits in Israel is the summer when you can find amazing watermelons, grapes, mangoes, and much more, all locally grown and of extremely high quality.


Bamba – the classic Israeli peanut snack that’s been a favorite since 1964. This iconic treat is made from peanuts and corn, originally created in the Osem factories. An interesting fact: researchers found that peanut allergy rates were much lower in Israel compared to other countries that recommended avoiding peanuts in early childhood. The reason? Israel’s beloved Bamba snack! By regularly eating Bamba from a young age, Israeli children developed a tolerance to peanuts. So this classic snack may help prevent the potentially fatal peanut allergies seen elsewhere. Even after over 50 years, Bambas remain a cherished part of Israeli culture, both for their nostalgic taste and potential health benefits. No wonder it’s one of the country’s most iconic and beloved foods!


A quintessential Israeli food found in every supermarket. The soft, chewy flatbread here is unlike any other pita abroad. Once you try it, no other pita will compare! This wheat bread made with yeast comes in the classic pocket version perfect for dipping in hummus, labneh, and other Israeli dips. Pita also stars in many Israeli sandwiches. A staple of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, pita is a tasty tradition in Israel.


Another Israeli classic born in 1962, Tnuva Cottage cheese revolutionized the dairy aisle. This creamy fresh cheese was unique at the time, but its beloved tangy taste quickly made it a staple. For over 50 years, cottage cheese has graced family dinner tables across Israel. It became the country’s best-selling cheese thanks to generations who “grew up” with this iconic food. Today, it’s still a fridge must-have in most Israeli homes – a tradition pairing perfectly with salad, fruit, toast and more.

Other things you should know

“AM:PM” and “Tiv Taam” are the primary grocery stores in Israel that are open on Shabbat, mainly located in larger cities like Tel Aviv. These smaller branches are ideal for weekend grocery shopping during Shabbat.

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