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Azrieli Mall, Israel

Tel Aviv offers an incredible amount of attractions and great things to do for visitors, with its great mix of cultures, history, architecture, cool neighborhoods to visit, and so much more. However, as Tel Aviv is located right by the beach, many people would agree that the Tel Aviv weather is less than ideal, mostly due to very high humidity in summer, and some rainy days in winter. Thankfully, the White City also offers a multitude of indoor attractions, which can serve as perfect solutions when it’s too hot, humid, or rainy to be outside. Here are some of the best Tel Aviv indoor activities, for a great experience in the city no matter what it’s like outside.

Best indoor shopping centers in Tel Aviv

Azrieli Mall, Tel Aviv
Azrieli Mall

Azrieli Mall

The Azrieli Mall, located in the Azrieli Towers, the tallest buildings in Israel, excels in two basic elements that make it one of the best-known and prominent malls in Israel: location (in central Tel Aviv, close to Givatayim and Ramat Gan, in one of the busiest junctions in the country) and size (35 thousand square meters).

The mall houses about 200 stores, including almost every popular brand you can think of, close to 40 fast food stalls and cafes, a large supermarket, a parking lot with 3,500 parking spaces (first three hours for free if you’ve purchased goods in over 99 ILS in the mall), and an observatory on the 49th floor of the round tower.

Close to Tel Aviv HaShalom train station and offering English-friendly services, it’s accessible and tourist-friendly. However, be aware of expensive, limited parking and potential traffic delays in case you are travelling by car. A visit here mixes the convenience of city-center shopping with the charm of local and international flavors, perfect for a day out in the heart of the city.

Dizengoff Center

Dizengoff Center, located on the famous Dizengoff street, is widely considered to be the most unique mall in Israel. Instead of a generic mall, with a concrete block of shops, and a food court, you will find here a spiral shopping center of bridges, ramps, mazes, and a central street that bisects it.

The mall’s impressive build and design produce a fascinating experience that guarantees surprises at almost every turn. In the old mall, locally known as “Hacenter”, there is a very impressive number and variety of shops, with an unusually large amount of small and unique businesses such as comic book stores, a tattoo studio, and more. It also has an active small cinema, a playhouse for kids, and regular design and food fairs.

TLV Fashion Mall

A relatively new mall, located in a particularly attractive location, right next to Sarona, in a vibrant and pleasant environment in the center of Tel Aviv, which makes visiting it particularly accessible and convenient.

The TLV Fashion Mall is mostly focused on, as you might have guessed, fashion shops, and you will find here some of the most prestigious fashion stores in the world, with Brands like COS, Jo Malone London, and H&M Home.

In addition, all the stores in this mall are much larger than stores in most malls in Israel, which makes the shopping experience particularly pleasant, as you will usually have a lot of space for a very relaxing and comfortable shopping experience here.

Best Tel Aviv cafes and bars for rainy days

HOC – House of Coffee

The HOC cafe was founded with the goal of bringing a new line of specialty coffee to Tel Aviv – and succeeded big time. Today, HOC has three branches throughout the city that serve Tel Avivians with third-wave coffee that is produced under fair trade conditions. Quality is the hallmark of HOC branches and is evident in every element of each of the three branches, starting with the restrained and polite service, through the elegant design that ranges from Japanese to Nordic, and ending with the photogenic dishes characterized by a minimalistic and precise line.

Their top-notch matcha is a delight, and the service is quick even on busy days. Coffee aficionados will appreciate their exclusive Geisha coffee, a rarity that signifies their commitment to quality. The café’s no-tip policy adds to its unique charm. And don’t miss out on the iconic, albeit pricey, egg sandwich – it’s worth the splurge. If you’re around, make this your go-to spot for an exceptional coffee experience.

One of HOC’s best branches is located right next to the Tel Aviv Beach, while the other two are located in Florentin and Jaffa.


Nordinio, which is located in Nachalat Binyamin Neighborhood, has an atmosphere of a Parisian cafe and a plethora of hard-to-resist pastries. This great cafe offers colorful and fresh sandwiches in different sizes from quality breads, fresh and intriguing salads, and especially great desserts and baked goods that will immediately make you forget that you are traveling in Israel. Don’t forget to try one of Nordinio’s epic desserts, like the Parisian Almond Croissant, the American Chocolate Chip Cookie, or the personal-size Basque Cheesecake.

The small interior means space is limited, but the ambiance is worth it. A practical tip for non-Hebrew speakers: photographing your desired items from the display case eases ordering. The offerings, particularly the 1/2 Turkey sandwich and the Cesar salad sandwich, are delicious. Special treats like Maritozzis during Hanukkah are a must-try, especially the Lemon Meringue. Be prepared for a typical 15-minute wait, but the quick, friendly service once inside makes up for it. A great spot for both sit-down and takeout experiences.

Cafe Yael

In a very quiet street, far from any busy commercial center and crowded space, and in a very unexpected location – inside an old residential building – lies the charming cafe Yael, which is known mainly to the residents of the street, and remains a well-kept secret even to most Tel Aviv residents.

The cafe offers a lot of silence and a relaxed and calm atmosphere, along with great coffee, salad, small sandwiches, and the opportunity to experience the calmer side of Tel Aviv.


A Florentin cafe with a relaxed and cool atmosphere, that passes the neighborhood’s vibe in a very accurate way: quirky but cool. The Casbah Cafe has quite a few customers who regularly come to the place along with their pets, and the waiters are not always available, but overall it’s a very cool cafe to hang out in when the Tel Aviv weather is not ideal.

The walls of the place serve as a neighborhood bulletin board, and colorful flower pots scattered on every corner contribute to a very pleasant natural design. The menu has breakfasts, hamburgers, sandwiches with different fillings, and also a homemade schnitzel, which has become a favorite among locals.

Other Tel Aviv indoor attractions


Without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv indoor is to visit the city’s great collection of museums, including great art, history, natural history, and science museums, among others. Those great museums can be a perfect option for anyone looking to spend a few hours indoors in Tel Aviv and escape the scorching summer heat. For more information, check our guide for museums in Tel Aviv.

Shows and concerts

Famous for being the culture capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is home to several great concert halls, where you can watch amazing world-class shows and concerts, including theater shows, musicals, opera, and much more. Some of the best places to see those epic shows are Habima Theater and The Cameri Theatre, which are considered to be the two best theaters in Israel by far. Anyway, if you wish to see a live concert or show here, make sure to book ahead of time, as tickets usually run out fairly quickly.

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