Jerusalem Market

Mouth-watering cuisine, a fascinating mix of cultures, great shopping and vibrant nightlife, all in the popular Jerusalem market, known as Machane Yehuda Market, the best market in Jerusalem.
Fruits in Jerusalem Market, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Market: the ultimate Jerusalem experience

The renowned Jerusalem Market, the best and most popular market in Jerusalem, is one of Jerusalem’s must-visit sites, and for good reason. Featuring a wide variety of heavenly flavored dishes, alongside great bars at night, it is one of the best places to experience the unique and diverse Israeli food scene and culture.
Stalls in Jerusalem market, Jerusalem
Jerusalem Market, Jerusalem
Nuts in Jerusalem Market, Jerusalem

located between the old city of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem main station, the Jerusalem Market is one of the most popular sites to visit in Jerusalem and Israel as a whole. Offering numerous great experiences, the market in Jerusalem is a great visit for shopping and nightlife lovers, for those who are looking for an authentic local experience, and most of all, for foodies.

Best things to do in Jerusalem Market

Sample the mouth-watering food

The Jerusalem Market offers an incredible variety of mostly local food, putting the diverse Israeli culture on full display. Here, you will find an incredibly diverse food scene, including, among many others, Real Georgian Khachapuri, refreshing acai, Kugel, hot and delicious Knafeh, and, of course, Jerusalem hummus and falafel. Walking through the market streets will give you a great opportunity to try this incredible selection at relatively affordable prices, so make sure to come here with an empty stomach.

Experience the Jerusalem Market nightlife

While at day time, the market in Jerusalem is mostly used for grocery shopping, at night time, the atmosphere here changes completely. After dark, the numerous Jerusalem Market bars will open up, play loud music, and turn the market into a big party street. Jerusalem Market is considered to be the best place to experience the Jerusalem nightlife and is especially popular on Thursday and Saturday nights.

See the unique local shops

Beyond the food, the market in Jerusalem features numerous unique local shops. Those include unique spice shops, fashion shops offering designer clothes, popular jewelry shops, and much more.

Go on a food tour

Real foodies, who want to experience the market’s food offerings to the fullest, can go on a special food tour in the market in Jerusalem. During the tour, you will get the best local tips about the most delicious and unique culinary options in the market, including those that are far away from the common visitor’s eye. There are several tour offerings in the market, including guided group tours, private tours, and recorded online tours.

Best places to visit in Jerusalem Market

Nocturno Live

Nocturno Live is the music and culture complex of the Nocturno complex, which includes a cafe-restaurant, and a design and fashion space. Every evening, Nocturno Live hosts various events, like music performances by beloved local artists, bar lectures, book launches, poetry slam evenings, drag shows, and parties. The events take place in a cabaret atmosphere, as they take place around the bar, along with the fine food and variety of quality alcohol of Nocturno Live.

Teller Bakery

Teller Bakery is well-renowned as the best place in the city in the field for all things bread and pastries. All of the bakery items are handmade and baked on-site every morning while adhering to the highest standards, so make sure to come here early.

Visiting the bakery towards the end of the day, like after 7 PM, can be a smart move. they offer discounts on their remaining items to avoid waste, the selection might be limited since it’s the end of the day. But that’s part of the adventure! You get to try whatever is left, which might be something you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise, leading to delightful culinary surprises.

Machneyuda Restaurant

Machaneyuda Restaurant is a Middle eastern restaurant which is owned and operated by three famous Jerusalem chefs. The special collaboration between chefs with an incredible pedigree has delivered mouth-watering results, as each one of them brings out their own style in the restaurant, creating a Jerusalem cuisine that is both complex and simple – meticulous, precise, direct, and unsophisticated.

For us, what really made our evening special wasn’t just the food, but the fantastic service and lively atmosphere. Chatting with the bartenders who were not only friendly but also played our favorite songs, really set the tone. And let’s not forget those complimentary shots – such a fun surprise that made us feel right at home!

We also loved the open-style kitchen. It’s like being invited backstage at a show, seeing the chefs in action. It added an extra layer of excitement to our meal.

Yes, the place was a bit tight and bustling, but that’s often the charm of popular spots, right? The simple decor put the spotlight on the food and our interactions, which we think is great. And while the prices were on the higher side, the quality and experience we got in return made it totally worth it. In the end, it’s all about the memorable moments and the joy of great food and company

When to go to Jerusalem Market

Friday morning

Friday morning is by far the busiest and loudest time in Jerusalem Market. During this time, countless Jerusalem residents rush here to do grocery shopping for the weekend and prepare for the traditional Shabbat Meal. In addition, it is a time when many local tourists arrive in Jerusalem, usually to spend the weekend here. For those reasons, if you come here on Friday morning, you will get the full, unapologetic market experience, but on the other hand, you might have to queue quite often in the popular shops and stalls.

Thursday and Saturday night

This time is best for those who want to experience the Jerusalem nightlife, as Friday and Saturday evenings are the official party times in Israel. If you come here during those evenings, expect a very loud and busy time as well. While most of the grocery shops will be closed, the market’s countless restaurants and bars will be at their peak time, giving you several great places to have a good time here.



Opening hours

Closed from Friday afternoon-Saturday evening.

Parking and transportation

It is possible to park in the nearby paid parking lot on Agripas Street 88. However, if it's possible, it is more recommended to come here on foot.

Other things you should know

The shopping mall building on Agripas street offers a paid parking lot just 60 meters from the market’s entrance. Alternatively, two city center locations on Masilat Isharim street and Haneviim street provide paid parking, both a brief 5-minute walk from the market.
For those coming from the central station, the most efficient is to take the light rail directly to the market entrance, which is accessible from Jaffa Street. Additionally, several bus lines serve Agripas Street, conveniently close to the market. These include routes 6, 8, 18, 32, 21, 74, and 75. These public transport options offer a seamless and eco-friendly way to visit the market without the hassle of driving and parking.

Accessibility arrangements

  • Most parts of the Jerusalem Market are wheelchair-accessible. However, the market is usually extremely crowded.

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