Things to do in Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem, Israel

With sites of great religious and historical importance, beautiful views and peaks, and a unique holy atmosphere you cannot find anywhere else in the world, Jerusalem offers an incredible experience to the millions of visitors who flock here every year. Here, you will find our guide to the best things to do in Jerusalem, for the best Jerusalem experience you can have.

Things to do in Jerusalem for history lovers

Visit the old city of Jerusalem

Most likely this will be the area where you will spend most of your time if you are traveling in Jerusalem for the first time, as the old city features most of Jerusalem’s most iconic landmarks, including the Temple Mount, the Via Dolorosa, and many more.

The Old City of Jerusalem is surrounded by the Jerusalem Walls and is divided into four areas: the Jewish Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, and the Armenian Quarter.

Each quarter features a different and unique atmosphere, with shops, markets and restaurants that reflect the heritage and tradition of each religion. As you pass through the narrow alleys made from the famous Jerusalem stones here, you will feel the incredible atmosphere of the old city.

Immerse yourself in history in the Jerusalem museums

With museums on art, archeology, science, war heritage, political history, Holocaust commemoration, music, and even a botanical garden – a trip to Jerusalem cannot be complete without a visit to a museum that will enrich you knowledge and arouse your curiosity. Some of the best museums in Jerusalem include the Israel Museum, Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, and many more.

Learn about Jerusalem’s first days in the City of David

The City of David, the place where the oldest historical remains in Jerusalem were found, is a significant historical site that is a large and intriguing piece of history, attracting tourists from all over the world. The trip to the City of David will tell you about the biblical and historical stories that happened here in an experiential way, and enable you to experience the fascinating stories of the past. Here you can go on tours that go through the spectacular remains, and take part in a variety of other special attractions.

You can participate in several tours during your visit here, including independent or guided tours, that will reveal to you some of the most important and impressive stories of the city of Jerusalem from all parts of history. Some of the tours use advanced technological means that will take you as deep as possible into history. If you come here in the evening you can experience the innovative and impressive City of David night show.

Cultural things to do in Jerusalem

Try the great Jerusalem Cuisine

Anyone would agree that Jerusalem offers one of the best food scenes in Israel, alongside Tel Aviv. A visit to Jerusalem is a great opportunity to try some of the best Israeli dishes, like Falafel, Hummus, Knaffeh, the famous Jerusalem Bagels, and many more. In addition to the classic Israeli food, Jerusalem offers great multicultural cuisine, with superb French bakeries, popular Ethiopian restaurants, and many other great options, making Jerusalem a boon for foodies.

The best places to try food in Jerusalem include the various Jerusalem markets, the Mamilla Mall, and the Jerusalem city center.

Watch a professional sports game

Jerusalem is home to some of the best soccer and basketball teams in Israel, who both play in impressive venues in the city. Although the level of professional sports in Israel is not quite as high as in Western Europe or the U.S., watching a soccer or basketball game in Jerusalem is one of the best cultural experiences you can have in Israel.

Sports games are usually played on Saturdays and Sundays, and it is best to purchase tickets in advance if you want to go to a game of Hapoel Jerusalem B.C or Beitar Jerusalem F.C.

Things to do in Jerusalem with kids

Teddy Park

The Teddy Park complex offers pleasant seating areas and grassy spaces for playing, but the biggest highlight of Teddy Park is the large and special fountain it features. The fountain creates light and music shows at different times during the day and evening and it is highly recommended to come to see it during the night, when the light shows are even more impressive. Tip – if you are here in the summer, bring spare clothes for the kids, as they are almost sure to get wet here.

Israel Aquarium

A tour in the Israel Aquarium is a great attraction for the whole family. In the aquarium, you will get to see a variety of species of aquatic life from around the world. The tour of the aquarium presents the marine life in a very special and tangible way, as the Israel Aquarium has one-of-a-kind displays of marine habitats from Israel and the world and it presents a huge variety of species of marine animals. In addition, it combines another special attraction, as it features a butterfly farm, where the children can walk among the butterflies and even feed them.

Opening Hours

Sunday-Thursday – 09:00-19:00

Fridays and holiday evenings – 09:00-16:00

Saturdays and holidays – 09:00-18:00

The Biblical Zoo

The Biblical Zoo of Jerusalem is one of the largest zoos in Israel and is one of the most popular attractions in Jerusalem. The garden is rich in animals from different regions of the world and has an entire complex that presents the land of biblical animals and simulates the animals’ natural environment from the biblical days. The Biblical Zoo is a great place to visit with kids, as it also features a special train that will take you through the zoo’s animals.

Ein Lavan Spring

A small and peaceful spring that is located a few minutes drive from the Biblical Zoo and Israel Aquarium. Ein Lavan spring flows into two pools, with one being a bit deeper than the other, with beautiful views of the Jerusalem mountains all around. A visit here is an excellent way to experience some nature in the heart of the bustling city and is especially recommended for refreshment in the hot summer months.

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