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For such a small country, Israel has a very impressive variety of wildlife, from eagles and vultures to ibexes, antelopes, and even tigers. Thanks to the rich wildlife in Israel, and the growing popularity of zoos among kids, you can find an abundance of unique zoos in Israel, which work hard to conserve the unique animals of the country, educate about the importance of protecting the world’s wildlife, and provide visitors with interesting and special experiences. Here are our favorite zoos in Israel, with each one offering a completely different experience for visitors.

Northern Israel zoos

The educational zoo in Haifa

The Haifa Zoo contains more than a hundred types of animals, including rare reptiles, birds, and mammals, numbering a total of about 350 individuals. Alongside the “traditional” animals that you will see here, such as tigers, bears, wolves, hyenas, and monkeys of various species, the zoo also has a large variety of snakes and reptiles from Israel and worldwide, living in an air-conditioned space, which tries to create the animals’ natural living environment.

Among the new attractions added to the zoo, you will find here a great petting zoo and open displays in which you can wander alongside animals such as waterfowl, raptors, and lemurs, and feel like a part of their natural environment. For the brave visitors among you, we’d highly recommend paying a visit to the bat cave, a natural cave that hosts 30 fruit bats.

The zoo complex of Haifa also has a botanical garden located in the heart of the zoo, that presents dozens of species of trees and shrubs that represent the flora of the country in general and Mount Carmel in particular, as well as a prehistory museum that is dedicated to human history in the Carmel region.

Price: 38 ILS per person

Opening hours:

November to March:

Sunday-Thursday, Saturday – 9:00-17:00

Friday and holiday eves – 9:00-14:00

April to May:

Sunday-Thursday, Saturday – 9:00-18:00

Friday and holiday eves – 9:00-16:00

June to October:

Sunday-Thursday, Saturday – 9:00-19:00

Friday and holiday eves – 9:00-16:00

Gan Garoo Zoo

Gan Garoo, located in Jezreel Valley, is the only place in Israel where you can observe a variety of Australian animals. The zoo includes seven species of kangaroo, as some of the species live in cages, and some roam freely in a spacious green area, where you can walk among them and even pet them.

In addition to the kangaroo species, Gan Garoo features a variety of special Australian birds such as emus, cassowaries, cockatoos, flying foxes, and, of course, koalas.
Besides watching the fascinating animals, the place offers activities that will allow you to learn about the culture of the Australian Aborigines.

Price: NIS 46 per person.

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday, Saturday: 9:00-20:00

Friday: 9:00-15:00

Zoos in Central Israel

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem

The Biblical Zoo of Jerusalem is one of the most visited attractions in Israel and for good reason. The unique Jerusalem atmosphere, the huge spaces, and the unique collection of animals, all make it a must-see attraction for families.

In the wonderful and spacious zoo, which features pools, a lake, beautiful vegetation, and waterfalls, you will meet a variety of animals from around the globe that live there in good living conditions, including lions, pandas, bears, zebras, and more than 200 mammals, birds and reptiles, creating an enjoyable experience together alongside valuable and meaningful learning. For more information, check our comprehensive guide for visiting the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem.

Ramat Gan Safari

The safari in Ramat Gan has the largest collection of animals in the Middle East and is one of the most unique zoos in the world, thanks to its safari section, where you can see large herds that graze across a savannah-like area. The safari also serves as a breeding ground for endangered animals and is a partner in research projects and the restoration of animals to their natural environment.

Operating hours:

Sunday-Friday: 9:00-16:00

Saturday: 8:30-17:00

Entrance fee:

Online tickets: 89 ILS per person

Tickets at the gate: 99 ILS per person

The monkey park in Ben Shemen

The Monkey Park, located in the Ben Shemen Forest near the entrance to Kfar Daniel village, offers visitors a great visit, where they can walk in the natural grove and directly observe the monkeys in an almost natural habitat.

The tours in the park are accompanied by professional guides and safely pass between the monkeys, as during your visit, you can also enter some of the living areas for a close encounter with the monkeys.
Beyond the tour with the monkeys, in the park, you can also enjoy several other activities, which are great, especially for kids, such as a petting zoo, adventure sports facilities, and more.

At the edge of the park, you will find a rehabilitation center for monkeys in distress, operated by the Ben Shemen Forest Monkey Sanctuary Association, which also takes an active part in the conservation of endangered monkey species as members of international monkey conservation organizations.

Zoos in the Negev

The Antelope Ranch

The Antelope Rarm in the Arava Region, not far from Eilat, is a kind of zoo for African animals, as the entire area of the ranch is meant to resemble an African desert environment. After the establishment of the antelope farm in 1985, 140 antelopes, like kudu, blesbok, impala, and springbok were brought here, and quickly reproduced and grew to 200 species. In the meantime, other animals were also added to the farm, such as wildebeest, elands, oryxes, and rock deer.

Another attraction at the farm is an impressive structure, designed to look like Noah’s Ark, where you can tour and observe other animals such as meerkats, hyraxes, rabbits, goats, sheep, butterflies, birds, and parrots.

Opening hours:

Sunday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Saturday and holiday eves: 09:00-14:00

Negev Zoo

In the Negev Zoo in Beer Sheva, the largest zoo in the Negev, you can observe about 130 different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles from Israel and the world, including very rare and endangered animals, such as the white lions.
In a very unusual policy for a zoo, the Negev Zoo actually encourages visitors to feed the animals, in a regulated with suitable food, and believes that this creates a special connection between the visitors and the zoo’s animals.

In addition, here you will also find a petting zoo with dwarf goats and miniature horses. But above all, the biggest highlight of the zoo is an amazing project, where you can see wild animals that were brought to the zoo from nature to receive medical treatment after being found injured in the field. The zoo serves as a great rehabilitation center for the animals of the Negev, so you will know that visiting here also promotes a good cause.


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