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With an abundance of water sources and a hot Middle-Eastern climate, there is a huge culture that revolves around springs in Israel. Between the Valley of Springs around Beit Shean, the natural pools of the north, and the waterholes of the Negev, you will never be too far from a great water source to bathe in during your Israel trip. But be warned: you will also very rarely be alone in a spring in Israel, as us Israelis just love bathing in springs across the country. Here are our personal favorite springs in Israel, including the most popular springs, alongside some secret natural pools and springs.

Springs in the Galilee and the Golan Heights

Ein Hermon

Near the small village of Nimrod lies Ein Hermon, one of the most beautiful springs in Israel, blessed with breathtaking views of Mount Hermon, which you can see right from the spring itself, a large concrete pool that stands in a pasture. Although it is a particularly cool and refreshing spring, since there is deep mud at its bottom, many travelers prefer to only wade their feet in it and enjoy this perfect vantage point for a picnic and coffee. Near the spring you will also find a variety of pastoral, shaded seating areas under eucalyptus trees, making it a perfect place to stop by and relax during your trip in the area.

Ein Yarda

Ein Yarda, located near Rosh Pina, is not one of the well-known springs in Israel, but that is exactly what makes it such a charming and peaceful place to visit. The pure clear water that flows here all year round, a variety of shaded seating areas under eucalyptus trees, a wide wooden swing, and above all – endless peace, all make the small spring one of our favorite spots in the Galilee for bathing or for taking a coffee break.

Ein Lior

A little piece of paradise hidden in the depths of Birya Forest near Tzfat. Lior Spring is a bit hard to find, as it is hidden in the shade of the large acacia tree that overshadows it and can only be seen after climbing the stairs carved in the rock nearby the spring. When you finally reach here, you will find a small stone pool with clear and pretty cold water.

The pool is filled with spring water that breaks out from among the nearby rocks and pours into it. The pool was established in memoriam of Lior Dahan, a teenager who drowned in the sea in Caesarea in 2005. In order to commemorate him, his friends and family created this beautiful, preserved, and well-kept pool, overlooking the view of Mount Meron, and surrounded by orchard trees laden with fruit, with benches and tables underneath them.

Most beautiful springs in Central Israel

Ein Aviel

Along Taninim River, near Moshav Aviel, you will find one of the most beautiful springs in Israel. The hidden Ein Aviel is actually a series of springs and pools that originate, or flow into Taninim River. The site’s greatest attraction is a small and powerful waterfall, hidden in one of the pools, which is a great place to carefully put your head under and enjoy the strong flow of the spring.

Ein Uzi

Ein Uzi, located in the Judean Mountains, not far from Jerusalem, is a collective name for two springs, which flow into beautiful pools through channels cut in the rocks here. The spring water is cold and pleasant, and there is nothing like a refreshing dip on a hot day in this charming location. The spring is a part of one of the sections of the Jerusalem Spring trail of the Jerusalem mountains, so if you want to explore other nearby springs, we would highly recommend taking a walk on the trail.

Ein Sapir

Ein Sapir spring is a unique spring, which flows inside a spacious cave, carved deep into a rock. The spring water is clear and cold, and the best way to experience it is to enter the spring with a headlamp and walk all the way to the end of the cave. The spring is located near Moshav Even Sapir and the famous Jerusalem Spring Trail and is also one of the most popular and well-known in the Jerusalem Mountains area, so it’s best to come here on a weekday.

Around the cave, you will find two more small pools, as well as shaded and pastoral seating areas, which are ideal for a cool picnic in nature.

Best springs in the Negev

Ein Yorke’am

Ein Yorke’am, located on the seam between the large Crater and the Small Crater, is a stunning desert spring that is full all year round, even in the harsh summers. The best time to come here is on winter and spring days, when the spring gets filled up with rainwater from the surrounding area, and turns into a very impressive pool, where you can swim and bathe in the heart of the desert. The access to the spring is through steps cut in the rock, in a descent from the north bank of the stream.

Ein Um Saleh, Eastern Ramon Crater

While most desert springs can often be packed with visitors, there are a few desert springs that remain off the beaten track. One of the special ones is Ein Um Saleh, located east of Ramon Crater. This large waterhole fills up after floods for a long period of time and is usually full of water even in the summer.

According to tradition, the spring was created when a Bedouin boy named Saleh drowned in a nearby spring. His mother, who discovered his body, burst into bitter tears and her tears filled the pool with water to this day. The pool is large and deep and is full of water in a good bathing temperature.

Ein Akev

One of the most beautiful springs in Israel, and a desert paradise in every sense of the word. Ein Akev, located just south of Sde Boker, is a layered spring, which fills a round pool with cold, fresh water. The water actually springs from the top of the waterfall and falls directly into the pool. As a pretty deep pool, the locals who visit here usually enjoy repeatedly jumping in and out of the stunning spring.


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