Vintage and second-hand shops in Tel Aviv

Second-hand shop in Tel Aviv, Israel

As the most vibrant and international city in Israel, Tel Aviv is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to shopping, and second-hand shopping in particular. Although second-hand shops are still not particularly popular in other parts of the country, as the trend-setter of Israel, the second-hand clothes scene of Tel Aviv is not far from that of Berlin and New York, so if you’re a fan of the genre, we assure you: you’re in for a real treat.

Best second-hand shops in Tel Aviv

Aderet Second Hand

Aedret, located on Bugarshov Street, is one of the most popular second-hand shops in Tel Aviv. Aderet offers a variety of second-hand clothes, accessories, and retro. It also offers great vintage options, as 30% of the items that arrive at the store are brand new. The store releases new merchandise every Sunday, so it is best to visit on Sunday/Monday before the most popular things have already been taken.

In addition, like most second-hand shops, Aderet accepts items from the general public – meaning that anyone can sell them items in exchange for store credit or cash of a lower value. So if you have some cool old items you want to pass along to someone else, this could be a great opportunity for you.

All in all, Aderet is known to only take items in good condition, as the store is full of high-quality items at low prices. Among other things, you can find there cool t-shirts from 80’s bands, bags from luxury brands such as Gucci and Chanel, Adidas items, Levi’s jeans, and much more.

Chelsy True Closet

This classic Tel Aviv fashion store is a kind of dream come true for fans of the genre: two floors full of items arranged by color that you can’t avoid rummaging through and measuring one by one. The shop, located in Central Tel Aviv, is a must-visit for anyone who’s a fan of vintage and second-hand, as most would agree that it does not fall short of the standards of high-quality second-hand shops in Berlin and New York. You can also bring clothes to the store that you no longer need and get cash or credit. The store will donate your clothes that are not sold to one of eight non-profit associations.


The two Flashback second-hand stores, both in Tel Aviv, have become a permanent stop for those looking for fashionable, trendy second-hand items at relatively affordable prices. The stores mostly appeal to a young audience (less so to those trying to locate vintage items from a few decades ago) and offer a variety of jeans, colorful sweatshirts, branded sports tops, and more. We would categorize Flashback as more of a budget option compared to other stores on the list, but it’s also a great store with a high standard and quality.

Addresses: 72 King George; Shinkin 33 – Tel Aviv.

Obsessia Second-Hand

The boutique store located on Ge’ula Street, not far from the beach, offers a variety of vintage pieces from Japan: dresses, skirts, button-down shirts, overalls, shoes, and jewelry. Entering the store is reminiscent of opening a treasure chest for lost souls in the city looking for slightly different colors and textures in their wardrobe. The small boutique offers one incredible bonus, as all the sewing repairs you will need on the items you purchase are at the store’s expense, so if you ever need to repair them – you’ll have a great reason to return to Israel.


A cool little triangle-shaped shop located in Southern Tel Aviv. In the Triangle, you can find a lot of vintage sports items from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Columbia, Fila, and more, with an emphasis on products such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and nylon jackets. In contrast to most other stores on our list, you won’t find here many old-fashioned second-hand items, but mostly modern options.

Most unique vintage shops in Tel Aviv

Loni Vintage

The old store in Jaffa, owned by Lidya Messing, is a must-stop for every stylist in the city. Messing is a serious vintage addict who travels to auctions around the world to track down the most unique items. The store, located near the iconic clock tower, offers rare items that belonged to celebs such as Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor, alongside brands such as Prada, Chanel, and Dior, and even unusual items such as a military hat from the Napoleonic era or Victorian opera gloves.

Betty in Vintage Land

The boutique, which was first established in the Golan Heights and moved to Tel Aviv, is located in the Nachalat Binyamin complex, near the Carmel Market. The store offers particularly beloved vintage clothes, all imported from Amsterdam, with an emphasis on feminine, sexy, and colorful styles.

The Glasses Tree

The Glasses Tree is a store that has been around for about 50 years and is run by the grandson of the original owners. This is one of the most extraordinary shops you will ever find, as it offers a huge variety of vintage glasses – all first-hand. So how do they actually do it? The store made relatively large orders of sunglasses a few decades ago, and then carefully kept them until they became vintage.

Great vintage and second-hand shops around the country

Secrets from the closet second-hand clothing – Kiryat Tiv’on

“Secrets from the Closet” store, located in Kiryat Tiv’on, not far from Haifa, is run by Shirley Mor, who collects second-hand and vintage items from all around the country and during her travels to Europe. The store offers clothing and accessories mainly from the 80s and 90s and is a great stopover for lovers of the genre who travel in the north. You can find here interesting combinations made by Moore, such as a striped cotton dress with rugged cowboy boots, or a shearling vest next to a Louis Vuitton bag.

Hametzi’on –  Jerusalem and Ramat Gan

The small chain, which has two stores in Jerusalem and one in Ramat Gan, not only offers a wide variety of items but is also an important social enterprise. The chain was founded in 2013 as a community business with Shekel Association, which works to integrate people with disabilities into the community, and integrates people with disabilities as workers in the chain. Every day the network offers discounts on a certain product, such as a 30 percent discount on the children’s department, or a 40 percent discount on shoes and boots, so make sure to check the daily discount when you come in.

Take 2 – Yokne’am Hamoshava

A nice boutique store located in a unique and charming location, which adds a lot to the shopping experience. Take 2 is located inside an old wooden trailer, and offers a variety of vintage clothes from the 60s to the 90s, most of which are imported from Europe.

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